Does Amazon Own Kohl’s? (Not What You Think)

Amazon owns many small businesses and a lot of the big companies including Whole foods, books, Audible, and many other businesses. They are a big player in the market.

However, some customers are confused if Amazon owns Kohls. If you want to know the same thing, continue reading here to learn more about the information I’ve gathered.

Does Amazon Own Kohl’s In 2022?

As of 2022, Amazon does not own Kohl’s, but Amazon and Kohl’s have had a partnership since 2019 that allows Amazon customers to process returns for unwanted packages at their local Kohls via an Amazon kiosk. Also, Kohl’s carries a variety of Amazon products in their retail stock, enabling both companies to make money from the partnership.

If you’d like to learn more about why Kohls and Amazon are affiliated with each other, how each company makes money off this partnership, or any other article for that matter, this is the article for you!

Is Kohl’s Affiliated With Amazon?

In the past Kohl’s has purchased house brand products from Amazon but since this deal was reached they have started to stock and advertise the products from Amazon under their own Kohl’s name.

To get this off the ground, Amazon created an entire business model that didn’t even require drivers. They created a network of customers who would pick up and deliver their own packages so that they could save on the drivers they would have to hire to ship all of their packages. By keeping their costs low, they were able to make a profit in a very short period of time.

Why Did Amazon Team Up With Kohl’s?

Amazon and Kohls teamed up to drive more foot traffic into Kohl’s stores, and the company is doing well in the market.

The company found that customers were less inclined to go to its standalone stores, even though the stores were smaller, which led them to consider adding them to existing malls.

While Kohl’s has seen its growth slow over the last five years, its expansion has been steady, and it will continue to be popular as it keeps adding fresh and inexpensive finds to its stores.
The store is expanding its offerings with new shopping sections and additional departments, all while still managing to keep prices low, and even with this new partnership, it doesn’t plan to stray from its core mission.

Amazon has gotten a lot of benefit from having a package return center in Kohls stores. For example, having a package return center in Kohls allows it to reduce on shipping costs and reduce its carbon footprint.

Does Kohl’s Make Money Off of Amazon Returns?

Kohl’s doesn’t make money from the customers who buy their products from Amazon. They made a deal with Amazon that they don’t make money from them directly.

The reason Kohls uses the Amazon referral system is to get their own customers to come back to Kohls. When a customer brings an Amazon package to Kohls, Kohl’s will issue a Kohls coupon, and the customer will be given the chance to use the Kohls coupon on other merchandise at Kohls.

According to an Amazon employee, they do pay Kohls a small amount to deliver packages through the Kohl’s store.

Amazon will always have more money than Kohl’s because they have a lot of money.

And therefore, Kohls makes money from its Amazon returns kiosk by generating more foot traffic to their store.
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What Does Kohls Get From Amazon?

The extra stock that’s been moved from the Amazon warehouse to the Kohl’s warehouse is all Amazon brands, which are all sold through Amazon.

Kohls stated via email that Amazon package returns has had a big effect on the store since it has brought in roughly 2 million more customers in the past year alone.

Was Amazon Supposed to Buy Kohls?

It is no secret that Amazon would like to move into retailing. There is no doubt that Amazon would like to purchase Kohls and integrate them into their own retail network. There are many hurdles that would have to cleared before this could take place.

The sources say that the Amazon leadership has always been a bit wary of the Kohls business model and of how that particular franchise has always been quite a bit behind the curve.

The only way for Amazon to become a retail giant would be to acquire other retailers with strong established brands and reputations. Acquisitions like Kohls would not help Amazon to establish its reputation as a retail giant.

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The Amazon Returns Center is an Amazon-operated service for assisting customers with in-store returns. This service enables Amazon to collect returns and process them more easily.

Amazon sells a wide range of name-brand products for the Kmart and Sears shoppers.

Amazon is hoping that the sale of the Fire TV Stick will drive more traffic into their stores and help them achieve sales goals.

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