Does Best Buy Price Match Walmart? (all You Need To Know)

Among the most common ways business can attract customers is by providing a price matching policy allowing customers to compare prices of items with other stores and request for a price reduction.

Having one of the leading consumer electronics stores in the world, Best Buy has recently come up with a price match policy. This implies that customers may want to know, Does Best Buy Price Match Walmart? Thereby, I’ll find out!

Does Best Buy Price Match Walmart In 2022?

Best Buy do price match Walmart local retailers like Walmart and Sam’s Club. Best Buy says that the price match guarantee policy at Best Buy allows customers to compare prices from local Best Buy stores and and request a price adjustment.

If you want to know how to compare prices online between two websites like Amazon and Walmart, if you can get a better price with a coupon code at Best Buy if Walmart will give you a coupon code, and much more, keep reading!

Can You Price Match Walmart In-Store At Best Buy?

Fortunately, Best Buy allows customers to price match items on Walmart in-store and request a discount based on the resultant price difference.

You can request a refund on a purchase, or a store credit on a return.

You can also ask for a price match.

Once you have all the information, you can submit the refund request.

If a customer finds that the Best Buy price for the product is lower than the Walmart price, the customer is not required to do anything. The customer may shop at Walmart, if they wish.

Best Buy stores will consider Walmart stores as local competitors when it comes to price matching. It will grant customers a price reduction request if the local Walmart store offers a lower price for an identical item.

Can You Price Match Walmart.Com At Best Buy?

Yes, Best Buy can price match any online-only or store-only sale offered online by a local competitor to the Best Buy store you are shopping at. For example, if a Best Buy store is nearby you live, if Best Buy offers certain Best Buy store-only sale online, then Best Buy can price match it.

When shopping online, Walmart allows its customers to check prices and compare their options with other online retailers.

In a similar fashion, if you need a price reduction based on your store pricing, you will need to research the differences in prices and present a lower price to your employees for a discount.

– The Best Buy website does not feature a discount card that can be used to save on electronics.
– The Best Buy website does not feature a price reduction schedule.

You have to train your employees that when they go to, they’re not going to see the price on the Best Buy’s website, they’re instead going to see the price from Best Buy’s competitors.

Best Buy will only match Walmart pricing on items that are not marked down. You can only get a price match from the Best Buy website (

How Do I Request Best Buy To Price Match Walmart?

Best Buy is allowing customers to enter a lower price from their local Walmart.

All of the customers (not all, mind you) in the store are going to go out of their way to avoid saying, “How much is that?” to the person filling up their cart. When they ask, they are going to get a quote.

The website allows customers to buy things from third party sellers and then find out if they can get the item for a better price.

Walmart will provide a discount if you find that another store offers a lower price for an identical item.

Does Best Buy Price Match Walmart After Purchase?

Unfortunately, Best Buy is not going to allow its customers to price match Walmart after an order has been placed.

The price match guarantee policy at Walmart cannot be used to compare prices with Best Buy after the return and exchange period.

For any more information about price matching at Best Buy or Walmart, please contact your Best Buy Customer Assistance Associate. Best Buy’s website also includes a FAQ section that discusses various price matching policies and procedures.

So if you notice that a lower price of an item is available at your local Walmart, you should consider requesting a discount at the time of purchase rather than after the purchase.

This means that if you see a cheaper price online, it can take up to 5 business days to receive the price match since the prices of items online may not be updated every minute.

Will Best Buy Give Refund If Price Drops At Walmart?

If you had already bought the item at Best Buy then you can return it to Best Buy and get a Store Credit.

Best Buy customer can compare prices of the items they want to buy with the prices of the items of competitor stores at the time of purchase.

Therefore, if the price of an immediately identical item drops at Walmart, you cannot request Best Buy to reissue a gift card for the price difference.

Will Best Buy Price Match Walmart Offers?

That’s unfortunate. I tried shopping at my local Best Buy store, where they didn’t have a price match or even a price guarantee.

As a part of the customer experience at Best Buy, we do not participate in other retailers trade-ins or pre-orders or credit-card offers.

For more information on how to know if Amazon price matches Best Buy and the Best Buy price adjustment policy, please see the other two posts.


It’s like a price comparison website. The site allows shoppers to compare prices and then ask for a discount if the price of the product is lower at another nearby location.

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