Target Tv Return Policy (used Tv, Opened Box, No Receipt, After 30 Days + More)

There is a wide array of electronics that you can buy in a target store. It is possible that the first thing that you buy in a target store is a television.

The TV can be returned within 120 days from the date of purchase.
The TV should be in original & perfect condition to avoid any charges.
In case you return a damaged TV, you may be charged a fee depending upon it.

This will automatically expire 30 days prior to the expiry of your warranty.

*The TV must be returned to the original store the TV was bought from.
*The TV must be in its original packaging with the original receipt.

Target TV Return Policy In 2022

At the beginning of 2021, Target will extend its return policy to TVs, including TVs purchased online or by phone. TVs purchased in stores will still need to be returned with a receipt. You may also return a TV to a Target store and be responsible for shipping that TV to the store.

If you want to know more about the exceptions to the 30-day return policy, whether you can return an opened or used TV, and much more, keep on reading!

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How Long Do You Have To Return A TV To Target?

TV sets made by different vendors may or may not work properly with the Roku system. This may change over time as newer and better apps are developed for Roku.

However, if the payment was made through the RedCard, then the 60-day return period is available, as long as the payment was made through the RedCard.

If the TV was bought after the holidays (from January 1 to April 30), the 30-day window will begin on April 1 instead of the purchase date.

How Do You Return A TV To Target?

You need to return your product to a Target store; however, you can return it to a store by mail or in person.

For in-store returns, you need to have the original receipt. It’s also required for proof of age and identity, and it will be used to verify your refund.

If your TV is too large to move by yourself or if you don’t own a way of transporting the TV to a returns center or if you cannot reach a returns center and cannot take the TV to a returns center, call Target’s guest services at 1-(800) 591-3869 and check to see if your return is eligible for home pickup.

Can You Return A Used TV To Target?

Your tv is a refurbished one. It is returned to the manufacturer and then sold in store to be refurbished yet again.

You should always phone ahead and tell Target associates that you are going there to meet a friend or a family member. That way, they can help you out and save you some time and hassle.

Can You Return An Opened TV To Target?

If the TV was opened it means that you have opened the box and possibly installed the unit, but there is no way for the store to know if it has been installed or not.

Even though the Target’s return policy states that opened products may be denied a refund or exchange, Target does have the right to accept opened TVs, but that right is at their discretion.

If you bought the TV before it was opened, ensure that the accessories that were originally included in the box are present.

Can You Return A TV To Target Without The Receipt?

Even if you have the proof of purchase, you can return the item within 60 days of the original purchase date, and you can get a store credit or even get the item for free.

**If you return the item to us, we’ll cover the cost of the return postage.

All orders are placed through the customer service, where you can select a shipping method to return to the store for your purchase. You should bring print out of your order, as they will need to be able to match the barcode on your receipt to the one on their records.

If the TV was purchased using cash, the store can’t locate an order number and the receipt is necessary for a return to be accepted.

If you cannot purchase the item, you can either return it or request a refund through You can only get one refund per return and there are limits to how many purchases you can get refunded per year, so you may want to use the Target return service.

Can You Return A TV To Target After 30 Days?

Unfortunately, you can’t return most electronics to Target after the 30-day return window.

It is easier to return TVs to Target than other retailers. You can get a free return label with your order at participating stores.

Can You Return A Defective TV To Target?

For a full refund, return the product to Target within 30 days if it is unsatisfactory for any reason.

It’s possible it can be repair instead of replacing, but it’s usually impossible to just repair it yourself. It’d be much easier to just buy a new one.

If you add a SquareTrade TV protection plan to your transaction, you will receive free repairs or replacement for the TV for up to two years.

The cheapest are usually around $10, which will cover normal wear and tear. The higher end policies are around $30 to $100, which will cover mechanical and electrical failures.

You can find out more information on the Target website. You should contact your local Target if you are having problems with your TV.

Can You Return A TV To Target Without The Box?

A lot of Target Stores won’t accept a TV without the box.

The return or exchange of faulty or non working products can be done through the customer care service centre of the retailer. However, this must be done within seven (7) days of the sale.

If the TV is used or displayed in a manner that does not comply with the television manufacturer’s instructions or the terms and conditions of this warranty, we may not be able to make the necessary repairs and replacements, or will not provide a refund for the price you paid for the product.

Keep in mind that Target ultimately holds the right to refuse a return or exchange if the box you sent them is missing or damaged.

How Do You Return A TV To Target Online?

TVs purchased online from can be returned either in-store or in the return center.

Target customers can access their account and locate the order that contains the TV unit they wish to return.

Select “Return An Item”, and follow the steps to print out the mailing label to mail back to us.

For your convenience, we have set up the box service at UPS to handle the initial processing of your returns, and it will take two weeks for your refund to process.

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Conclusion: Target TV Return Policy

The Target’s TV return policy is really good and you can return or exchange your TV without any questions asked.

For TVs that need to be shipped, you can return either the box or the TV and save 10 percent off of the final cost of items that ship in a box. However, if you don’t include a box then you can’t get a refund or exchange, and you’ll have to pay a 25 percent restocking fee on items that don’t ship in a box.

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