Does Smartstyle Do Perms, Hair Extensions, Highlights & More?

If you’ve noticed a SmartStyle Salon while shopping at Walmart, you may be wondering what services it offers. For example, does SmartStyle have traditional salon services like perms, hair extensions, or color treatments? If so, what are the prices? As a new salon in the area it would be nice to know if Walmart is a good place to go to for a haircut and color and if they offer these services.

Walmart’s “solution” to the problem of high beauty salon prices. As the world’s largest retailer, Walmart has done a great job of being a trendsetter in the beauty industry.

Does SmartStyle Do Perms, Hair Extensions, Highlights & More In 2022?

SmartStyle Salons offer hair-services for men and women of all ages. They offer a variety of services from basic haircuts and shampooing all the way to extensions and coloring. They also provide salon hours at nearby Walmart stores so customers can stop in before or after shopping.

SmartStyle Salon is one of the largest hair salons in the United States. They operate over 200 salons in 21 states.
SmartStyle Salon sells everything hair care products and services to help you live the beautiful hair life.
SmartStyle Salon has a professional staff of hairdressers who use professional tools and products to achieve your goals in hair care.
SmartStyle Salon has more than 10,000 products available to help you manage your hair from shampoo to styling tools.
SmartStyle Salon provides hair care consultations and has a large product selection for you to choose from for every hair care need.

Can You Get A Perm At SmartStyle Salon?

If your hair lacks volume and you want to get rid of frizz, a perm might be the way for you.

Yes, SmartStyle has experienced hair stylist that can safely apply this technique.

The first of the three packages begins with the scalp treatment called the Pure Scalp Treatment, which includes an exfoliation, micro-stimulation of the scalp, and a scalp massage. This is followed by a deep conditioning treatment which may include an extract of apple, lemon or carrot. After this, SmartStyle offers a hair-smoothing treatment, which includes a scalp massage and a scalp treatment which uses a special serum.

The fee will probably go up for those whose hair is longer than shoulder length.

Can You Get A Relaxer At SmartStyle Salon?

A relaxer is the most popular treatment in the world of hair. There are several different types of relaxers and different kinds of hair such as human hair, synthetic hair and color treated hair.

Customers can come in for a retouch if their hair needs to be relaxed.

If frizz is a problem your hair or split ends are a problem, you can get conditioning treatments done at SmartStyle Salon.

SmartStyle provides the very best hair care to men and women. They also provide a variety of services to help you look your best.

Does SmartStyle Do Highlights?

It does give dimension to your hair by using light color. It enhances highlights, lightens dark hair, and the color is not washed out.

Some color specialists can give you recommendations on how many foils to use to achieve your desired look.

Does SmartStyle Do Balayage Or Other Types Of Color?

As a dark haired woman, one of the best thing you can do to make your dark hair look better is to keep it hydrated. It is also important to avoid heavy product in it.
Also, keep in mind that you do not have to use a ton of color on your hair. The hair color should be subtle to achieve the desired effect.

Every time you dye something you will get a dye pack, which will automatically reload every time you dye something.

Does SmartStyle In Walmart Do Braids?

While SmartStyle Salon is known for trendy hairstyles, they also specialize in braids.

When scheduling an appointment, make sure to ask if the location has stylist qualified to work on all kinds of braids.

Also, bring a picture to help the stylist visualize how you would like your hair to look. If you are not sure, they have options.

Your favorite color or style can be yours with a few simple steps.

Does SmartStyle Salon Do Hair Extensions?

Although the website doesn’t mention hair extensions as available and/or professional services, the stylist may also offer them.

The best place to find out, is probably your local SmartStyle. The phone lines are always manned by someone who knows the company, knows the merchandise and is happy to help.

Does SmartStyle Hair Salon Do Body Waxing?

Although SmartStyle Salons does not have a waxing service, customers can get their brows and lips waxed.

Check the area for any open wounds or cuts.
Avoid shaving or waxing over any wounds or cuts.
Remove contact lenses 24 hours prior to waxing.
Wear cotton pads or cotton balls and water-based lubricant on your body and any sensitive areas.

Does SmartStyle Salon Only Provide Services For Women?

In addition to a professional hairstyle, you’ll also be able to get your nails and manicures, as well as a massage and foot care services.

The most important thing about these new laws is the way they’re enforced.

Does SmartStyle Salon Do Haircuts?

Haircuts are done on the SmartStyle Salon’s floor model with a mobile styling station.

New customers who book online will receive up to 25% off their next treatment.

You will get shampoo and if you order a service you will get a free shampoo and conditioner.

Does SmartStyle Salon Offer Haircare Products For Purchase?

Hair looks great on you when you leave it in a salon, but looks terrible in the morning.

The company offers a wide variety of quality products such as shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments.

If you want to be in fashion, then you have to have your hair in style, and the salon is the best place to do it since it’ll be professionally done.

SmartStyle is a brand of salon services that offer many popular salon brands such as Matrix, Biolage, and Mizani.

How Much Do Services Cost At SmartStyle?

Prices vary from location to location. However, typically, the price for services will be around $14-$50.

Where Can I Find Special Promotions At SmartStyle Salons?

Salon services are affordable because there are often salon sales and promos that help you save money.

And while shopping, you can see the discounts for the Offers and Hair Deals page. So, you can check out the deals at the store.

Where Can I Get A SmartStyle Gift Card?

You can purchase gift cards on SmartStyle’s website or on your mobile device.
To redeem your gift card, go to your SmartStyle Salon.
When you open your account, you’ll be asked to provide your card number.
After you purchase, you can enter your gift card number to redeem.

Can You Check-In Before An Appointment Or Schedule An Appointment Online?

If you want to check on the status of your appointment. This page also allows you to schedule a future appointment. You can also enter your name and phone number.

Next, it’s important to select a service, since there’s a handy checklist that details what the location offers.

For example, I can choose to pay for an appointment with the stylist who works the earliest time and leave in 10 minutes.

We know that Walmart is a safe for sending gift cards. You can also know that Walmart accepts Venmo if you want to send a gift card by using your Venmo balance.


If you’re looking for a trendy style at an affordable price, don’t have much time to spare, and don’t like spending big money to do your hair, you should stop at SmartStyle Salon.

Stylists at SmartStyle offer a range of hairstyles, which include perms and braids.

For your convenience, there are SmartStyle Salons at Walmart locations and you can find a location near you by checking the SmartStyle salon locator.

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