Does Ontrac Deliver Through Usps? (tracking, Shipping Minimums + More)

The days of a single-carrier shipping are over. It’s impossible for one company to provide fast, affordable shipping to every customer while at the same time remain profitable.

UPS and OnTrac are offering a unique service for shippers with small packages: DirectPost. DirectPost is an Express Mail service that offers small shippers the convenience of a private carrier that offers the same high level of service that USPS offers.

Does OnTrac Deliver Through USPS In 2022?

– Deliveries will be free for OnTrac customers.
– Customers will have the option to track their packages and receive notifications when they arrive.

This program is part of a 10-year partnership. This partnership will eventually make USPS the sole last-mile provider for OnTrac.

By making this collaboration, OnTrac will be the exclusive provider of packages and mail transportation for the United States Postal Service.

Which Carrier Does OnTrac Use?

West Coast parcel carrier OnTrac has hired the postal service to complete its last mile deliveries.

The program allows large volume mailers to consolidate multiple customer orders into a single service order. This allows more efficient order processing, and improves delivery for large volumes of mail.

Orders placed in their delivery area will be delivered to any address in the United States, including Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii, APO, and PO boxes.

OnTrac consolidates deliveries that a customer has requested. It then enters the USPS stream in the same way regular deliveries do.

packages are taken out of USPS’ delivery units, sectional centers, and NDCs and moved to customer-specified locations.

After the package is sorted and sorted out, it’s carried into their final destinations by the USPS.

*All ZIP codes in California, but zip codes in the metro area of Los Angeles County, San Diego County, San Francisco County, San Jose County, Fresno County, Sacramento County, and Imperial County.

Why Does OnTrac Deliver Through USPS?

The United State Postal Service and OnTrac make great business sense.

It is appealing to the carriers because of its low cost and because USPS is required by law to deliver to every US address.

This aspect of the postal service’s mission ensures residential customers can have access to their delivery service regardless of their income.

DirectPost is also a good option for e-commers.

The most important competitive benefit we offer our customers is our ability to ship very quickly.

If they chose to do that, they wouldn’t have to worry too much about how much money they spent on shipping.

Does OnTrac Deliver to PO Boxes?

OnTrac does not deliver to PO Boxes, because we don’t know where your PO Box is. If you had the information, we’d be happy to deliver.

We are happy to announce that we now have a partnership with Direct Post.
We will be able to deliver to places that OnTrac can’t.
This will be a great benefit for our customers moving from OnTrac to DirectPost.

What Features Does DirectPost Include?

When you use DirectPost, you get the best features when using OnTrac and USPS.

– **Dozens** of shipping rules, including rate by weight, destination, and carrier.

* Automatic formatting based on email headers.
* Simple creation and processing of email messages.
* A simple XML API.
* An extensible framework.

How Long Does It Take OnTrac to Deliver Through USPS?

When you sign up for DirectPost, there’s a chance you’ll get a shipping notification in your email a few days before your shipment is actually delivered. It’s as simple as that.

Does DirectPost Have a Delivery Guarantee?

OnTrac will credit or refund transport charges to the customer if the shipment is not
timely received or due to a shipping error.

OnTrac will contact [company] within 2 business days of any discrepancies.

DirectPost shipments are considered to be an overnight package, which means that the guarantee of USPS applies to the package only if it is delivered to the address on time.

Are There Any Shipping Minimums to Use DirectPost?

DirectPost is a partner of Ontrac. The service does not have any minimum shipping volumes or delivery commitments.

**NOTE:** If you select the free trial offer, you will need to provide and receive free shipping with the free trial service.

Does DirectPost Offer Tracking?

Tracking on direct posts is available at all times.

Customers can go to the USPS website and login to see the status and location of their package.

Also, you can check out the FedEx SmartPost blog for all the latest news relating to FedEx SmartPost and how it’s helping businesses improve their sales, get more shipments, and save money.


OnTrac is part of the USPS’s DirectPost program. This means that OnTrac received the shipment and then injected it into the USPS’s mail stream.

This package shipping and delivery program has a low minimum. There’s no shipping minimums, either. It’s got tracking, so you can see where your items are. You can opt for insurance and access to USPS’ delivery networks.

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