Do You Tip Petsmart Groomers? (amounts, How Much Do They Receive + More)

Along with a wide range of pets and pet products as well as dog and cat grooming services, PetSmart offers everything from brushing and clipping to relaxing bath to create a loving pet experience for your pet.

PetSmart groomers are not likely to get tipped, unless they deserve it, so if you want to reward them, make sure you’re doing it with thoughtfulness and you should get a tip from them.

Do You Tip PetSmart Groomers In 2022?

PetSmart lets its groomers accept tips from customers to show their appreciation for a job well done. The tips are in cash so they can keep the money for themselves. These tips really help and encourage the groomers, who otherwise only get a 40% commission.

If you want to know how much a dog groomer makes on average and what are the best jobs in the U.S., then keep on reading!

How Much Should You Tip A Dog Groomer At PetSmart?

Tipping a dog groomer is about the same as tipping your waiter at a restaurant, and so the amount you should tip depends on the service provided.

The minimum standard is 10%, however you should usually give your server a tip of 15% or 20% to show your appreciation for the exceptional service.

While it is true that pet groomers are not medical professionals, they do possess a natural skill in caring for pets, which some people find helpful. Grooms can be of great assistance to pet owners by grooming or conditioning pets for the holidays.

How Much Do Dog Groomers At PetSmart Receive From Tips?

Cash tips typically go directly into the dog groomer’s pocket, so they’ll get the full amount given.

The tips are not included in the groomer invoice and are left for the groomer to keep for themselves.

PetSmart does not accept credit cards. It only accepts PetSafe cash payments for products.

Can You Pay Online For Dog Grooming At PetSmart?

You can either take your dog to the salon or leave it at the door. It’s easy to pay online if you want to buy your doggy’s grooming services.

The process allows you to pay at the register while allowing you to also pay online instead of bringing your order to the register.

If you prefer to make arrangements through their grooming services, you can do so through their website or by calling your local store.

You can also use the free app “Prism” to keep track of and pay off your PetSmart bills online through any mobile device connected to the internet.You can even keep track of all your other online activity; including buying and selling on eBay, Amazon, and any other online auction site.

Do PetSmart Groomers Get Commission Payment?

Grooming dogs is also an additional source of revenue for PetSmart. The company earns a commission from each of their employees when they complete a grooming session for a customer.

In order for a pet owner to gain a good response from their pet, they should give the pet a good grooming as it will make the pet more attractive and help the owner in getting the required amount of money.

They are also going to put the additional funds into the premium grooming tools to improve the level of services offered to their clients.

How Much Does A PetSmart Groomer Make?

Dog Groomers are paid $30,370. That’s a significant jump from the average person who makes only $28,000.

The hourly rate for PetSmart dog groomer on hourly contracts varies from around $7 to $28.

This rate does not include the payments received from grooming commissions.

PetSmart is paying for all costs, including the room and utilities
PetSmart pays up to 40% of the cost to the groomer, with the other 60% going to the groomer’s business.

And finally, here is a reference to one of the few cases where the word “receive” is used with the present-tense, with a little bit of a different context. You can use it in this sense of “receive payment” in English.

To learn more, you can see our guides on if PetSmart accepts cash, if PetSmart accepts credit cards, and if PetSmart price matches.


There is a Petsmart in your neighbourhood and if you want to offer tips to your dog groomer, it is highly recommended that you do so.

If the groomer has a bank account, cash tips are recommended, though you may be able to set up a Venmo account for tips that isn’t linked to your bank account.

If you give your hair dresser a tip and they are nice to you, it will help them both as you are paying them and they will know you’re impressed with their work.

*Note: Because this blog post was made before March 26th, 2018, some of the information may be outdated and not accurate.

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