How To Return An Amazon Gift Without The Giver Knowing

There is nothing wrong with returning a gift. In fact, Amazon will return your gift to you and give you credit on a gift card to buy any of your favorite items from Amazon.

It is easy to return unwanted merchandise to Amazon and it does not cost a cent if you return your unwanted merchandise.

Amazon lockers and online shipping labels make it simple to return items without the sender knowing. We’ll describe a few ways to return items to Amazon quickly and easily.

How To Return An Amazon Gift In 2022?

To avoid the buyer being bothered by the unwanted gift, you should ask the buyer to choose a charity for their unwanted gift. The buyer can then send back their unwanted gift for a charitable donation. You will be credited for the item that you’ve sent to the buyer.

You can find out how to return a gift you bought and sent from Amazon and other options, and also read how to send gift from Amazon by email.

Find Order ID & File a Return Request

When someone does not know about a gift return, the first thing to do is to find the present on the website.

When you’re creating a gift order in the Amazon marketplace, enter an order ID number that appears at the end of the packing slip.

If you don’t find the gift, feel free to contact Amazon support for more information on this matter.

You are usually able to track the credit back to you if the order is canceled.

Fill out your return request on the website, including the reason why you are returning the item. If you need additional shipping information, make sure you add it.

If you do not have an Amazon account, it is strongly recommended that you set one up. You will need it to return and redeem the gift card.

The reason why you need an account is because refunds for returned items are given via the Amazon Gift Card for which you will need to have an account.

Select Your Return Shipping Options For Amazon

Once you complete your return request and scan the barcode on your package, we’ll verify your return request and ship your return to you.

If you receive the notice from your credit card company regarding this item, please disregard.

As long as you have this product, you may use it.

You have the option to return an item within 30 days, including gift items, and you will receive a credit toward future purchases.

Once your returns are individually packaged, you have two options – return it to the store that you purchased it from or drop it off at any USPS Post Office, if it was shipped there.

Make sure that you place the return authorization label inside of the box that you are returning the gift.

I used my wife’s list for the most popular items on Amazon. I added a lot of extra stuff for her. The Amazon gift card she sent to her daughter turned out to be a different card from the one I received!

How Do You Get Your Gift Refund?

When the return is shipped back to, your item is inspected and then Amazon sends you a credit for the price of the item. You get it right back into your account and can decide what to do with it.

In other words, the original item is returned, the retailer has to clean and repair the return item.

After that, you should receive an email or text reminding you to make your purchase.

I am sorry to say the next day. But one of our associates will be notified about your return in that case and will process it with Amazon.

You Can Also Use Amazon Locker To Return Unwanted Gifts

You can do it in the comfort of your own home to save the trouble and cost of shipping the items back to Amazon. They’re also great for seasonal items as they’re not charged until the item is returned.

You can buy a pre-paid scratch card from the ticket machine, by using a credit card, or by using a debit card (only some locations).

If you want to return your gift to an Amazon Hub location you need to choose it from the drop down box.

Items that cannot be picked-up from another Amazon locker cannot be picked up from an Amazon Hub locker, and vice-versa. You can not pick up a gift that came from another location.

If you think you won’t be able to reach the top of the wall or ceiling to place your package in a locker, you may want to consider using a wall mount.

Wall-mounts are available in four different heights to accommodate packages of different sizes.

Wall-mounts are made of plastic, metal, glass, or glass/polymer. They’re generally considered safer than metal cabinets.

After you submit the request, you will receive a link to the AWS service in the dashboard. When you follow the link, the AWS service must be accessible and working.

When you arrive at the location, click into the box for the location name, then click in the box for the locker number, then click in the box for the locker code.

The code you need to enter is entered on a touch screen at the locker location. The prompt will ask you for further information.

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If you have received a gift for Amazon and you are not quite sure what to say, you can say thanks and that you will enjoy it.

You can also use the Amazon Returns feature to make returns easier. Simply type in your order’s barcode and let Amazon do the rest.

Avoid sending a thank you gift to someone if it is a gift from your friend, or a gift store. Because the person doesn’t know you, and didn’t get the gift for you, he doesn’t know what you like.

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