Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon? (Everything You Need To Know..)

Home Depot is a retailer that almost everyone has heard of. It’s because of its success in selling tools and any other items you might need for your home and business.

It makes sense for them to use every trick in their arsenal to keep customers engaged and interested in how they manage their business. That’s why they have a great price match policy to get you lower prices to keep up with competitors. However, many customers ask one question: Does it price match with Amazon?

Amazon Price Matches Home Depot’s?

Home Depot will match Amazon’s price in-store and online. The process is slightly different if you’re in-store and dealing with the purchase in person. You can request price matching at that store manager. He will either accept or deny your request based on what evidence you have.

It only applies to items sold by Amazon directly and not third-party sellers. However, many items are eligible for price matching at any Home Depot.

Don’t click away if you want to learn more about price matches or other exceptions to their policy. Keep reading!

What is Home Depot’s Price Match Policy and How Does it Work?

Home Depot’s policy is called a “Low-Price Guarantee”. Home Depot, like any other price match policy seeks to match its competitors and continue to have more customers with each passing day.

They used to offer an additional 10% discount for every price match in-store, but this has changed over the past year. It was as follows:

We will match any price that you find on the same item in stock from any retailer and we will beat it by 10%.

It is as easy as searching for the exact same item at a lower price on Amazon or another retailer and asking for a price match. Shipping costs are not included by Home Depot.

What are Home Depot’s Price Match Rules for Home Depot?

  • Home Depot will price match any new products that are in stock.
  • Price matching does not apply to used or open products.
  • After purchase, you can adjust the price of your product. You can adjust the price of the product after you purchase.
  • Home Depot’s shipping and delivery policy also covers it.
  • It is not possible to combine price drops or coupons with price matches.
  • To request a price match, you must have all evidence. You will need to show the item and the price on the competitor’s website or advertisement via a link or a photograph.

What is the Home Depot Price Match Process?

Let’s suppose you are in a Home Depot, and you wish to price match the Amazon product. The manager will determine the price based on what you have seen on Amazon.

To validate your request, the manager must have evidence from the competitor. This could be an ad or a photo, or a link to product page. All of these options will work.

You can then make your purchase.

Sometimes, however, they may need to wait for you to verify the price match. This could involve calling your competitor.

Online shopping is similar to buying in a store. However, there are some obvious differences.

Customer Service will need to be contacted. This can be done via a live chat on Home Depot’s website or by calling 1-800-430-3376. It’s up to the customer to make the decision.

What items does Home Depot not accept for price match?

Home Depot does not price match certain items. These are just a few examples.

  • Home Depot price match does not apply to modified products from competitors.
  • The price match does not include labor, installation costs, or assembly.
  • Get wholesale trade quotes and discounted pricing
  • All types of Clearance, Liquidation and On Sale Prices are excluded.
  • Pricing for auctions and bid sites such as eBay.
  • Gift cards, bundles and free offers
  • Delivery, taxes, and shipping costs. Products with additional shipping costs are not included.
  • Home Services may offer non-specific items or services, but not all.
  • For returned or damaged items, there is no price match.
  • For discounted items, you cannot price match.
  • Any product sold by third-party vendors

Black Friday: Does Home Depot match the Black Friday price?

Yes they do. Although most stores won’t price match Black Friday, Home Depot has great value with their policy.

This is a great idea, especially since Black Friday is right around the corner.

Is everything on Amazon eligible for price match at Home Depot?

If you don’t deal with a third party seller, but with Amazon directly, most items sold by Amazon are eligible for price matching.

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This is it. Home Depot can price match Amazon, provided you have evidence that the product was cheaper on Amazon.

Keep your eyes open at Home Depot to find the best deals on identical items at a lower price.

Remember that Black Friday is part of Home Depot’s price match program, which means it’s a great opportunity to shop and get price matching.

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