Where To Buy Big Mac Sauce? (6 Best Options)

If you like eating McDonald’s Big Macs, then you’re probably looking for a way to recreate those great taste at home.

This is going to be really helpful for a lot of people, so I’m going to do the research for you and give you the best information I can find.

Where To Buy Big Mac Sauce In 2022

The Great Value Secret Sauce tastes like McDonald’s Big Mac sauce.
The Great Value Secret Sauce is the closest you can get to McDonald’s Big Mac sauce at Walmart.
The Great Value Secret Sauce will be the next sauce choice for Walmart.

The Big Mac Sauce is a pretty classic example of what a sauce is. A sauce is a mixture of ingredients that typically work to help the food on top of it.

1. Walmart

Walmart sells a sauce for burgers and dips called Walmart Great Value Secret Sauce and it really smells like a Big Mac sauce.

And the good news is that it has very few calories, no cholesterol, and it’s all natural.

It’s pretty easy. The only difference between the two is that one is sweet and one is not.

tomatoes, garlic, red onion, oregano, basil, thyme, parsley, and fresh basil.

The color and consistency make it look just like Big Mac sauce. It even has a similar smell.

But if you can’t find the Great Value Secret Sauce, try Hellmann’s Condiment Classic Burger Sauce, which you can always find at Walmart.

However, this sauce is a bit different than the Big Mac, and contains mustard seed and red bell peppers, so it is a bit different.

2. Aldi

The product is extremely popular with UK consumers as well as US consumers. This is one product that you can actually purchase online, and it can be located everywhere in the UK and US.

3. Target

People are selling the Sir Kensington’s Special Sauce. It can be a good substitute for Big Mac sauce.

It seems like Big Mac sauce is the main ingredient with a number of spices added, this sauce has the same main ingredients and is served in a glass bottle and in 12 fluid ounces.

Even though they aren’t the same, the condiment still gives the burgers a similar flavor. Also, it’s a little bit more spicy and hot.

4. Kroger

Kroger Burger Special Sauce tastes very much like the Big Mac sauce, and a bottle costs $1.99 for 11-fluid-ounces.


There were no other unusual ingredients in the Kroger sauce.

Besides the extra ingredients, the Kroger Burgers Special Sauce has a similar consistency and flavor profile to the McDonald’s Sauce.

5. Meijer

We’ve partnered with McDonald’s to use their best selling sauce in a different way. We’re very excited to bring this to you in a way that you’ve never experienced before.

This is a favorite of mine and I’ve eaten a lot of fast food burgers with it. It’s like McDonald’s Big Mac sauce but a little spicier.

It tastes even more similar since it contains vinegar, egg yolks, sugar, dried garlic, turmeric, and lemon juice.

Horseradish and mustard are also used in their sauce, but the ingredients in the Big Mac sauce are a secret.

The overall flavor is close to the Big Mac sauce, but with more spice and added color. The sauce is also a bit thicker.

6. Amazon

Hellmann’s Chunky Burger Sauce, although not as thick, is a close alternative to Big Mac sauce which contains added ingredients.

And that’s not quite what we wanted, so there is a new sauce, it’s called the Spicy Chicken Wings Sauce, and it’s found in the States, and it also costs $14.99. But it will be available through Amazon for a limited time, only available for a limited time, and it’s only available to people in the United States.

In addition, the ingredients of this sauce are similar to Big Mac sauce because it contains vinegar, salt, spices, gherkin pickles, egg yolk, paprika, onions, and other spices.

While the original recipe calls for butter, the red pepper mixture in Japanese style sauce is made by mixing rapeseed oil, red chili pepper, tomato paste, and mustard.

For the most part the original flavor and color was the same. The new product looks quite close. Not as bad as my first guess.

To get a better understanding of the Big Mac burger, you can also see our posts on what is the difference between a Classic Beef and Deluxe Chicken burger, and their calorie count.


You can find a similar sauce in Walmart. It’s available in select areas, and you can even find some recipes on the back of the ketchup packet. It’s a secret sauce that’s super easy to make because it’s so simple to buy ketchup.

You can also head to Aldi and pick up a bunch of stuff there. They have a bunch of different sauces for different things, so you can get a few different cheeses if you want. But for Big Mac sauce, I’d say get it there.

Mac sauce is typically made by either adding ketchup to a sauce that already has a lot of sugar, or making a sauce with a lot of sugar or other sweetener, which is made by the McDonald’s Corporation.

Even if this isn’t the traditional Big Mac sauce, you can still whip up a batch of Big Mac sauce at home using the recipe I share on this page.

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