Kohl’s Price Adjustment Policy (all You Need To Know)

You are able to enter a store and take advantage of the current promotion that is being offered in the store, but are not eligible if you recently missed out on a special discount that was recently offered to another customer.

If you’ve purchased items from Kohl’s and found their prices reduced, you may be wondering if Kohl’s has a price adjustment policy. Read on to find out more.

Kohl’s Price Adjustment Policy In 2022

Kohl’s will adjust prices as of 2022 if customers bought the items at regular/sale prices which were reduced later on. Customers are required to make the price adjustment request within 2 weeks after the item’s purchase and bring the original receipt to receive the refund for the difference.

The list of the price adjustment items is here.
If price adjustment items were not bought, the refund will be paid in full.

If you want to know how to ask for price adjustments at Kohl’s, or if you have any other questions about price adjustments, you can keep reading!

How Do You Ask For A Price Adjustment At Kohl’s?

The way customers like to ask for price adjustments depends on whether they purchased through Kohl’s internet website or in a physical Kohl’s Kohl’s store.

Kohl’s offers in-store pickup for in-store purchases only. To receive your in-store pickup order, you must have your receipt in hand and visit Customer Service.

If you are an international customer who made a purchase on www.kohls.com, a customer service representative would be able to help you find the best shipping options for your purchase.

Customers who made online purchases can also get prices adjusted in the physical stores.

Does Kohl’s Offer A Price Adjustment After Two Weeks?

The Kohl’s website does not say whether or not Kohl’s will allow a two-week extension on the time limit for price adjustments.

I was also told that Kohl’s will generally enforce the two week limit although it appears they will accept price adjustment requests after two weeks.

If you need to extend your warranty, call the Kohl’s customer service number at the bottom of this page.

How to extend the warranty period
Please see our store associate for further information on the following:

You will need your Kohl’s account number, and your original sales receipt to redeem your products for the warranty extension.

Does Kohl’s Offer Price Adjustments For All Store Products?

Kohl’s is doing a “price adjustment” to its customers for its clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other products.

Discounts that are not offered to everyone can be refunded, but they are not eligible for a price adjustment.

If Kohl’s is able to grant a cash adjustment on the original price of an item, they will be unable to give a further price adjustment on a discounted or clearance price, because the two price adjustments would cancel each other out.

If something is not eligible for an offer, you will not notice any price differences in it. You can however check on price matching. Kohl’s will price match if there is a lower price online.

Which Kohl’s Brands Do Not Qualify For Price Adjustment?

In most cases, Kohl’s will be able to give a price adjustment on clothes, shoes and other merchandise.

Unfortunately, this type of price adjustment does not apply to the stores that Kohl’s carries today.

Here is a list of the brands excluded from Kohl’s price adjustment policy. It is a list of brands that they had to price match all prices, and it was a list that was published in their press release. Also, this is a list of brands that were on their list, but on a few occasions, brands that were never on their list had been removed from the list. For example, they had removed the Swatch brand from the list.

If you are shopping online, you are not going to see the price change on items like baby diapers, baby wipes, pet food, and other items that these prices are set on. If you are buying items you see this sign on, I would not spend too much time looking at these items, and instead try to look at items where prices are different.

Make sure that if another brand is ineligible for price adjustments, you do not purchase those items.

If customers are unsure, they can consult their local Kohl’s associates or visit the Kohl’s website.

If you are interested in learning more about the reasons behind target’s price adjustment policy, you might want to read up on Wal-Mart’s price adjustment policy, Target price adjustment policy, or Sam’s club price adjustment policy.


Kohl’s offers refunds for eligible clothing, jewelry, shoes, and other items, as long as customers ask for a refund within two weeks of their original purchase. These refunds can be processed in-store or online, although it is best to process a return online so that they can receive quicker service.

However, Kohl’s does not grant price adjustments for ineligible products including the following: sporting goods, gift cards, beauty and fragrance products, and other select merchandise.

Customers can go to Kohl’s Exclusions and read the list to see if they need to ask for a price adjustment.

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