Best Buy Gift Card Return Policy (all You Need To Know) 

You can get a lot of electronics for really little money with a gift card from Best Buy. They are a great gift to give to friends and family who are a more casual electronics enthusiast.

The following video shows how to redeem the gift card that you received in the mail.

The best choice would be to return the card to the store that issued it – for example, if you bought it from Best Buy, you should return it to Best Buy.

Best Buy Gift Card Return Policy In 2022 

Customers can return or exchange gift cards for their store credit for a certain amount of time as of 2022. However, customers cannot resell, trade, return a gift card for cash, or redeem half-used gift cards for cash.

— If you are in the United States, you can return a damaged gift card to Best Buy as long as it has not been opened.

– You do not need a receipt for the return.

Can I Replace An E-Gift Card At Best Buy? 

You can return an e-gift card to BestBuy if the code on the e-gift card is not working.

Note that if the item was purchased at a Best Buy store, Best Buy will not be able to fulfill your request.

Can I Return A Damaged Gift Card To Best Buy? 

If you receive a damaged gift card for a purchase that you did not make, you can return the card to the store. To receive a replacement card, you must provide valid proof of purchase before your request is accepted.

If you do not have the original receipt, you can bring your credit/debit card details as proof of purchase.
[Original] If you have the original receipt you can bring it.

Can I Get Cashback On Returning My Best Buy Gift Card? 

Also, you will not get cashback after returning your Best Buy Gift Card because the return policy does not allow customers to return gift cards for cash refunds.

You will only get the refund in the form of store credit which can be used to purchase another item of equal value from Best Buy.

Your order has been adjusted accordingly.

Thank you for your business and we hope you will come back to Best Buy soon.

Will I Get Cashback If I Cancelled An Order Purchased With A Best Buy Gift Card? 

You can cancel a purchase if you ordered it with a Best Buy gift card. You will get the credit back to your gift card within 30 minutes.

For instance, if you had purchased an Insignia-32” LED Smart Fire TV at $129.99 using a Best Buy gift card, and you cancel the order, you will receive a $129 or $129.99 check.

If you lost your gift card, Best Buy suggests you call 1-888-BEST BUY if you can’t obtain the replacement.

Can I Return Items Bought With A Gift Card To Best Buy? 

If you return an item purchased with a gift card, your gift card will be credited to your account within 30 minutes from the time Best Buy receives the returned item.

This is generally a pretty good deal if you have a Best Buy Gift Card for a $100 or $200 gift card. However, just remember that you have 45 days to use any of those gifts cards on the products that you want to return.

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If your gift card is damaged or your card is not functioning, the best place to return it is at the location of the purchase it was purchased.

For more information, please visit the Best Buy Online Return Policy Page at [Original]:
Returning a purchased item is easy. Visit the Returns page at [Paraphrase]:
The Returns page has detailed instructions on how to return your item.

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