Does Kohl’s Price Match Amazon? (Everything To Know!)

Amazon and Kohl’s are two sides of one coin. Kohl’s is a department store that stocks many essential items you might need in your daily life. Amazon also makes it easy to order almost anything right from your home. There is a lot of overlap between the stock in both stores.

If you see something cheaper at Kohl’s than it is on Amazon, you may want to ask if Kohls will price match. This article will provide details on how to ensure you get the best price between the two stores.

Is Kohl’s price comparable to Amazon?

Kohl’s has a price match policy for Amazon items, but there are caveats. Kohl’s won’t price match items in-store, so if is your destination, you’ll be out of luck.

You might be able to price match if an item is found in-store at Kohl’s and also on

Kohl’s does not price match items that may not be available at the moment.

You must also provide proof of lower price on Amazon in order to price match an Kohl’s item. You can either bring in printed ads or digital proof such as a display of the advertisement on your smartphone.

What Items Will Kohl’s Match the Price?

Except for the above mentioned exceptions, Kohl’s price match policy is quite lenient. Price matching is possible for virtually any item you find on Amazon. This includes clothing and food.

You must match the price of an item purchased at Kohl’s with what you want Amazon to price match. This applies only to items that are sold directly by Amazon. We’ll explain more below.

While Kohl’s price match policy covers many items, there are a number of brands that cannot be discounted at Kohl’s. These items are ineligible to price matching and include but not limited to:

  • Gift cards
  • Sephora merchandise
  • Numerous sporting goods brands
  • Sport team merchandise
  • Premium sunglasses
  • Consumables
  • Some electronics brands
  • Premium brands for athletes
  • Premium footwear brands
  • Select personal care brands

Kohl’s website contains a complete list of brands that are exempted.

How to Price Match an Amazon Product at Kohl’s

It is easy to get a price match on an Amazon product at Kohl’s.

Is there a limit on Kohl’s price matching?

There are some restrictions regarding Kohl’s price matching Amazon products. Even if the items meet the above criteria, they are not eligible for price matching. These restrictions apply:

  • Items on sale. Kohl’s does not price match items that Amazon has markedly reduced for a promotional sale.
  • Everything sold during Thanksgiving. Amazon has a busy week during thanksgiving, when many items are being sold at reduced prices in anticipation for Christmas. Kohl’s won’t be able to price match Amazon items during this time.
  • Third-party sellers sell items on Amazon. Kohl’s will price match Amazon items because third-party sellers on Amazon set their prices and discount.
  • Certain brands sell certain items. Kohl’s does not offer any discount on certain items. This extensive list can be found here.

Remember that coupon bonuses or other dollar/percentage discount cannot be applied to price-matched items.

Is Kohl’s price comparable to other stores, besides Amazon?

Amazon is currently the only online retailer Kohl’s will price match. Kohl’s does not price match other online retailers like Chewy and eBay.

This is because many online retailers have different business structures and policies that can cause wide price differences between stores. You won’t be able to price match items from Kohl’s online retailers if you’re trying to do so.

There are several options available if you want to price match items in a brick-and mortar store. Kohl’s will price match any item from any physical store as long as the advertiser can show that the price is lower. Both a printed and digital ad are acceptable.

You can find price matching items by looking through catalogs from Wal-mart, Best Buy and other retailers that print catalogues listing their items. Remember that Kohl’s price matching policy does not apply to items already in stock.

Kohl’s doesn’t maintain a comprehensive list of stores that are willing to price match on its website. You will need to make your best judgement when searching for items that are price-matched at Kohl’s. To stay on track, it is best to inquire at your local Kohls for more information.

You want to know more about Amazon and Kohl’s? Click here to find out if Kohls accepts Amazon returns.


If you follow these guidelines, Kohl’s should price match your items. If you want Kohl’s price match, make sure to show proof. They won’t just take your word for the price.

Feel free to ask questions and share your concerns in the comments section.

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