Verizon Employee Discount (How It Works, Savings + Other Faqs)

It is always important to check with the Verizon Wireless store that you are working for an affiliate in order to claim the employee discount.

There are several ways you can get a phone discount at Verizon, and there are even more ways to save with your current phone plan! Let’s take a look at all these ways in this article!

What Is the Verizon Employee Discount In 2022?

The Verizon employee discount depends on your employer and your affiliation with Verizon in 2022. For example, if you work at a Verizon affiliated company, you can receive up to 25% off on your Verizon voice or data plans, and 25% off select accessories. For example, Verizon employees can save up to 25% off on Verizon voice or data plans, and 25% off select accessories.

Do you want to learn to save up to 40% off on your bill when your work with a company that has an employee discount? Well, continue reading below to find out!

How Much Is the Verizon Employee Discount?

The amount of the Verizon employee discount will vary by company, but the average savings will be 22 percent off voice and data plans.

Additionally, Verizon Employee discounts may include discounts of 25% off of accessories such as wireless chargers and power adapters.

However, in order to save money on your purchase, you may want to contact the organization your job works for to ensure the discount is up to date.

How Does the Verizon Employee Discount Work?

To get the discount on your Verizon bill, you need to be the owner or manager of your Verizon account and have a qualifying plan.

You should also start with the full discount, and you’ll need to go to the page where Verizon discounts are listed to begin the signup process.

You can choose to be an existing customer or a new customer, and then the validation process starts. It will check your email address to confirm that you’re from the company you registered with, and then it will start.

If you have an active business email, then you’ll likely qualify for the employee discount, but you’ll need to upload additional documentation, such as a pay stub, to qualify for the Verizon employee discount (you can learn about registering here).

You’re also eligible for the employee discount if you’re a staff member, but you’ll need to renew your eligibility each year to keep your discount.

Which Employers Have Discounts with Verizon?

A list of known companies that give you savings through the service you pay. The list is a great way to find new places that give benefits, like food discounts, gas discounts, etc.

What Plans Qualify for the Verizon Employee Discount?

For Verizon employees to use the discount, they will need to be an active employee and have a qualifying plan. The qualifying plan is a contract with Verizon Wireless.

Even though you have an unlimited plan, you will not qualify for this offer.

What Accessories Are Eligible for the Verizon Employee Discount?

– Verizon Wireless Power Pack
– Verizon Wireless Back Cover
– Verizon Wireless Stand

If you’re not purchasing your phone with the Verizon employee discount, you can purchase these accessories separately, but you can only use one of them.

If you are looking to learn more, you should also check out our post on how to get Verizon phone discounts. You might also want to read our post on the different types of discount deals.


By switching to Verizon’s Unlimited Data and Voice plan, you can save money on your monthly cell phone bill.

If you’re working for a Verizon staff member, you can get a discount on a prepaid plan, but not for plans with a monthly payment. It may be a great phone with its big display and dual cameras, but if you plan to use it for business, you’d better wait.

Your employer will continue to be charged for the service until your account is verified, and then it’ll automatically renew at the then-current rate.

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