Does Kohl’s Take Amazon Returns? (all You Need To Know)

Packages can be returned without the need of going back to the mail depot. It is common to find those packages being redirected to the UPS or Purolator station. This allows for more convenience for the customer.

Kohl’s is a department store, which means that it’s not a large online retailer. It has about 3,000 stores. Amazon returns are handled by their Amazon store, not all Kohl’s stores. Some stores do take returns, but some don’t.
My recommendation is to contact Kohl’s customer service if you’d like to set up a pick up or return at their store.

Does Kohl’s Take Amazon Returns In 2022?

Kohl’s gives customers who return an Amazon product online for free.
If the product is eligible, then you can drop that item off in Kohl’s store.
If Kohl’s customers want to return an Amazon product in-store, they’ll need to use the “Return or Replace Items” option available in their Amazon account. If the item is eligible, then they can proceed with “Kohl’s Drop-off”.

To learn more about the process of returning items to Kohl’s, learn about when a package is eligible for return, how much it costs to return, and when you can do so.

Read on below to learn more about returning items to Kohl’s!

How Do I Return An Item I Bought From Amazon To Kohl’s?

When you order an item from Amazon, you’ll find the return process and return instructions on your Amazon Order and Billing pages.

Do I Need To Pre-Package My Amazon Return For Kohl’s?

You don’t have to pre-package the item before bringing it back to Kohl’s since the Kohl’s in-store return kiosk is set up with all the necessary materials to properly package the item so that when you bring it back to Kohl’s, you get a full refund.

However, Kohl’s does require you to bring in your items with the original packaging, if you want to get a credit.

If you want to order your own return shipping labels you can do so from Amazon.

You need only print a label, attach it to your package, drop it in a USPS mailbox, and pay the postage!

Does Every Kohl’s Location Accept Amazon Returns?

 The reason as to why? Well, Kohls seems to have a lot of locations that do not have a designated return area. That means customers who need to return something will have to leave it in the store.

Even though a majority of stores are offering this service, you won’t be able to utilize this service in the Alaska region.

If you’re a Kohl’s shopper and want to check out the company’s return policy, it’s possible the store will offer an in-store return service. For more information about the return policy, visit Kohl’s.

We’ll help you find the most convenient options – including free pick up options in stores.

Do I Have To Live Near A Kohl’s To Use The Amazon Returns Service?

If you are returning your package to Kohl’s, you do need to live within a certain radius for your return to qualify for free delivery to that store.

As a result, if you live more than 8 miles from a Kohl’s, there is a good chance that you won’t be able to utilize the Amazon returns service at that store.

Go to your Amazon account page and then click on the “Return Policy” link under your “Return Policy” section.

Can I Return All Amazon Purchases To Kohl’s?

Unfortunately, the website does not tell you what you can return, not before you’ve shopped.

However, Kohl’s is returning items that haven’t been opened yet as long as they were sold by Amazon and fulfilled within the last 30 days.

Kohl’s returns are applicable to Amazon orders, with the order number, free-of-charge as long as they still have the order number.

They will not accept a third party shipment. So there is no free shipping from Amazon for these items.

Is A QR Code Necessary To Make An Amazon Return At Kohl’s?

You must confirm the purchase on Amazon, the first place you went to buy the items.

The reason why this was mentioned is because Kohl’s is not set up to bring up a user’s Amazon account on the computer; the kiosk will only have a scanner to check the product barcode.

If you want to return a package via the Amazon Website, you will have to get an Amazon package tracker which costs $7.95.

Avoid any inconvenience by saving the QR code that is sent to your email when filling out the return options on Amazon’s website.

How Much Does It Cost To Return An Amazon Package To Kohls?

Luckily, Kohl’s does not charge customers for making package returns on Amazon.

If you are going to receive a coupon, be sure to go to the service counter and use it there because there is a good chance that someone else is already using it.

Can I Return An Opened Amazon Package To Kohl’s?

If you returned merchandise because it was broken, you’re going to get a full refund.

There are many ways in which you can return a purchased item that doesn’t fit. You can return it for any reason.

Q: What are all these options for returning items?

A: There are multiple options for returns and exchanges.

Does Kohl’s Have Designated Parking For Amazon Returns?

If you visit Kohl’s specifically to return Amazon packages, you are allowed to park as close as you want to the front of the store.

Are Amazon Prime Packages Eligible For Kohl’s Returns?

Kohl’s is only accepting packages that are sold by Amazon. Most of the Prime packages are sold by Amazon. But, the Prime packages that are sold by Amazon fall into this category.

If you’re unsure whether or not your Prime order was sold by a third-party seller, check order details for Prime shipping fee.

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Kohl’s stores also accept packages sold directly by Amazon for return. When you bring it in, the store will package it for you. You can also return directly from the store for free, by visiting the Amazon returns page.

If you’re lucky enough to find a Kohl’s near you (we’ve found 5 within 100 miles), you can grab the code from the store and have the item re-sized and in-store ready to return.

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