Does Verizon Offer A Military And Veteran Discount? (full Guide)

If you’re a veteran and you have Verizon, you can save money on your bill. You may qualify for a discount if you’re active military or a veteran.

 Well, a lot of people are interested to know if Verizon actually has military and veteran discounts so we’re going to tell you whether or not they do!

Does Verizon Offer a Military and Veteran Discount In 2022?

Verizon has announced that they are offering a $9.99 a month military and veteran discount, so there’s no need to worry about breaking the bank. You can save an extra $10 monthly if you order any accessories online or in-store in 2022.

The Verizon Military and Veteran discounts are available to military service members and their dependents.

For all current [Verizon Unlimited(r) plans], customers who have qualified for the program are eligible for discounts.

Discount amounts may differ for different plan levels.

Does Verizon Give You a Military Discount?

The Verizon Military Appreciation discount is available for active military and their spouses, or eligible veterans and their spouses. You just need to opt in for this discounted price by signing up for it through the official website.

How Much is the Verizon Military Discount?

If you purchase two phones, then you will get the lowest price. If you purchase four, then you will get the lowest price.

All of your phone numbers on a plan could be discounted. You get the discount for each phone, which is added up to the $20 or $25 discount.

The deal is only available on Android and iOS devices, however, including iPhones. Other smartphones also get this discount but you won’t get the $15 off if you have a different carrier.

I agree with you that the free tier is good, but I would like to continue offering this as an option. For example, the old discount only went up to 60 days, and many have already hit that amount if they have been in the program for a while.

Does Verizon Offer Military Discounts on Accessories?

When you’re logged into your phone with My Verizon, you can receive a 25% discount on accessories when you place your order.

You should purchase accessories at Verizon store locations and receive 10% off your purchase.

What Form Does Verizon Need for the Military Discount?

To take advantage of the military discount, you can just go to, sign up for online billing, and enter your SSN as your means of validation. This is easy to do thanks to their easy set-up.

The website will work fine on all modern browsers, however you will be unable to log in using Internet Explorer.

Does Verizon Offer the Military Discount on the Unlimited Plan?

Verizon is offering military customers discounts on unlimited plans. These include the 5G Start, 5G Play More, 5G Do More, and 5G Get More plans.

Can a Military Spouse Apply for the Verizon Military Discount?

You cannot apply for the discounted phone rates as a military spouse, since the discount is only for military members. Make sure you’re the Verizon account owner as well.

Does Verizon Offer the Military Discount on FIOS?

The discount applies to both new and existing customers so that Verizon customers can get the discount regardless of whether you are a new subscriber or if you have an active service contract.

What Discount Does Verizon Offer Military on FIOS?

There are several ways to get FIOS television and internet. The best way with the military discount is to take advantage of what’s offered by the different internet companies, but one of the other options is to buy FIOS internet service from the government.

If you have an online order, or if you order the service in-store, the $99 setup fee for both active military and veterans is waived.

You can have your plan and add a military discount to your account or you can stay with your plan and choose another one.

Does Verizon FIOS Offer More Perks for the Military?

– Military members get double the data
– High-speed internet
– Priority tech support with phone calls

– I know the Verizon FIOS is a great TV service as well.

You can also earn a $500 credit if you’re switching from another provider to Verizon FIOS. This credit can be used towards any early termination fees you might incur when switching to Verizon FIOS.

Verizon FIOS does not have an annual contract, which means you can cancel whenever.

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Verizon offers a military and veteran discount, although how much you can save will vary based on which services and products you purchase, but can be $10 off up to $25 off each month.

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