Does Best Buy Price Match Costco? (all You Need To Know)

The company offers an online service to help save you money by comparing prices of the same item from a number of other stores. This service is known as price match.

Does Best Buy price match Costco? If you are a Best Buy customer, you may want to know if Best Buy prices match Costco.

Does Best Buy Price Match Costco In 2022?

Costco allows customers to price match items with Costco at the time of purchase. prices are compared to Best Buy in-store prices, and Costco can reduce Best Buy in-store prices during the purchase.

Best Buy Price Matching Policy on Costco Instore, and if you can purchase online and instore, Best Buy will price match Costco after purchase.

Can You Price Match At Best Buy With Costco In-store?

That is correct, as long as the store is a local retail competitor to the Best Buy store you are shopping at.

If Costco is a local retail competitor to your local Best Buy store (within a 25-mile radius), you can compare Costco prices to Best Buy to verify that Costco matches their lowest prices.

You had to ensure that the product you are eligible for price match from Best Buy is in stock in the store at the time you are making the buying decision or else your price match request cannot be considered for approval.

This is a price match only. Best buy will have to verify the price difference before providing a price match.

Does Best Buy Price Match

If you are looking for prices at local stores in your area or want to check if a store is eligible to price match, you can find a list of stores that will price match with Best Buy at

Best Buy is also one of the few stores that will price match online stores for the same item even if they may not sell it in your local area.

When you go online to compare prices of an item at other retailers. You see that the item you want is available at a lower cost. When you click through to the store site, you can then enter your order and the discount will come off the price you see.

In the screenshot of’s price matching policy, it mentions that it will only price match “a current print version” of the same item, and not a “similar item.”

Therefore, a print advertisement will not be considered for the price match.

Also, if in case you are requesting a price match with through a call, you will have to give Best Buy’s employee a directive on how to locate the lower price at .

If the item on Costco will require a credential to log in, you will be able to compare prices by visiting the Best Buy in person.

You’ll get a refund or free replacement if you received the wrong item in the mail from us. You’ll get a replacement if you receive a defective or damaged item from us.

Does Best Buy Price Match Costco After Purchase?

Unfortunately, there is a catch. After purchase, Best Buy will not price match Costco.

Buyer Beware! Best Buy may not accept price matching after the completion of a sale, so be sure to double check the price before making a purchase.

So if you bought something from Best Buy, but later found it on sale at Costco after realizing that you should have bought it there in the first place, you can’t get a refund from Best Buy.

In order to make sure that customers can enjoy the cheaper prices from Costco, they should make sure to search for best price from other retailers around.

It is important to note that Best Buy will only price match after purchases if a customer compares the prices of purchased items with identical products sold in stores, at or via the Best Buy Android app.

Additionally, if they sell the same product for $400 at one Best Buy store and sell it for $450 at another Best Buy store, the customer cannot request a price match at the store that will lower the price.

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