Target Return Policy After 90 Days (What You Need To Know)

Amazon allows its customers to return most of the products they purchase, but it does not allow them to return as many products as the Target does.

There is no return policy on items after the 90-day window is up. If you want to return items purchased after the 90-day window is up, contact customer service to get a refund.

Target Return Policy After 90 Days In 2022

For most Target store products, customers have a return window of 90 days.
Red Card holders can also return items within an additional 30 days.

If you are unsure when products are purchased, visit the Target return policy for details (link below).

If you have questions about returns that are still covered by the 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, or if you want to learn more about how to return, keep on reading!

How Can I Return A Product To Target After 90 Days?

You can take advantage of the Redcard Extended Returns program and claim a refund for your return purchases.

You will receive an additional 30 days beyond the standard return policy when you purchase products from Target.

Regular items have a maximum of 120 days, electronics (excluding Apple products) have a maximum of sixty days, Apple products have a maximum of 45 days, and Mobile phones have a maximum of 44 days.

– You must return an item within 14 days from its purchase date for the extended return period.

If your item was purchased online, log on to and use the “Store Returns” link to request a return. If you are requesting a return for a new item, please include the original box, instructions, warranty card, manuals, and any other accessories that were included with the original purchase.

The refund period for these returns is between January and March 2017.

Which Products Cannot Be Returned After 90 Days At Target?

If you aren’t happy with an item from Target, you can return it. You can also return Target-owned branded items from your local Target store.

You’ll have a year to exchange the product under the condition that it is unused or defective. When requesting an exchange or refund, please include the receipt you received with the product.

All merchandise purchased from the Company must be opened within 90 days of the original purchase for a refund or exchange.

For example, items returned in a special promotional offer will not be accepted beyond the date that promotion expires.

If you bought a TV at Target, it has to be returned within 30 days. If you bought an Apple TV, you have 15 days.

The government allowed the use of mobile phones and drones within 14 days.

Third party sellers may be able to enforce their own return policies like they do for their own products. We try to match as closely as possible but do not guarantee that we are able to.

Can I Return An Item To Target After 90 Days Without A Receipt?

It would be a lot easier if our online shopping app would tell users if they’ll receive their return label and tracking number.

However, your store credit or exchange may be limited based on the type of proof of purchase you provide.

The exchange value will be the price you pay on the Marketplace.

You can make unlimited returns without a receipt on You can use your government-issued photo ID to track your returns.

If you are returning a product, make sure that it is in good brand new condition. For example, the clothing must be unworn and unaltered. Check with the store manager to verify the policy.

Can I Get A Refund After 90 Days At Target?

So it will be 90 days before you get that money back.

– If you receive a gift certificate that has already been redeemed, you can return it within 30 days with no cost to you and a 15% restocking fee.

**Note**: Gift cards, pre-paid cards, or other gift certificates are not eligible for this offer.

When you shop online you should check the store’s returns policy before you buy.
If the item is in original condition then you can exchange or return to the store and you’ll get a full refund.
If the item is in damaged or soiled condition then returns are only possible if the store has made a mistake.

To learn more about returns and exchanges at Target, you can see our other blog post The Target Clearance Return Policy, The Target Return Policy without Receipt, and The Target Return Hours.


Target’s policy requires returns of general merchandise items to be made within 90 days.

As of March 31, 2015, Target RedCard holders will be gaining an additional 30-day return policy on their Target purchases.

You cannot return electronics, entertainment, or Apple products beyond the 30 (thirty) day limit as they must be returned within 90 (ninety) days open or unopened.

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