10 Reasons Why Verizon Is So Slow (Full Guide)

Verizon is the leader of mobile voice networks in the United States.
They have more subscribers than anyone else and have very high quality and reliable networks.
These factors, combined with the Verizon brand, makes them attractive to new consumers, even if their coverage is not what you want.
Another reason for slower data speeds is that most consumers don’t know how to use the resources they have, and often don’t power down the phone when it’s not needed to improve performance.

Verizon’s coverage is getting slower everyday but it isn’t getting better as soon as we thought. Most Verizon users may not notice it but some users who live in rural areas might notice slower coverage.

Here are the top ten reasons why you’re noticing slower coverage from Verizon!

This video is all about my tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Verizon smartphone!

Why Is Verizon So Slow?

There are several reasons why Verizon is slow like having 5G turned on, being over your allotted data limit for the month, and Verizon network outages. Verizon is also slow because you are running apps in the background, using a VPN, and you have a lot of data to download and utilize. It’s easy to troubleshoot why Verizon is slow by finding out these common problems.

The first reason for Verizon’s slow servers is because of Verizon’s use of outdated software and technology. You’ll notice the software is slow, especially with video players and software that is meant to connect to the Internet.
The second reason is because Verizon is slow. The third reason is because the equipment is slow from Verizon. And the last reason is because they’re using a lot of bandwidth. You may also read more about these reasons below!

1. You’ve Turned On 5G

Because Verizon says the 5G will be available in a lot of the U.S. soon, it might be slowing down the speed of data on smartphones.

Also, Verizon uses dynamic spectrum sharing for 5G. This means that it uses part of the 4G network, so it is not all-new 5G technology and can actually slow down your devices.

2. You’re Over Your Data Limit

If you are having trouble with your data connection, you might want to make sure you are not over your data cap limit.

Verizon throttles your connection when you go over your data cap. So, if you go over your cap, your browsing speeds will go down.

3. Too Many Devices On Your Internet Connection

If you have lots of devices on your Internet connection there might be times that the connection is slow.

Additionally, if your Internet connection is shared by many people, you need to consider how many devices each person has on the Internet connection.

4. Your Phone Needs Rebooted

In order to improve your Verizon phone’s speed, you can turn off the DataSense feature and turn it back on. By default, DataSense is enabled and you might not have noticed it’s on. If it’s enabled, it will use data roaming on your phone to connect to the internet.

You should also make sure that you have at least a couple of hours’ worth of battery life left in it, else you’ll be completely drained out.

You can save time if you reboot regularly, regardless of the type of device you’re using.

5. Network Outages

Verizon is a great phone provider that can suffer from network outages like every other wireless provider.

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Fortunately, it is easy to see if the Verizon network is down thanks to the Verizon support page.

As we all know mobile networks are far more vulnerable than wireline networks because of the much smaller number of towers and the much higher traffic.

The best way to know for sure if you can get broadband access in your location from Verizon is to visit one of their retail locations and check yourself.

6. Apps On Your Device

Applications that download data use up a lot of system bandwidth, so if you’ve got any of these apps running, you’re going to notice that your service is slower at times.

It’s pretty easy to check if any apps are hogging the bandwidth by browsing to your Settings menu.

On iOS, go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Cellular’ to see a list of apps that can access location data.

To check your phone’s storage, go to Settings and then Network and Internet, then click on Mobile Network and click on App Data Usage.

Now we get into one of the more serious problems with background data, as there’s no guarantee that you’ll get to use any of it. This particular app has a lot of background data, and while I’m not concerned about it draining my battery, I’d definitely not want to pay for it. Plus, it’s a lot of money.

7. You Turned On Your Data Saver Mode

If you haven’t noticed that your phone is becoming sluggish or slower, check if data saver mode is on or if you’ve turned on low data mode.

Additionally, this mod makes internet connections slower, making it difficult for you to surf the internet as quickly as you usually do.

If you’re on an Android device, then in the main Settings menu, under Network & Internet, look for Data Saver, and turn it off.

You’ll see the impact of this in your data usage as you play.

If you know that your phone is running iOS and you’re in the US (or maybe you just know that it’s an iPhone), you can enable data saver on the Cellular settings.

8. You’re Running On A VPN

I read that you can find a VPN service that can protect your network from attacks that can damage your data.

If you are having Verizon issues, and you also run a VPN, try disabling your VPN for a while to see if that will improve your speed.

9. Apps Are Buggy And Need Updates

If apps are running slowly, they may be using more resources to do their job. That is, they’re using more memory or processing power.

Also, since you are using Xcode to make your app, you should look for app updates to Xcode.

It’s a good idea to keep your apps updated regularly because of issues like bugs or slower loading times, which could hinder usability and slow down your connection.

10. Your Hardware Or Device Is Outdated

Even if you are using your mobile device or other computer, the reason why Verizon could be slow is due to the fact that you or the hardware is outdated.

If you’ve been using your device for a few years, you may notice that it is running slowly or getting stuck on loading screens.

Older devices tend to be slow and buggy. This is often due to the fact that mobile devices have been around for a long time and most are not updated as often as some of the newer devices.

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If your device is old and out of date, or you have limited internet speeds, it is possible that Verizon will be slow to you.

If you’re using too many devices and going over your data cap you’d want to turn off data for the month and connect your device over a wifi hotspot with a wired internet connection.

If your device has multiple applications running, that can slow down the device’s operations. Fortunately, this can be fixed.

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