Why Is Verizon Down? (12 Reasons)

 It can be the network, the phone, the internet, and even your connection, but the main cause isn’t usually a network fault.

So if you want to learn more about what I’ve discovered, please continue reading below to find out what the 12 most common causes for an outage are.

Why is Verizon Down In 2022?

Verizon has a lot of different reasons as to why their internet service is not working. The main reason has to with their technology that is aging and is prone to failures. There are also various other reasons that could be the cause of failure, including maintenance that happens behind the scenes, a heavy rain storm or hurricane, and a tree falling on cable lines.

Do you want to know which common outages are having a big impact on your service? And what you can do to fix it if it does happen?

If you want to find the most common causes for the outages.

1. Software Issues

Verizon’s network was down for a few hours on October 8, before going back online after a software patch was issued. Some of the customers who could not make calls because of the outage were affected by the outage. Verizon said the outage was not a result of a cyberattack.

The issues can also be the result of human error when updating coding or new protocols without testing it before it goes live.

It could also be a hardware issue on your equipment, but it’s very unlikely, especially since your Internet speed is still down.

2. Weather

Weather can cause problems for Verizon and it can be one of the major causes for Verizon to go down. Lightning striking equipment and causing it to catch fire is one way weather impact Verizon.

Additionally, people do many other things that can cause their devices to experience outages. Some of those things include: lightning, power surges, falling trees, and ice damages equipment.

3. Power Outage at Cell Towers

Verizon is able to deal with the outages because they have backup systems in place. Verizon does not know the reason why the outages are happening.

The lights in your home are connected to the breaker box, and the breaker box and the breaker box are connected to the utility poles.

Cell towers can experience a power outage. The cell tower’s power supply may be affected by a power outage at the cell tower site.

4. Verizon is Performing Maintenance

Verizon could be down because they are performing maintenance on the network, which could end up causing problems for users.

Verizon will try to keep things stable and reliable for customers, but if it doesn’t run smoothly or take too long, it can impact the network for some people.

5. Fiber Lines Cut or Damaged

When Verizon was knocked out, you may have noticed that your phone service has stopped working. Some have speculated it may be due to a deliberate act, while others say it could be a natural fault in the fiber cable.

Fiber failures often affect people in a single neighborhood or building, rather than impacting a larger portion of the network.

6. Verizon Hardware & Equipment Failures

Verizon has a lot of hardware and equipment in place, so if something goes wrong, the network will be down for a bit.

**Note:** This answer was updated on March 19th, 2016.

This error can be the work of a cell tower or the backup system for said tower, or a small piece of equipment that connects the equipment.

The issues could impact a small portion of the network, or an entire region, if the issue takes a large amount of time to detect. This can bring the entire network to a standstill. The issue can be a huge one that impacts customers.

7. SIM Card Damage

If your phone is not getting a signal, it might be a good idea to take your SIM card out. When you do this, though, make sure you check it for damages. If the card does seem to have damage, it’s definitely a good time to purchase a new one.

This is not a perfect metaphor, since the SIM card slot is not in the same exact location as a fingerprint reader, but I think the concept is clear.

In some phones, you’ll have to remove the back covers of the phone in order to access the SIM card. In other phones, it will be accessible through the SIM card slot on the phone.

8. Network Interference

Commonly, connectivity problems occur because of a device at the home or an in-home object that causes interference, such as a wireless network, which causes problems with the internet.

9. Internet Lag

Internet lagging with Verizon and the rest of the internet, which can result in problems for your personal devices or whole groups of people, such as your neighbors or co-workers.

This is pretty annoying, but when you start to call or load websites, it becomes unresponsive. This is often the case when a call is initiated.

10. Weak Coverage

If you’re traveling and notice that your Verizon service is down, it simply could be because you are in a weak coverage area. What you should do to fix this is to try to move to another location and restart your device to see if your signal improves.

11. Device Network Settings Need Reset

It might be possible that your network settings are causing your connection to not go through to the Verizon network.

A lot of people have asked if this issue affects all devices, but I’m not sure. For now, I’d say only Apple products are affected.

12. Airplane Mode is Turned On

If your device shows ‘Unavailable’ in the search bar, we recommend you restart your device and wait for it to re-connect to Wi-Fi. This will ensure an optimal Wi-Fi connection and a continuous, reliable voice service.
If you have turned on airplane mode, check your flight plan before connecting to your next flight.

To know more about what Verizon Connect is, and if Verizon offers prepaid plans, can also check out our posts on what is Verizon Connect.


Although Verizon is an American company, it actually operates in many countries around the world, including Canada, Mexico, the UK, and Australia.

Additionally, this issue might not be with you at all. It may be an interference with other devices, accidentally turning on airplane mode, and SIM card damage.

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