Target Air Mattress Return Policy (used, No Packaging, Return Window + More)

Target sells a variety of outdoor goods for the home including air mattresses at prices which are both reasonable and competitive.

You can return a Target item by calling them to receive a prepaid label.
You can just mail it in but you don’t have to.
All you have to do is pay for shipping.
You may get a full refund or a store credit.
You have to pay for all return shipping.

Target Air Mattress Return Policy 2022

Target accepts returns of opened air mattresses within 90 days of purchase for store credit or exchange. Customers can return opened mattresses to any Target store or via mail. If a customer does not have the receipt, they still return it if they have an alternative proof of purchase.

How to return an air mattress in-store or via mail is something we hear all too often. After all, the air mattress itself is light to carry, you are just looking to put it away for good. However, it is important to know your rights because often the stores will ask you to return the mattress in its original packaging.

Can I Return an Air Mattress to Target if I Have Opened the Box?

It’s possible to return a package to Target if you have opened the box.

If you open the box just to see if it has a mattress in it, it has been opened and cannot be returned for cash refund. This is one of those rare exceptions to the rule, where the box is opened for a valid reason and you are not returning an unopened item. You should still report this as an unreturned item.

You cannot return the air mattress to Target.
There is no evidence that Target used or intended to use information about your purchase of the air mattress in a way that would make it materially different from the way in which the information was normally used or intended to be used.
However, the use of the personal data you have provided to us to process your purchase of the air bed has not been limited to the purpose for which it was originally collected.

As a result, you will not be able to use the mattress that you exchanged for another one.

Can I Return an Air Mattress Without a Receipt to Target?

You can return an air mattress to Target without a receipt if the air mattress is unopened and you can provide alternative proof of purchase, such as a packing slip.

If you have Target RedCard or Visa, you will be able to log into your online account by clicking the red “Log into Target” button in the upper right-hand corner.

However, it does not have to be purchased with cash for this to work.

There are two ways to ensure your Target order is confirmed.
First, you can use the Target mobile app and scan the barcode of your receipt with your phone camera.
Second, you can access the digital receipt from your account to prove your purchase.

If you are unable to provide any proof of purchase or if the item is defective, you will be refunded with a ‘merchandise return card’.

The offer can only be redeemed in-store at this Target store, and cannot be redeemed online at the store.

The above situations are not common and we therefore highly recommend that all customers make sure that they have the information as presented in the email message on file.
To learn how to verify a new e-mail address, please refer to the e-mail message on file and click on the link at the end of the message.

Can I Return an Air Mattress to Target After 90 Days?

If you bought a mattress in the last two months, you can return it to Target for a credit. If you purchased the mattress more than two months ago, you’ll be given a merchandise card to use in-store.

– The US, Canada and Mexico enjoy the same rights as EU28 member-states, and can still use the backstop,
– The UK is in the “temporary” Customs Union in the EU until the end of the transition.

How Do I Return My Air Mattress to Target?

If you haven’t opened your package (the one you received in the mail) then you can take it to a store and return it to the Guest Services Desk.

Show the receipt that was found in the Target app, shipping confirmation email, or the original form of payment.

You can also return air mattresses purchased through Target if there was an error made during shipping. But you will have to cover the shipping costs (unless Target made a mistake with shipping).

For refunds of cash paid on your credit card, you must contact the store where you purchased the product and request that the refund be given to you, or provide your email address and that someone will email you. If the store rejects your request, contact your bank or credit card company.
If you paid with a debit or check, wait for three billing cycles and then contact the store where you made the purchase and request a refund.
If you paid with PayPal, wait for three billing cycles and then contact PayPal to request a refund.

Please return by post and request a new refund. Your order should arrive on the 14th December.

For more information on the returning of returned goods in Target, you can see our other guides on other Target returns, Target coupon policy, Target store credit policy, Target gift card policy, and Target return policies.

Conclusion: Target Air Mattress Return Policy

If your air mattress has been opened or is damaged, you can return it to Target within 90 days of purchase. A valid receipt is not required. If your air mattress is defective, please contact Customer Returns at 1-866-870-5526.

If the pillow is open, you can exchange it for a similar product or the same type of pillow.

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