Does Amazon Refund Reward Points? (yes, But There Is A Catch)

Amazon is a huge company that offers many services to different people around the world. They use reward points to earn rewards for purchases. Amazon offers a variety of rewards that can help you improve your Amazon shopping experience.
They offer one-click refunds for every purchase.
Amazon also offers you to earn reward points for your purchases. You can use your reward points to buy stuff from Amazon’s website, apps, and devices.

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Does Amazon Refund Reward Points In 2022?

You may be able to get your reward points back by asking for a refund on another purchase, however the refund is usually only a few weeks after your purchase date, if at all. If Amazon does give you a refund, you’ll be able to use it to purchase something with Reward Points on Amazon.

Amazon has plenty of Amazon points, so you can use those points to get discounts on things that you need for yourself.

If you are looking to get more information about Amazon cash rewards for your personal use, be sure to check out the Amazon credit card section of this article.

How Long Does an Amazon Reward Points Refund Take?

If the order hasn’t shipped out yet, your points will be automatically refunded for 48 hours.
Please use this window wisely as we won’t be able to refund for orders placed after that time.

For example, there is a huge difference of how much you would get back if you had gotten 1,000 Amazon Rewards Points or 1,010 points.

In addition, if you used your points to partially pay for your purchase, your points are refunded and the rest is refunded to the other payment method you chose.

If you’ve bought this item from a Marketplace seller, the return policy of that seller will determine when you should receive your refund.

How Do You Request an Amazon Reward Points Refund?

You can request to receive a refund of the points and fees that you paid to Amazon.
You can request to transfer your points to your Amazon Gift Card.
You can request to receive a gift card in the amount for which you paid for Amazon Points.

How Do I Request an Amazon Reward Points Refund Online?

A few days later, I got an email from Amazon (and other email addresses I used), stating that the refund has been given to my bank, and the refund was processed.

In addition, I would not use an online method to get reimbursed if I had to wait 30 days. I think this makes sense, considering it is an online refundable method.

How Do I Use the Amazon Customer Support Page to Get an Amazon Points Refund?

1. Go to the website.
2. Add a product to your Shopping cart.
3. When the order is placed and you’ve received confirmation from Amazon, the account credit is automatically applied to the account.

How Do I Get Amazon Reward Points Refund Over the Phone?

If you have to wait in a queue, you should link your mobile phone number to your Amazon account and then call a representative who will be able to assist you.

If you didn’t have to go through the additional steps for a callback, your verification code will already be entered into your Instagram account.

Does Amazon Refund Reward Points for Amazon Prime?

If you decide to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription the customer service will be able to refund your Reward Points.

The refund will also be sent to you automatically and you can easily cancel your prime membership to get the points back into your account.

1. Open the Amazon website in a new browser window/tab.
2. Select the **Amazon** menu near the top of the page.
3. Select **Account**.
4. In the menu that opens, select **Manage Your Account**.
5. In the **Manage Account** section, select **Prime**.
6. On the **Prime** page, choose **Cancel**.

How Can I Check My Amazon Reward Points Refund Status?

If you want to find out if you’re refund is the process, you can use the Amazon site to check the status by following the steps below:

1. Go to the home page of Amazon.
2. Click on the ‘Refund’ icon that’s at the top of the page.
3. Click the ‘View Refund’ button.

You can also get more information by contacting Amazon’s customer service by phone at 1-888-280-4331.

What Items Cannot Be Purchased Using Reward Points?

Certain types of gift cards
Certain Amazon Prime Video subscriptions
Certain Kindle book subscriptions (Kindle Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited Prime, Kindle Unlimited for Kids, etc.)

and as such, you cannot refund anything you have purchased using these items.


Amazon does not refund Reward Points. You can only receive a refund if you canceled the order before it shipped, or if you request a refund.

Additionally, it will also depend on the point you used and if you selected Amazon or a third-party seller.
So my recommendations are, that if you are buying an item with an “Amazon Prime” discount,
you should choose to purchase the item directly from Amazon.
If you are paying with points,
you should purchase the item from the marketplace seller.

After cancelling your Prime account, you will get a refund for your unused reward points.

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