What Happens When Fedex Package Is Stolen? (all You Need To Know)

FedEx is an American company that is known for its reliable and safe delivery of packages. Sometimes, things go wrong even with the best.

When a package you ordered goes missing, the first thing that you’ll want to do is file a claim with the shipping company. If you haven’t already, you’ll definitely want to log into your account to check the status of your order.

What Happens When FedEx Package Is Stolen In 2022?

In order to obtain a refund for items stolen through FedEx, customers must submit a claim form within 60 days after the date of the shipment. The claim form consists of the brand names of the stolen items, size, and quantity, as well as a description of the theft. The amount of the refund is determined in part by the value of the stolen items. If the items are worth more than $500, a $20 fee will be charged.

Check out my research for FedEx! If your package is still missing after several days, it may be an indicator that you were the victim of a scam.

What If Someone Stole My FedEx Package?

A claim for lost FedEx package should be filed within five days from the time it was delivered.

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Save your shipping and tracking information and the value of the package(s) because FedEx will ask you to prove the value of what you’re missing by using either an invoice or an appraisal.

If you are unsure what documents you need when you make a claim, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to guide you.

If there is a claim you have against the company, file your claim as soon as possible.

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How Do I File A Claim For A Stolen FedEx Package?

Step 1: Create an online account to get your account number and PIN.
Step 2: Review your insurance policy and identify your coverage.
Step 3: Locate your policy and complete the claim form.
Step 4: Submit your completed claim form.

Who Can File A Stolen Package Claim With FedEx?

Anyone can file a missing package claim with FedEx. Whether you’re the sender, receiver, or a third party, you can file a missing package claim with FedEx.

This is also true as long as the package is coming from the US, the recipient is the US, and the sender is somewhere else. That said, the recipient can be anywhere, but it can be anywhere in the world.

Further, if you are an employee you must complete the appropriate paperwork and submit this to your employer.

Does FedEx Investigate Stolen Packages?

When a package is stolen, FedEx investigates the situation to varying degrees.

Usually, if the driver sees the local FedEx organization, they’ll do a follow-up.

Yes, if the device isn’t sending a lock code verification, it means the delivery location verification is not being checked.

If the package is still missing, my supervisor is going to call the Fedex Security Department’s and the UPS Security Department.

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How Long Does FedEx Take To Investigate A Stolen Package?

FedEx is quite fast when it comes to investigating stolen packages, as almost all claims are resolved within five to 7 days.
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Does FedEx Reimburse For Stolen Packages?

If FedEx can prove that your package was damaged or lost, and is damaged or lost, the company will reimburse you for the full value of your shipment. If the company doesn’t need to prove that the package is lost or damaged, it will only reimburse you for up to $100.

How Do I Prevent My FedEx Package From Being Stolen?

But there are some things we can do to improve the security of our FedEx deliveries. While we can’t control packages from being stolen, we can do some things to make our deliveries less likely to be stolen.

The first thing we can do is put a tracking number on top of the package. This is a good step, even if the package is delivered, because it helps you know if it was stolen in transit.

– You can set the maximum number of days allowed to get the packages.
– You can set the maximum number of packages allowed, even if the maximum number of days is not yet spent.

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Instead of having your package shipped to your house, where it might get stolen, why not have it sent to your local Walgreens, FedEx Office, or Dollar General store.

You can use these locations to pick up and drop off your package at anytime, and they will be there for you just in case.

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Let your driver know where to leave your package at the destination.

The Delivery Manager can be used to create specific delivery times and specific drop off destinations for customers.

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Because the packages are hidden in a specific location, there’s a better chance that you’ll get one.

One of the first things any developer will do when trying to fix a problem like this is to temporarily hold onto their packages.

FedEx allows customers to place a hold on deliveries for up to two weeks at no cost. This is a great option for customers on vacation or traveling for business.

This will allow you to send packages without having to worry about them getting held up when you are not around.

You can check out our posts on whether FedEx uses barcodes, what the FedEx shipping label looks like, and what the FedEx delivery label looks like.


You have to realize that your FedEx package has been stolen when you realized that it’s not in your mailbox.

The process to get refunds is easy and often leads to customers getting refunds because of items that are missing.

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