Verizon Free Network Extender (how It Works + Other Common Faqs)

If you’re using Verizon’s LTE for Internet at home, you might have noticed that it’s slower to load and you don’t get a data signal on your phone at home.

Verizon Free Network Extender helps you make your home more convenient and save you from the hassles of home network setup and troubleshooting. It’s easy to use and works by extending the wireless network to help you manage other devices around your home. And it’s completely free from Verizon.

What Is the Verizon Free Network Extender In 2022?

The Verizon free network extender is great for customers that have an unsatisfying or weak signal in their home. You can hide and place the extender in your home to get a reliable signal and avoid the interference that’s often associated with having a cell phone.

Want to know more about Verizon free network extender or whether it charges to use it? Read this paragraph to find out all about it.

What is a Verizon Network Extender?

Verizon will use your connection to improve your cell phone network. If the coverage was cut off, they will use your connection to increase the range of cell signal.

Specifically, when you’re at home, you might have inside or outside interference that leads to you losing your signal, including trees, metal, weather, mountains, and glass.

The Verizon network extender is a device that allows you to make long-distance phone calls in your home even if you live somewhere where there is a lot of interference in your cell tower and other cell phone towers.

How Does the Verizon Network Extender Work?

Once plugged in, the Verizon network extender can connect to the Verizon LTE wireless network and provide cellular access to devices connected to it.

In addition, You will need a broadband connection that is at least 5Mbps upload speed and 10Mbps download speed, but 10Mbps upload and 20Mbps download are preferable.

Another issue is that this Wi-Fi extender doesn’t work with all types of voice services. You can only connect to the VoIP service with your landline phone.

Who Qualifies for a Verizon Free Network Extender?

When you can’t receive TV or Internet service of any kind, then Verizon would give you a free network extender. This is true for only those with a single TV service, and a few other special cases.

In addition, you’ll only get the free network extender if your broadband connection is faster than 50 Mbps. For those who aren’t fast enough, you’ll need to pay for the service.

The network extender is designed for Verizon 4G LTE mobile phones. It’s really just a USB dongle that can be plugged into a computer to extend your Wi-Fi network and connect to the internet.

Does Verizon Charge a Monthly Fee for the Network Extender?

Verizon does not charge a monthly fee for the network extender, but you will be charged $10.00 for the device at the end of the 2 years.

You can also use the Cloud VPN service for mobile devices. For example, you can use it if your Android device has a mobile hotspot feature to connect to Wi-Fi networks without a data plan.

What Is the Range of the Verizon Network Extender?

The range of the Verizon network extender is approximately 50 feet, although the specific distance is not guaranteed. The range of the Verizon network extender is a function of how far away from the base station are the devices being connected to, and whether there’s interference from other devices.

However, if you’re within 50 feet of the network extender, you can connect to any device without ever having to go back to the extender to try to connect to it again.

Does the Verizon LTE Network Extender Need Internet?

If you connect to the Verizon LTE network extender, you will need to make sure your internet connection is active and working properly.

This is true because the Verizon unit, that is connected with the modem via ethernet cable, is set up to use the internet connection of the modem.

How Many Devices Does the Verizon Network Extender Support?

To setup the extender, you need to first enable and then connect to the extender. You can get the extender to work with up to 15 devices (the last one being disconnected) using the extender and a standard ethernet LAN cable.

The main channels are only open for users. The redirection channels are only open for redirection, and the 911 channel is always open, so there are 14 available for users.

Where Does the Verizon Network Extender Work?

The Verizon network extender must be connected to a home or business network. Make sure that the network extender has Internet access.

Sadly, the Verizon network extender will only work in the United States.

Does the Verizon Network Extender Really Work?

The network extender works, it enhanced your call quality and reception. All of the reviews had positive things to say about it.

I can also say that it’s very easy to have a conversation while driving using this phone as all of my calls and phone messages sound clear and without any other background noise or interference.

It allows for maximum signal reception, improves signal strength in your home, and the setup is pretty straightforward, usually taking under 5 minutes to complete.

You could make it better than this, but it wouldn’t improve your data coverage
or be region-specific.

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If you don’t have any Verizon cell phone signal in your home, Verizon will give you a free Verizon network extender for free.

Further, you can use the network extender to get around interference in your home through your broadband internet connection, and it’ll allow you to get more bars and better call quality.

When connected to the extender, you’ll see your modem and router as a single device on your network.

You can also see the extender in your modem and router configuration, like the picture below.

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