Does Walmart Price Match Home Depot? [all You Need To Know]

Walmart’s ability to offer lower prices on everyday household essentials, electronics and home improvement products is a key part of its success.

If you are wondering if Walmart price matches Home Depot, you may be interested to learn what I did to find out!.

Does Walmart Price Match Home Depot In 2022?

Price matching can be a tricky thing to do and there are many situations where it will not apply. But in some simple situations it will be all that you need to do.

How Do I Price Match Home Depot At Walmart?

Walmart will gladly take price match requests made from and will process requests made from with items in stock at

Please check all of the products that you have selected in advance, and when you are about to place an order, select one that is most suitable for you.

If you find a lower price on the Homedepot website after 7 days, you’ll have 7 days to contact Walmart Customer Care with your inquiry and submit a price match.

But in 2019, Walmart discontinued its price comparison website for U.S. customers, which means you can no longer get the best prices on your online purchases.

Does Walmart Price Match Home Depot Ads?

No, according to Walmart’s price match policy, Home Depot ads without a fixed price will not be matched. You can still use this coupon to get more.

Therefore, Walmart does not honor the Buy One Get One Free advertised deals on same items.

The company should not send any direct or indirect messages related to the promotion to any person or entity in Russia that they should buy a large number of units of the product in order to receive a discount. is a US website, and I’m from the UK so, if I’m not mistaken, the US is a marketplace website. I am not familiar with how their prices work.

These promotions have expired or are no longer available; third-party offers are not honored.

Does Walmart Price Match Home Depot Sales?

I called Home Depot’s customer service and they said I could not price match the sale price when the promotion was online only. The $10 off was valid only if it was in the store and the purchase was $200.

Unfortunately, I could not find an answer to this issue.

Walmart will not be issuing price verification codes for Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

In addition, products involved with home depot clearance, flash, limited quantity, or closing down sales are not eligible for the Walmart price match.

Can Walmart Deny My Home Depot Price Match Request?

Yes, your price match request will be reviewed by the Pricing team. After this review, the team will authorize or deny your request. If they deny your price match request, we will issue a credit for the amount of the request. If they approve your request, you will receive a credit to your account within 1 business day from the date your request was submitted.

When Walmart and Home Depot price match, the price is verified and compared in order to determine the match. This is a feature for online retailers including

If your order is being shipped from outside the US, we recommend you add an international tracking number to ensure that the item(s) make it to you in one piece.

The prices we see on the Walmart website are set by the merchants and we cannot match them to those on Home Depot.

Will Walmart Price Match An Item I Have Already Purchased?

You’ll have 7 days to contact Walmart to ask if they will match an item that you have already purchased online. If they won’t, you’ll be refunded the difference.

Does Walmart Price Match Home Depot Shipping Fees?

If your order qualifies for free shipping, you will be charged for shipping, handling, processing, and hidden fees. It can take up to 14 business days for items to arrive at the destination.

To obtain free shipping, your order must total at least $49.98 and weigh less than 15 pounds. We may verify your eligibility for free shipping by verifying your order total and shipping address. reserves the right to verify item eligibility in certain situations.

This means that goods outside of the original price match request cannot receive new shipping rates within the same transaction.

Does Home Depot Price Match Walmart?

You can receive a price match from Home Depot when you find a lower price on an identical item. You’ll need to bring the advertisement, price sheet, or photo to the Home Depot register for verification.

When you buy something from a Walmart, Home Depot will not take back the price matching policy.

Walmart and Staples price matching policy are one of the most common ones, and it’s still a great way to save money when shopping at either store.

If you need help finding the best price on an item that you have already found on Amazon, you can look for the best price on that item from a different seller.
If you need help finding the best price on an item that you have not found on Amazon, you can go to to see if their price matches the price from a different seller.

Conclusion: Does Walmart Price Match Home Depot? will price match product at Homedepot as long as it’s the same color, brand, model number, and quantity.

If you find a price that is lower than your local Walmart, contact customer care within 7 days.

Thank you for choosing to view this offer on our website!

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