Does Home Depot Price Match Costco? (full Guide)

There are many home improvement stores out there, they are all pretty similar, none of them have great customer service, and they all have prices about the same.

Many Home Depot items can be found at Costco and vice versa, but they don’t always match up on price. But what if Costco is found to have the lower price? Would Home Depot honor a price match? Here are the answers to your questions.

Does Home Depot Price Match Costco In 2022?

Costco is a membership-based wholesale store that is priced as aggressively as it can. Home Depot has a separate “Pricing from Membership-based Retail Wholesalers” policy to protect its business from competition. However, Costco does underprice Home Depot’s prices on many goods. Costco also provides an excellent membership-exclusive rewards program and, for many people, is in fact a better bargain than Home Depot.

I hear Home Depot won’t be able to honor Costco’s price matching anymore. What are your thoughts? Would you ever consider Costco? Let me know in the comments.

What Is Home Depot’s Price Match Policy?

I think Home Depot has a very simple policy and they are very straightforward.

If you find a home improvement store carrying the same item as Home Depot for less than Home Depot is selling it at, Home Depot will match the price.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for at Home Depot, you can still fill out a form online and place an order with them.

The price match policy comes with a lot of exceptions and isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

The thing that stops Costco from being Costco and from Home Depot being Home Depot is… you get my point, right?

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It says the retailer prices from membership-based retail wholesalers.

Yeah, the biggest warehouse chain in the US.

Why Doesn’t Home Depot Price Match Costco?

According to Home Depot’s Terms and Conditions, we may not be able to price match a Costco sale. If we find a Home Depot sale that is better, and that is the case, we will always price match at the Home Depot price.

Costco was specifically excluded from this statement because it had already agreed to buy on a cost-plus basis from the other members. That is, other members were paying a premium for Costco’s product. In doing so, Costco was allowed to charge a higher price that the other members.

A clause that had Home Depot shoppers paying only 10 percent tax on their purchases may have been put into place at this time.

With the exception of the “not less than” language, this section of the policy is the same as the one used by Home Depot.

This disappeared in 2020 from the United States with the passage of the American Travel and Tourism Act.

Home Depot has such a good reputation for low prices (and excellent customer service), that they’re priced too low to compete with Costco.

Costco has always been aggressive about operating costs, and have done so for more than 30 years.

Costco’s low operational costs are why it can offer such low prices and stay in business.

Is a Costco Membership Worth It?

I will call it the membership. It has a $60 price tag on it, but then you find it for free, and it’s the same thing as buying an item for $60 that you find later, so it was worth it.

In your example, the membership has a price tag of $60 and is sold for free. So the membership just paid for itself.

When you hear about people doing price comparisons on Amazon, you’ll often run into products that are a few dollars more or less than they should be at Amazon prices. These are the inevitable cases where a seller sets an incorrect price — likely, a seller who doesn’t understand Amazon’s rules on taxes, or who doesn’t keep close watch on listings, or who incorrectly entered or uploaded data, etc.

Costco continuously underprice its competition on large items by hundreds of dollars.

Costco also includes all kinds of additional benefits that include discounts and special pricing on services.

Is Costco Cheaper Than Home Depot?

Costco may be cheaper than The Home Depot, but its warehouse club prices have also dropped significantly in the past five years.

As I mentioned earlier, the best thing you can do is look up the models on Amazon or other site for prices, and then compare them yourself.

If you find a really great deal on a product, and it’s a product that you would not be willing to pay thousands of dollars for, then it may be worth the price of a membership to Costco.

If you’re lucky, the item you want can be purchased online by non-Costco members. That’s the case with the new iPhone 11 Pro, which starts at $1,079.

What Items Do Home Depot and Costco Both Have in Stock?

Costco and Home Depot are both big box retailers, and a lot of items are the same and not offered at the other one.

What this means is that as a member, you can make your purchases at Home Depot and get a discount on them. You can also check to see if they have the same items for less.

Kohl’s is a national chain that is one of the most popular discount department stores. It was founded in the early 20th century as a small chain of department stores in Minnesota by department store owner Charles L. Kohl. Kohl’s is now owned by Macy’s, which is the largest department store chain in the United States.

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The Home Depot made a business decision to stop price matching with Costco and other membership-based stores.

Many people believe that paying $60 per year is well worth it to receive hundreds of dollars off an otherwise expensive appliance.

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