Target Returns Hours (all You Need To Know)

If you have recently bought something from target, and you know you want to return it, you will need to do so ASAP, before receiving a shipping notification. A better time to return your item would be after purchase, before receiving a shipping notification.

-Return Policy: Target has a 30 day return policy if you need to return something.
-Applies to all items: Clothing, Home decor, Jewelry, and electronics.
-When can you return: You can only return merchandise that hasn’t been tried on or used.

Target Return Hours In 2022

Target does not have a policy on exchanging or giving refunds for digital content on or mobile platforms. Contact your local store for more info on local return policies. Digital content can be downloaded from the Target site or a mobile device. This FAQ covers digital content for and mobile apps.

For now, the best time to return your items is to come into a store to get a refund. However, there are some situations where you may be able to get a refund without coming in to the store: if you still have your receipt, credit card statements can show that the retailer had refunded your money, or if you have proof that you returned your items within a certain amount of time. Check your credit card statements each month and make sure you haven’t been charged for the return shipping.

When Is The Best Time To Return Something To Target?

It’s best to return things to Target during off-peak hours, or when the stores are less likely to be busy.

Avoiding long queues means staff will be less rushed to put your return together. This may mean that your return will take longer to be processed, or it may mean that it will be processed more quickly.

There’s best avoid getting into a return when the desk is about to close.

Stores are a little tougher to close than you might think. You want to make sure you’ve covered everything possible, so you can close the store as soon as possible. It’s a lot easier to make a mistake that can cause you to have to come back the next day and deal with angry customers than it is to get yelled at from your boss.

Can I Return Items Outside Of The Target Guest Services Hours?

We hope that you will not find yourself needing to make a return in-store, as you will be able to handle your return from the comfort of your car.

However, you may be able to ask a cashier for assistance depending on the Target store location, but this a) is not recommended as these staff members may not know how to handle returns, and b) you can not guarantee that they will know how to handle returns.

However, if you work very early or late hours, a Target team member may or may not be able to help you, as they may not have scheduled anyone to be working there during those hours. If you think there is a Target representative in the vicinity, feel free to ask for help, but it may not be one of them. Also, it may or may not be possible to schedule a representative to be available in your area before 8:00 AM or after 6:00 PM (ET).

Do I Have To Return Products To The Same Target?

You do not need to return your purchase to the same Target store that you originally bought your items at.

Target has a store locator at
You can search by zip code for stores near you; however, you should not rely on store proximity.

If you have your purchase receipt and packing slip then you can return your items at any Target store.

When Can I Return Items To Target?

[I]f you’ve got something that’s a little broken, you can return it within 90 days of purchase.

Items that are new condition will receive a refund or exchange as they are still in their original packaging. Items that are opened will not be eligible for a refund or exchange.

This will depend on the item in question; if you are unsure, please contact your local store or ask at Guest Services. You may also be able to find this information on our website at

If an item you have in your cart is out of stock, we will notify you of this. However, if an item you were shopping for is sold out, it will be marked on the sale tag, which will appear on your receipt.
You may also receive a notification when your order is shipping.

if you bought a Target Own Brand item there are two options, if you are unhappy you can return it to the store or exchange for something else within a year or if you bought something from the store it’s not right return it or exchange for something else.

Purchases of electronics and entertainment items are eligible for return or exchange within 30 days on the products page.

Video game titles and movies purchased from the PlayStation(r)Store on your PS4(tm) system are eligible for exchange for the same or different gaming platform.

Conclusion: When Are Target’s Returns Hours?

Target’s return hours are between 7AM and 10PM Monday to Saturday, and 8AM to 9PM on Sunday. Please check the store website for details.

If you are looking to buy a product online or from a store it is crucial that you check what size/color your item is before hand to avoid getting something that doesn’t fit.

If you are able to return an item outside of guest services, the store will refund the cost of the item minus $2.00 so make sure you know the refund process ahead of time.

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