How To Check Your Amazon Digital Credit (Check, Redeem, & More!)

Amazon offers frequent promotions where customers can earn digital credit to make certain purchases. These credits can be used to get discounts on selected goods and can be redeemed at checkout just like a coupon code or promo code.

Many people complain about the inability to find their digital credit balance on their account pages. This article will provide information about how to check your Amazon digital credit and how to redeem your promotional credits at checkout.

How can I check my Amazon digital credits?

Amazon offers a limited number of digital credits in promotional offers. These credits typically fall under one of several categories.

  • Amazon Music Credits
  • Amazon Video Credits
  • Amazon Credits
  • Amazon Digital Rewards
  • Amazon Gift Cards

You can redeem each type of credit for a discount on selected goods and digital purchases at Amazon. Kindle credits, for example, allow you to get a discount on Kindle eBooks.

Prime members can earn Amazon digital rewards by selecting “no rush delivery” at checkout. These rewards can be used to redeem for discounts or direct rewards.

After you have earned some points, the next step is to determine how many promotional credits are available on your account. You can track the points earned on every purchase if you have participated in Amazon promotions that reward digital credit. However, this can quickly become tedious.

It is difficult to see your point balance on Amazon, for various reasons. To see your digital points balance, you will typically need to go through checkout. This link will allow you to check your No Rush reward balance if you are a Prime member.

You can check your gift card balances by visiting the section in your account. If you do not de-select this option at checkout, your gift card balances will be automatically applied to any purchases.

How do I redeem digital points on Amazon?

After you have earned enough digital credits in your Amazon account, you will be able to purchase digital music, video and eBooks at a discounted price. Your discount will increase the more points you have.

These digital points can be earned by buying select items or ordering with no rush delivery if your Prime membership allows.

These digital points can be purchased in a variety of ways, as mentioned above. Video credits can be used to buy movies, while music credits can be used to purchase music.

It is very easy to redeem these points. You will have the option to use your points automatically at checkout when you choose a digital product such as an MP3 album, Movie or Amazon app store app. You can choose to de-select this option when you checkout if you don’t wish to spend your points.

Amazon gift card balances are also available to be used for discounts on almost everything. They can be used to discount almost anything on the website, unlike Amazon digital credits. Amazon gift card balances can also be used at checkout automatically unless you choose not to use them.

How do I use my Amazon Digital Credits?

You can redeem digital credits for discounts on digital purchases. As mentioned, the types of digital credits that can be used are limited to those of the same type. Amazon music credits, for example, can be used to get a discount on digital music.

It’s as simple as checking out to use the digital credits. Any digital credits that you have purchased digital goods through Amazon will be automatically used when you checkout. You can choose to de-select your option to use digital credits to make a purchase while you’re still shopping.

Digital credits can only be used for the specific type of digital purchase that they were earned for and cannot be combined. Amazon gift card balances, no-rush delivery rewards and Amazon gift cards can be used to purchase a wide variety of goods. This includes physical goods. If you don’t de-select this option, these rewards will be applied automatically at checkout.

Amazon digital rewards are able to be combined within the same purchase. This is in contrast to Amazon no-rush Rewards, which can only be combined with one purchase.

In the confirmation email that was sent to you for shipment of your order, you will find the details of any no-rush rewards you have earned. These emails will include information about which items you are allowed to buy and when your no-rush rewards expire.

Are Amazon Digital Rewards Ending Soon?

Amazon no-rush reward gift cards do not expire. You must use your Amazon no-rush rewards as soon as possible to avoid losing them. Amazon Prime offers faster shipping, so it is not a bad idea to wait and don’t bother using your rewards.

The details of your no-rush rewards will be included in the shipping confirmation email you receive for each order you have earned. This email will contain the details of the rewards you can purchase along with the expiration date.

Actual expiration dates of no-rush reward credit credits may vary depending on the promotion. You can find more information on Amazon’s Free No Rush Shipping page.

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Amazon rewards offers many ways to get great deals on a variety of products. To avoid disappointment or to allow your rewards to expire, it is important to fully understand how and when your points can be used. These issues can be handled by customer service with some success. However, it is always safer to be safe than sorry.

Feel free to post any concerns or questions in the comments section.

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