Home Depot Price Adjustment Policy (all You Need To Know)

When something is sold on sale it can be very discouraging when you buy something at full price only to buy this item on sale at a different location.

Home Depot’s price adjustment policy may vary from one store to the next – but if you’re experiencing a large jump in the price of an item, you may be able to get your money back. To find out more about Home Depot’s price adjustment policy, visit the retailer’s website.

Home Depot Price Adjustment Policy In 2022

Home Depot will not correct the price of items if you ask for a price adjustment. However, the store will check the price to be sure it’s the same as the original. If the price you receive is different, you can request store credit or a refund of any extra charges. For a complete list of prohibited items and exceptions for price adjustments, visit our Customer Experience page.

If you want to get more information about products that are excluded from Home Depot’s price adjustment policy, how to make a price adjustment request, and much more, keep on reading!

How Long Do You Have To Adjust Prices At Home Depot?

If you bought a product that was on clearance and Home Depot reduced the price you would have 30-days to adjust the price.

the 30 days period starts on the day your original purchase or delivery took place. Keep in mind that Home Depot will likely reject price adjustment requests once 30 days have passed.

Which Products Are Covered By Home Depot’s Price Adjustment Policy?

Customers would like to know what the price is for a completely identical product that is sold at different prices.
Customers can only adjust the price for completely identical products that are sold at different prices.
Customers would like to know what the price is for a completely identical product that is sold at different prices.

I recommend you make sure that the product you place your price adjustment request is precisely the same as the product that you intend to price adjust.

However, if the item was recently listed on eBay, the item must be in the original box. For instance, a box that contains a remote control unit will not be price-matched.

the sale price of home improvement items including hardwood, softwood, laminate, carpets, and all furniture.

Are There Exclusions To Home Depot’s Price Adjustment Policy?

* The price adjustment policy does not usually cover discontinued or closing-down sale merchandise, refurbished products, items sold through a third-party seller, or products from the design center.
* It is possible to apply for a price adjustment on other products and services but that the reimbursement will not be automatic.

Also, it is unlikely that Home Depot will price-adjust installation fees, since the work is usually done by third-party contractors who often have low-ball costs.

Customized purchases are the only type where the price may change at the retailers discretion.

If the wrong price is listed and another price is available, the associate must offer the lower price to the customer. If the customer refuses the associate must complete a new item ticket for the lower price and the new price cannot be used later.

How Do You Receive A Price Adjustment At Home Depot?

If you want to request an adjustment to a product that you’re eligible for, you’ll need to visit a Home Depot location.

The two were supposed to merge when the new store finally opened in 2016, but the store was cancelled due to the rise in popularity of online purchases. Since then, the company has been trying to figure out what to do with the two stores.

When you receive an adjustment, you will be asked to provide evidence of the lower price.

Once the request is approved, an associate will process the refund using your original payment method.

Because this is a promotional discount, it’s important that you bring the card you used at purchase.

Do You Need A Receipt To Adjust Prices At Home Depot?

You’ll need to prove that you paid a higher price to be able to get the discount. A receipt with your signature is usually enough.

If you lose your receipt, the Home Depot system typically stores receipts for 30 days, when a customer uses a credit or debit card.

 Consumers that purchase any items from HDPCS will have the charges stored in our system for 365 days.

As of now, your request has been approved. You will receive more information when your credit card statement is generated.

Does Home Depot Price Match?

Home Depot provides a lenient price matching policy, meaning you can have the store price match your online price.

Home Depot wants to meet the prices of its competitors, including Home Depot, Lowes, and Home Depot.

If you buy a product at Home Depot they may sometimes charge you a little bit more than other stores, because Home Depot will usually mark up the prices by an additional 10%.

A price change will generally be subject to review by a store supervisor before it goes into effect.

Your request to price match may be denied for a variety of reasons. Contact the advertiser first for confirmation before submitting a request.

Before comparing prices, ensure that the two products are entirely identical and are eligible for shipping to your address.

For products that are in a promotional sale, are customized, sold by a third-party merchant, or are included in a Black Friday deal, there’s a small chance that you’ll receive a price match.

To learn more about pricing and layaway policies, you may also be interested in learning whether or not Home Depot has layaway, if Home Depot price matches Walmart, and if Home Depot price matches Amazon.


If you pay more or less for a product you must contact our customer service department within 30 days of purchase and must provide the original receipt as proof of the new price.

The Home Depot Store Policy and Terms & Conditions covers most of the hardware, power tools and furniture that you will purchase at Home Depot. However, there is some coverage that is not mentioned in the Store Policy, but is mentioned in the terms and conditions.

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