Best Buy Price Adjustment Policy (all You Need To Know)

There is a lot of competition for retail customers. So, to retain them, some companies have implemented a flexible price adjustment policy. The more you purchase, the more they discount your bill.

– Best Buy will not issue refunds on electronics
– Best Buy will only refund you if you purchased it through Best Buy
– You must return the item to Best Buy within 15 days of your purchase.

Best Buy Price Adjustment Policy In 2022

The customers can get refunds for the price adjustments made at Best Buy within the time frame of 15-45 days depending on the product. The time frame of refunds differs at Best Buy depending on the product and the membership of the customer.

A Best Buy store associates will help you determine if you are eligible for a price adjustment and if you are, they will help you apply for a price adjustment on your next visit to our store.

What Is The Best Buy Price Adjustment Policy?

The way the price is adjusted is according to the store’s Price Match Guarantee, enabling customers to acquire the best prices on products they want to purchase.

If the price at Best Buy is the same as its local competitor, they will match the price and if the price at Best Buy is lower than that, they will make the difference back to you as a customer.

If you purchase an item which goes on sale and you have a return date within the timeframe it may go on sale, you will get your money back and you will still be able to get one.

This means that Best Buy will price match their competitors as long as the competitor offers the same item model and color in the same location.

How Do I Request For Price Adjustment At Best Buy?

An adjustment can be requested by informing your local Best Buy store that you found an item for a lower price elsewhere and requesting a price match.

In regards to the price that you have compared, if you have compared the product with a retail store to within a 25 mile radius of you, you would be considered to have a fair comparison.,, Apple, Inc., and Samsung-Mobile America, Inc.
In addition to the list of eligible competitors, customers are given the option to select additional product categories.

When you’ve selected the items you’d like to buy from Best Buy’s online store and placed your order, you’ll need to select the person who’ll be paying for the order.

How Do I Show Price Adjustment Proof At Best Buy?

You may provide a price for a product you intend to purchase from a particular website, through the BestBuy App, if you can provide proof that the price advertised on the competitor’s website is the same as the price you intend to pay for the same product.

You can also bring along with you a copy of the competitor’s advertisement that displays their prices.

Can I Request For Price Adjustment After Purchasing An Item At Best Buy?

Order after you’ve purchased a product from Best Buy – the timeframe for Best Buy to offer price adjustments is 15 days for standard members.

Members that are Elite or Elite Plus members can request a price match within 45 days of purchase. The price match policy will affect the products purchased, but not future purchases.

For example, if you purchase cellular wearables or mobile phones, you can only request a price adjustment within 14 days after your purchase, regardless of your membership level.

After getting the products from the manufacturer, if the return period has passed, or there are no stipulated returns, you can request a price adjustment.

Does Best Buy Adjust Prices To Match A Warehouse Club?

Best Buy may adjust their prices to match their local competitor’s prices, provided that they are Best Buy’s local competitor and their price criteria match Best Buy’s price criteria.

If you order online and it arrives at your house, Best Buy can’t tell if it’s a mistake or if the package arrived damaged.

A screenshot will not be sufficient if the prices are not visible or if the prices change frequently.

Can I Request For Price Adjustment Using The Best Buy Mobile App?

You can find all the information you need on the Best Buy website. On the page that says

The process for requesting a price adjustment via the app is similar to how you would request your item be price matched for purchases made online.

How Does Best Buy’s Price Adjustment Policy Apply On In-Store Pickup Purchases?

If you have found a cheaper price at or in an online store like, you can request a price match in-store if you find an item in a Best Buy store.

As long as the price is less than the price you paid for the item from the retail store, your credit card will be reimbursed the difference.

How Does Best Buy Price Adjustment Apply To Scheduled Delivery Items?

If Best Buy’s price for a product you purchased drops below the price you purchased it for before the delivery date, you will get a FULL 100% refund on the item, including tax.

You can only make a price adjustment through the Best website. We suggest that you make your price adjustment request through the Best Buy website.

For the free shipping you would have to check the item with a Best Buy Store or contact us. This guarantee applies for items that are in stock at the Best Buy store.

What Is Not Covered Under Best Buy Price Adjustment Policy?

If you want to learn more about layaway, the Best Buy restocking fee, and also the Best Buy TV return policy from Best Buy, then we suggest you look at the following links.

Conclusion: Best Buy Price Adjustment Policy

If you want to purchase a product from us, please make sure to have the exact copy or product you want to return. Any changes made or modifications to the items that you want to return will not be accepted. We will also need a copy of the receipt or invoice.

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