Does Walmart Price Match Gamestop? [all You Need To Know]

Walmart has a mission to offer customers the lowest prices and the highest quality of goods and services.

For what it’s worth, GameStop is now offering a price match guarantee for its products, but Walmart is better positioned in this game. It’s a great opportunity for you to get the new products you want without having to worry about the price. Just ensure you get the best deal by checking out the retailer’s products and then price matching them.

Does Walmart Price Match GameStop In 2022?

Walmart does not price match GameStop’s price on PlayStation 4 in 2022 as Walmart mostly sells video games and consoles at a lower price. Alternatively, will price-match gaming and electronic products from other stores, including and

The Walmart price match policy has changed. However, it’s still very easy to earn a discount on your next Walmart purchase.

Why Doesn’t Walmart Price Match GameStop?

I’ve bought over $100 worth of games from GameStop, but I bought games on sale at Walmart for under $40.

GameStop has a broader variety of games and electronic items, which might not be available at Walmart, making a price match might not be available.

GameStop is not a competitor of Walmart, rather that they are a direct competitor of other retailers.

I’m going to assume that GameStop is losing customers from these practices, and that the money they are losing represents lost income to them. Therefore, Walmart will not lose income should a customer choose to buy from GameStop.

There is a legal distinction between a game and a game disc. It is the game code. The game disc contains metadata about the game code. The disc is not the code. This is true regardless of whether the game is in a CD-ROM, DVD or Blu-Ray. A game disc contains the same information as the game code.

Alternative Gaming Retailers Price Matched By Walmart?

By using the best price, quality, and selection, it’s easy to find a great deal on your next favorite electronics at Walmart.

When people buy games from and, they can then use the same code to get a discount on games bought at Walmart and Jet.

In the state of New Mexico you may purchase up to three (3) price matched items per person per day. In the states of Texas, Georgia and Florida, customers may purchase up to five (5) items per person per day, however, the order must be placed by 11:00 am Eastern Time.
And the other states have their own restrictions, so do check them all out.

Customers can find similar GameStop stock online at Walmart Marketplace; however, does not offer a guarantee that customers will be offered the best price on GameStop items.

How To Request A Price Match At Walmart?

The Walmart price match function means you’ll get to shop online and save money at the same time.

You can call Walmart Customer Care to request to change a store code, change a billing address, or correct a bill or change your bank account information.

There are no price match guarantee. You can verify the price of the product yourself on the grounds that it is identical in size, color, model and brand. Sale items and coupons without fixed prices cannot be price matched.

Once approved you will be reimbursed for the difference.

Which Retailers Does Walmart Price Match?

When offers discounts on items, they’re usually lower than what competitors offer.

Walgreens is one of the largest drugstore chains and home of the Walmart Health and Wellness Center. They have been offering low prices on prescription drugs and vitamins for many years.

Does Walmart Price Match Games On Marketplace?

Well, I’m a regular customer of Walmart, so Walmart has been good to me so I’m trying to help them out.

You will still be able to find better deals on the Walmart marketplace compared to gaming stores like EB Games, Gamestop, and Amazon.

Does GameStop Price Match Walmart?

Unfortunately, GameStop does not price match Walmart or any other store for in-store products and items from exclusive promotions. However, customers may receive a price adjustment on in-store products that are more expensive than an item online.

Which Retailers Price Match GameStop?

There are few stores (GameStop) that verify Gamestop prices match due to the huge amounts of games sold by Gamestop, many of them are no longer made, so Gamestop has to purchase them from a third party, and has to verify that they purchased the product with the same price.

However, Target and Best Buy typically do not price match items that are not completely identical, and/or have exclusions and/or are used.

If Walmart price matches other Walmart’s, and has a better in-store experience with a rollback or other discounts, check out our Walmart video game discounts and Walmart video game returns guide for even more tips!

Conclusion: Does Walmart Price Match GameStop?

If you are looking for a price match on a Walmart item, you cannot purchase it from GameStop and then bring it to Walmart to price match.

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