Does Kohl’s Take Amazon Returns? (Everything You Need To Know..)

The other day, I was asked to return an Amazon item and found something very unique. You could drop off the item at a Kohls.

I didn’t know Amazon products could be returned to Kohl’s. So I started digging for more information.

Kohl’s accepts Amazon Returns

You can return your Amazon products to Kohls free of charge. To return an item to Kohl’s you will need to first select it, then click ‘Return or replace Items’ and Kohl’s Drop-Off’ from your Amazon account.

For more information about how to return Amazon products to a Kohl’s participating store, including how to do it and how much it will cost, please visit Keep reading!

How to Return Amazon Items to Kohl

It is easy to return an item from Kohl’s. This is how to return an Amazon item to Kohl’s.

Is Every Kohl’s Authorized to Process Amazon Returns

At this moment, some Kohl’s stores don’t offer Amazon returns. However, the majority of Kohls stores offer Amazon returns.

You can check your Amazon account to see if Kohl’s offers this service. If it is available, you’ll see options such as UPS pickup, UPS drop-off and Kohl’s Pick-Off.

These returns are offered at more than 1,100 Kohls stores currently, so yours may also offer them.

Do I Need To Pre-Package My Amazon Return For Kohl’s?

You don’t have to pack the item and return it to Kohls.

However, you must bring the item in its original packaging. Amazon products all come with a barcode which the attendant must scan on top the QR code that was emailed to them.

What Are Some Reasons Why Amazon Products Cannot be Returned in Kohl?

Kohl’s will return all new items sold by Amazon within the last 30 calendar days.

You will need to return certain products using a different method than the ‘Kohl’s Drop-Off’ option.

Amazon does not specify the reason for this, nor do they provide information about which items are or are not eligible for Kohl’s returns.

It is often because it is a third party seller. A product that hasn’t been sold directly by Amazon can’t be returned to Kohl’s.

Are you able to use the Amazon Returns Service even if you don’t live near a Kohl’s?

You must live within a radius of at least 100 miles of a Kohl’s in order to be eligible for Amazon’s return services.

It is not clear how far you will need to be from Kohl’s to return an item.

What is the QR code required to make an Amazon return at Kohl’s?

A QR code is required to process returns from Amazon at your local Kohl’s.

Kohl’s doesn’t have the ability to check your Amazon account. They are separate entities. The QR code is required to process your refund and receive your money back.

Without your QR code, a Kohl’s associate will not be able accept or process your return.

You will receive the QR code via email. You can log in to Amazon and access the WR code while you’re at Kohl’s.

What is the cost to return an Amazon package to Kohls?

Amazon customers get Kohl’s returns completely free. Amazon returns are free and you won’t have to pay anything extra if you bring them in to your local Kohls.

Can I return an opened Amazon package to Kohl’s?

Kohl’s will accept any eligible Amazon item that has been opened. You can return any eligible Amazon item as long as you have the option to ‘Kohl’s drop-off’ during checkout and within 30 days of the original purchase date.

Are Amazon Prime Packages eligible for Kohl’s Returns

Kohl’s accepts products sold by Amazon directly, which includes Prime packages.

It is not possible to return an item that was sold by third parties.

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For a fast and easy return, you can take most Amazon items to a Kohls store.

This service is free of charge by Kohl’s. All you need to do to return the product is your QR code. This is a simple and easy way to return millions upon millions of Amazon products.

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