How Do I Redeem Tim Hortons Points? (app, In-store, Point Expiry + More)

This is a simple question, and you can redeem points at Tim Hortons any time they’re available.

I found out that the chain is extremely common in Quebec, Canada. However, I haven’t found it in the United States yet.

How To Redeem Tim Hortons Points In 2022?

If you’re a Tim Hortons Rewards member, you can automatically track your points with you. Simply sign into your account in the app, and you’ll see your points listed, and you can check your redemption options. You can start redeeming your points here.

Do you want to know more about the Tim Hortons points and how you can use them to get free stuff? If so, read on to learn what I’ve found out!

How To Redeem Tim Horton Points On The App?

You can redeem your Tim Hortons points easily while you are in the store.

This will be the last of the steps to finish your order.

How To Redeem Tim Hortons Points In-Store?

Redemption is not available at regular stores. Users need to have the app installed on their phone.

When an order is issued and the user wants to make a payment through the app, the app sends the order details and the amount of money to be deducted. The bank then deducts the money from the user’s account.

Do I Have To Make A Purchase To Redeem Points At Tim Hortons?

If you are not redeeming points, you can make a purchase. However, if you have added items to your order during your purchase, it is not necessary to make another purchase to add the additional items.

Can I Make Multiple Redemptions At Once At Tim Hortons?

Your order can only have one item. You will need to place multiple orders in order to redeem them all.

Are Points Earned When Redeeming Points?

When you reach $0.50 USD in sales, you’re eligible to earn ten points. You are only eligible when your total sales is more than $0.50 before tax.

So, if your order when redeeming points is more than $0.50, you will earn 10 points for that visit. You will be able to earn a maximum of 10 points per qualifying order.

Do I Need A Card To Redeem My Points?

 You will still need to use the Tim Hortons app to redeem your points and to check your points balance. The rewards program will not be offering plastic payment cards.

What Can I Redeem My Points On?

Donut lovers get to enjoy a hot donut, and coffee addicts can choose a cup of coffee. Pastry lovers will be pleased with a pastry, and a cold drink lover will love a drink.

You can get points by playing the game that will be earned using your device. If you manage to reach a specific amount of points, you can redeem it as a gift.

How Do I Redeem My Points?

You can easily redeem your Tim Hortons rewards points through the online mobile app that’s available for the iPhone and Android devices.

After that, there’s more stuff we can do with the free items we got.

Do Tim Hortons Points Expire?

You cannot use them for more than 12 months after you earn them.

Can I See How Many Points I Have?

If you want to redeem your Timbits points, go online or download the Timbits app. To check your Timbits account, just go to the Tim Hortons website.

Do Tim Hortons Points Expire?

Tim Hortons points expire by rolling off after 12 months. Since your points have passed the 12-month mark, they will expire automatically.

Can I Have Too Many Points?

 The limits of how many Tim Hortons points you can earn for each visit is the upper limit.

In addition, you must have at least 30 points per faction to complete the faction mission.

Where Can I Redeem Tim Hortons Points?

You can redeem your Tim’s points for menu items at any Tim’s location.

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To use your points, just open the app to see your current balance. Then you can add or redeem points to your account at the end of the transaction.

This is a free feature of the Tim Hortons Rewards app. Not sure how many points you would need to get that cup of coffee…

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