Does Best Buy Price Match Gamestop? (all You Need To Know)

Best Buy strives to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction by offering a flexible price match policy to ensure that customers are provided with the most competitive pricing.

If a Best Buy product is selling for less than the Best Buy price at GameStop, the game may be selling for a lower price at a different retail location. Best Buy price matches GameStop items only if both GameStop and Best Buy have the exact same item selling for the same price.

Does Best Buy Price Match GameStop In 2022? 

Unfortunately, Best Buy doesn’t price match GameStop prices. They do, however, offer My Best Buy rewards points for in-store purchases. Customers can also get price matches from Best Buy as part of the My Best Buy Rewards program, and you can also get deals through coupons.

This guide contains all you need to know about Best Buy’s price matching policy so you can make the right decision about whether or not to price match.

Why Does Best Buy Not Price Match GameStop? 

In this case, Best Buy has not changed its policy, it doesn’t consider GameStop as a competitor for price matching. Rather, it only matches prices that are offered by non-retail competition.

The closure of GameStop, which had been struggling for quite a while and had been the victim of new technologies like the Switch and the PlayStation 4, finally got the green light and decided to close hundreds of its stores.

The company has been anticipating store closure however, some of their stores have been offering major clearance deals to sell off inventory and make back as much of their costs as they can.

Best Buy can start to lose a lot of money if it implements a price matching policy.

In order to get a price match, the offer must be made in-store for in-store price matching to be valid.

How Can You Save Money While Shopping At Best Buy?

If you are in search for games at cheap prices, the only option you have is to research the prices of games at both Best Buy and GameStop, and head over to the store with a lower price.

So, if you are loyal customer of Best Buy and have a frequent purchase in mind you can save money and purchase it on that day at Best Buy.

After signing up for the program, you can earn points for shopping, searching, posting, and much more using the My Best Buy App.

You can also get up to 50% off coupons on sites such as DealNews and RetailMeNot.
You can use this site as it works well on mobile devices and has a great interface.

[Original]: And while supplies last, Best Buy will also deliver your order to your home for free.

What Other Gaming Retailers Does Best Buy Price Match With? 

If you have additional questions regarding this product, please contact the Support team via email:

To request a price match on consoles, games, and gaming equipment from these major retailers, you’ll need to have a receipt and you’ll need to be prepared to prove the lower price with the seller.

Along with that — their prices are matched, within a 25-mile radius, for their online prices.
This is not a huge deal because in most cases, your online store does not have the same inventory as a physical store.
And even if a physical store does have a better line-up, you can still get lower prices in your online store, by buying online in bulk.
So in this case, Best Buy does not have a significant edge over your local competitor.

If you want to know more, you should also be interested in reading up on whether or not Best Buy’s price matches Target, Costco, and Walmart.


Best Buy cannot price match GameStop at this time, however, Best Buy might match other retailers (but not GameStop) in the future.

You can save money at Best Buy by using coupon codes, participating in the Best Buy rewards program, or paying for shipping. Other retailers that Best Buy does price match include Amazon, Crutchfield, Dell, TigerDirect, and HP.

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