Do Amazon Drivers Take Returns? (your Full Guide)

I ordered a new light bulbs and the delivery man said he was going to leave them at the door for me. However, my wife decided that she wanted to keep them, so they were taken away. I don’t know what the return policy is like yet.

Well, if you have an Amazon Delivery Account, then you can use the same return shipping account for another type of shipment of items.

Do Amazon Drivers Take Returns In 2022?

If you’re planning to return a package, you can mail it back, or pick up your item at an Amazon warehouse, or get a refund check. You’re also given a full list of the ways you can return your item based on the item you’re returning in 2022.

You must do so within 5 days of receiving the order, so remember to drop off your items and return them ASAP to avoid any inconveniences.

Where Can I Return Amazon Items?

If you use a non-Amazon return portal, Amazon provides a Return Link that you can use to return items.
If you use Amazon’s in-store return option, return within 30 days of purchase.

Please note that you may be subject to a shipping charge to return a product; this is because Amazon doesn’t cover the cost of the shipping return.

The driver of the van that picked up your packages, picked up a bag of marijuana on the way back, and he’s probably going to get arrested before the day is out.

I chose to have UPS come to my house to pick up the item I was returning, and they did pick up my package.

Additionally, you can select “UPS Service Center – Select a Pickup Location” during the return process at the Amazon website.

You can also go to the UPS website and check if there is anything missing on the package.

If you are returning items to the Amazon warehouse, the process can be scheduled so that your package will be ready to be picked up and you can just sign for it and leave.

USPS has no right to charge an address.

You can choose to return your item to the seller. However, in that case, the seller will have to ship it back to you, which will cost them a small fee.
You can also choose to have the seller process a refund for you from Amazon, but this will take several weeks.

Amazon Locker – This will store your precious documents and other valuables like your credit card, driver’s license, passport, etc.

It is easy and quick to drop your return at an Amazon Hub Locker, but only if you order a larger item than 18x14x12 inches, and only if you live near a Hub Locker location.

To illustrate, just search the Amazon Hub Locker website for what you need to return, put in your return request through Amazon, and wait for the dropoff code email.

Once you’ve gotten your code, head to the Amazon Hub Locker near you, and drop off your returned item inside the locker using the code to open the Hub Locker.

The Amazon Store on the new website.

You can use Amazon’s drop-off boxes at most stores like your Target, Home Depot, and other large retailers.

Can you deliver to my Amazon store?

Some items aren’t available for delivery from Amazon to a physical store. This includes most hardware, big items like furniture, or things that can’t be stored, like clothing. If this is an issue, we suggest you order directly from Amazon.

To drop your item off at a physical Amazon store, you can see where the closest Amazon store is by using Amazon’s store finder tool.

Choose the in-store drop-off option in the Amazon Return Center.

When you bring your receipt to the store, you can also have the assistant scan the receipt to check the price, and make sure you are getting the item you want before you make the purchase.

Whole Foods is a place where people can buy fresh and healthy food.

It is very convenient when you have already ordered online and need to return a product. You can drop the package at Whole Foods and it will be brought to the Amazon Locker for you.

And the best part is that Amazon has partnered with Whole Foods and is currently offering free return shipping on orders of $35 or more, just by using the Whole Foods app.

Your package will be delivered to the Amazon Hub Locker in front of Whole Foods and then you will get a text message or email to confirm that it was placed, so you can go pick it up.

 Kohl’s will take your Amazon return if you live near one, so you don’t have to go through much hassle just to return your item!

And as a way to use Kohls, you need to select it as your shipping address when you fill out the return form through the Amazon return center.

Kohl’s is in the process of launching a new “self-service” delivery service to ship things to you in as fast as two days. You’ll receive an email with a QR Code, and just use the kiosk inside of Kohl’s and enter the QR Code to drop off your item and Kohl’s will pack it, label it, and send it out for you.

Also, you can read our post on how to avoid Amazon returns, how to buy all Amazon reviews, and more.


The majority of Amazon drivers are not Amazon drivers and do not take Amazon returns. You might only get lucky once in a blue moon.

However, returning an item is easy with Amazon, since you can return it either by dropping it off at the UPS or by scheduling the UPS to pick it up right from home!

**You can also find the return address on the packing slip, but it’s a little too small for our liking! **

**Note:** It is the buyer’s responsibility to ship the item back to Amazon in the original packaging and return label.

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