Petsmart Employee Discount (benefits, Who Can Use, Products, Other Stores + More)

The retailer PetSmart aims to provide a number of benefits and discounts to employees to keep them motivated and satisfied with their jobs.

Here are the ways that the PetSmart employee discount works – whether you’re applying for a role at PetSmart or soon to be working there you’ll need to work this out.

PetSmart Employee Discount In 2022

PetSmart is offering a 15% discount on all merchandise and services to allow employees to save in-store and online. Additionally, PetSmart is offering free puppy training classes, free enrollment in PetSmart’s wellness plan, as well as free enrollment in Banfield’s wellness plan to help employees care for their pets.

So you want to know more about where the PetSmart employee discount can be used, who can use the PetSmart employee discount, and much more? You’re in the right place! Read on to find out more about the PetSmart employee discount!

How Much Is The PetSmart Employee Discount?

PetSmart employees receive a 15% discount on all products and services along with a number of benefits.

Consumers are also entitled to a 50% discount on all pet food from the retailer’s proprietary brands.

What Other Benefits Can Employees Get At PetSmart?

Employees can obtain a free membership in the PetSmart Wellness Plan, which is the only pet benefits plan offered by the company. This plan offers members discounts on dog and cat food, veterinary care and grooming, and other helpful benefits.

As part of their commitment to community, PetSmart employs a number of community partners, including a variety of veterinarians, groomers and other pet care partners, to provide services and support to its local customers and their pets.

Who Can Use The PetSmart Employee Discount?

PetSmart is currently offering a discounted 5% to our current employees.

When applying for a PetSmart associate discount, the discount must be applied by the current PetSmart associate and cannot be be applied to other people, such as your family members.

Although the cashier may not have been 100% clear about the PetSmart employee discount, this employee discount can be used to purchase items or services for personal use, or for gifts at PetSmart.

PetSmart prohibits its employees from selling or being reimbursed for items purchased for their own use.

If you are a retail store, you can get the discount if you are present when your customer purchases the item.

Note that the customer service call center at PetSmart that deals with returns is available 24 hours a day, and is not restricted to US residents.

PetSmart stated that they will increase their employee discount for friends and family.

This means that shoppers will have a chance to purchase goods and services at a discount if they are close to a store employee.

Can PetSmart Employees Get Discounts Online?

Employees can receive discounts through the PetSmart website and online stores, but they must purchase through the PetSmart store to be eligible for discounts.

If your pet needs a veterinarian check-up, you can visit PetSmart for more information.

Employers will be able to set up a system that allows their employees to enter their Employee Number (EPIN) in order to qualify for online discounts.

What Products Can I Use PetSmart Employee Discount For?

It is good to know that PetSmart has a wide range of products for pets.

Employees receive a 15% discount on merchandise, grooming, including animals, and also purchases if you are in the country for a limited amount of time.

In addition, PetSmart customers can also receive a 15% discount on ongoing services, and a 35% discount on groomer tool.

They can attend one class free of charge, or a dog can join the Pup-Play Program, and can have an unlimited number of free sessions with one of the trainers.

You must be a PetSmart employee and must have the permission of your manager to take this class.

PetSmart, Inc. would like to include current employees of PetSmart, Inc. as a possible class of plaintiffs if an appropriate group can be formed.

PetSmart’s internal policy requires the employee to sell a minimum of three classes per day, without commission payment.

Employees should not go to free classes while they are supposed to be at work or if it will interfere with their work schedules.

What Brands Do PetSmart Employees Receive 50% Off?

PetSmart employees can get 50% off on Several brands, such as only natural pet food, Simply Nourish, and authority.

In addition to the discount, employees can now walk their dogs and cats without worrying about the cost.

PetSmart has a few additional promotions throughout the year. Most of which are for employees. Some are for their partners. In addition, PetSmart has a few additional bonuses for themself.

These may include offers such as stays at our pet hotel and day camps at the pet hotel being available at a 50% discount.

What Do I Need For An Employee Discount At PetSmart?

Your PetSmart Employee Identification Number is a unique 7 digit identification that works for ALL PetSmart facilities in the US.

In the United States, pet owner’s discounts for pet supplies are offered only to current pet store employees. While the discount is not automatically offered to non-employees, pet owners are free to take advantage of the discount and redeem it at their discretion.

It is forbidden for pet store employees to benefit, resell or profit from any PetSmart products or services that you purchased using discounts.

This means they won’t be able to use the discount or take advantage of any of the other benefits offered by PetSmart unless they are terminated.

Misuse of employee discount at PetSmart store may result in the employee needing to pay restitution for the unauthorized discounts.

As a result, to prevent this, employees are not allowed to process their own, or friends and family transactions and discounts.

If you want to learn more about PetSmart, you should check out whether or not PetSmart conducts drug tests, PetSmart’s dress code, and PetSmart’s senior discount.

Conclusion: PetSmart Employee Discount

If you work at a Banfield or PetSmart store you can get a discount on merchandise and products in your store for 15% off.

When you are an employee, you can also receive bonuses on certain brands and services.

PetSmart plans to expand their discount to friends and family. The expanded discount will be available outside the annual periods, but only to current, employed members and associates of PetSmart.

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