Are Mcdonald’s Onions Real? (types, Dehydrated, So Small + More)

If you’ve ever eaten at McDonald’s, you’ve probably noticed that the onions served there are a lot smaller than the typical onion that you’d find in a grocery store.

The tiny bits of onion will likely not be recognizable from the onion itself. There is another tiny piece of onion that is used as the garnish. The whole burger will not seem different, besides the onion.

Are McDonald’s Onions Real? 

McDonald’s used to use dehydrated onions that are made with natural onions and they rehydrate them and put it on their hamburgers.

The McDonald’s logo on the left is from the 1960s. The McDonald’s logo on the right is from the 1970s. They are both the same and used at the same time.

It is interesting to know which onions McDonald’s uses. I also think I will need to buy more onions to make my own burgers!

Where Does McDonald’s Get Their Onions From?

McDonald’s has been having these problems with their suppliers and has to adjust their recipes to accommodate.

McDonald’s locations don’t vary by continent, but some countries do have more locations than others, and this is due to local demand.

If you want to start a business that is environmentally friendly, then you have to make sure that you get your supplies from local vendors whenever possible. This way you can be sure that you are getting the freshest and best possible ingredients.

A source said that some ingredients were shipped to McDonald’s in the US from different suppliers due to the nature of the food product and some of the ingredients contain different levels of salt content.

Are McDonald’s Onions Healthy To Eat?

There would be concern about the nutritional quality of dehydrated onions on a cheeseburger.

However, the minced onions actually make them healthy, and add to the nutrition of the burger instead of detracting from it.

This does not mean that you should ignore health risks. It just indicates that they can be safely eaten.

If you don’t like the idea of dehydrated onions, it is safe to say you can request no onions.

Are McDonald’s Onions More Flavorful Than Regular Onions?

Many people enjoy the flavor that those little onions give to a burger from McDonald’s.

The truth is, dehydrating onions actually does impart extra flavor, which is a significant reason for the distinct flavor of a McDonald’s cheese burger.

Despite some naysayers who dislike the idea of eating dehydrated onions, there are food blogs that give some recipes of how to make the best flavors. Some people like the flavor that onions give.

How Does McDonald’s Rehydrate Their Onions?

McDonald’s hamburgers are made using chopped onions. The onions are first soaked for a time in water, then they are drained and used to make a pattie with ground beef.

They use this process because it allows them to make their products more appealing to different tastes and cultures.

Onion is a food which is available in all the markets and is also a great substitute for the dish Chane Gul.

What Type of Onions Are On The Quarter Pounder?

The people who run McDonald’s have said that Quarter Pounders will not taste the same if they just call them “Onions” as they think customers will not like them.

McDonald’s website doesn’t mention exactly what kind of onion is used on their quarter pounder.

I don’t know what you are looking at. The onions I have today are green.

The onions on the quarter pounder are sliced in approximately an inch thick slices. This is different in flavor, appearance, and texture from the minced onions on Big Mac’s and the regular cheeseburgers.

Does McDonald’s Offer Grilled Onions?

McDonald’s no longer has grilled onions in their hamburgers.

Even more surprising, the fries at McDonald’s have been a major source of controversy for decades, with some claiming it’s the healthiest fast food option on the market.

The cheese melt was really good and I would have liked to taste another variety of burger.

As time went by, its popularity faded and in the late 1990s, it was no longer sold in its original form.

Other interesting names include McLean’s, a McLean Deluxe, a McLean Steak and Chicken Sandwich, and a McLean Hamburger.
In the early to mid 1960s, McDonald’s introduced new products like the Big N Tasty Hamburger and the Happy Meal.
These new menu items were advertised with different colorful animated cartoon characters.

Onion nuggets are a fried, breaded, and onion-shaped piece of onion that is similar to onion rings.

Can you Request No Onions at Mcdonald’s?

The person who does not like onions will enjoy the dish with the onions removed as it is not the main part of the meal and is therefore less of an issue.

McDonald’s menu items can be modified and you can request for no onions on your burger and other menu items.

To know more about McDonald’s, you can also see our posts on whether or not McDonald’s french fries are real, where do McDonald’s potatoes come from, and if the secret recipe for McDonald’s pizza sauce.


The onion burgers used to be cooked in the same oil as the meat, but McDonald’s switched to using onion powder in the burgers to mimic the flavor of onion burgers.

These are not as rich as the regular yellow onions you might find in a supermarket. They are usually sweet and very tasty. You can add several slices to your hamburger or just use them in your favorite dishes.

Anything that can be done with any burger can be done with anything. In other words, there is no burger that is so special as to not be replaceable by any other.

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