Is Bed Head Good For Your Hair?

In today’s world of fashion and trends, one of the most significant aspects of one’s look happens to be their hair. Therefore, people tend to focus on nurturing their head and giving it as much care as possible.

Among the many haircare brands that have popped up recently, none have gained rapid popularity faster than Tigi’s Bed Head.

With thousands of people using shampoos and conditioners by this company every day, “is Bed Head good for your hair” is a common question among many. Well, our article answers this query by reviewing multiple products of the brand and coming to a conclusive answer after thoroughly analyzing their qualities.

Bed Head Product Reviews

Below are reviews of some of the most popular hair care items in the Bed Head series currently available in the market. Go through them to understand if the manufacturer really knows about what they are making or if they are all hype.

1. Bed Head Tween Recovery Shampoo

The Bed Head Tween Recovery Shampoo does what the name implies: repair the mistakes tweens make to the hairs. Tweens tend to ruin the quality of the locks by constantly putting them through dying them or straightening them.

This product revives them back to their glory days. It adds moisture and revitalizes the hair, making them look fresh.

Not only does this unit revive your hair quality, but it also ensures that your hair stays safe from possible future harm. Its moisturizing quality ensures that your hair remains free from getting damaged. Moreover, your hair will be softer than ever and will give off a shine you have never experienced in the past.

Many hair care solutions have artificial colors in them, which can really mess up your hair in the long run. Thankfully, you won’t face this issue with this commodity as its color is free from any harmful chemicals. Therefore, you can massage it on your head for as long as you want and wash it when you’re done.

2. Bed Head Color Goddess

Anyone woman who wants to channel their inner ethereal spirit will get a kick out of using the Bed Head Color Goddess. The mere scent of it is bound to make anyone feel relaxed and at peace.

Simply lathering a bit of it into your hair and massaging it will give off the smell of coconuts and almonds, making it a treat for both the hair and nose.

There are very few hair care products as effective in breathing life into your hair as this unit. Using it for a few weeks will bring drastic changes to your hair. It will get significantly more vibrant than before, and it will get shinier than time. Soon enough, you will start looking like a completely new person!

Anyone looking to revive their hair from any damage that might be the result of coloring can rely on this shampoo and conditioner kit.  Applying it will help close up any cuticles that were possibly opened when coloring your hair.

Furthermore, it will also strengthen them and prevent them from breaking when brushing.

3. Bed Head Resurrection

People looking to mend their hair and help it go through proper recovery will love using the Bed Head Resurrection. Its qualities are effective in fixing your locks while the smell is soothing enough to calm you down.

A unique papaya chill pill fragrance is integrated into it, making you relax while it does its magic on your head.

You will never have to believe that your hair is beyond repair if you have this product at hand. It has a reputation for fixing even the most troubled hair types over time.

All you have to do is use it for a few months, and your curls will feel smoother and shinier. You won’t have to worry about damages from heat, either, as it works to ward off such issues actively.

A prevalent issue with most shampoos is their longevity. You need to constantly use some of them to ensure that they remain effective. However, it can also lead to a lot of long-term damage to your scalp.

Thankfully, this item significantly increases strength and stamina for your hair. Therefore, you won’t have to use it frequently.

4. Bed Head Dumb Blonde 

The Bed Head Dumb Blonde is specifically made to restore the quality of golden hair and give it a rich vibrancy and incredible shininess.

Its formula features a fusion between keratin and milk proteins, making it perfect for nurturing curls that have previously gone through coloring. Your hair will look better once you start using it.

A noteworthy aspect of this product is the unit Protein Booster Technology it features. Not only will it condition your hair, but it will also protect it from most exterior elements. Eventually, your locks will start becoming stronger and healthier than they had ever been.

Weather is a significant factor to consider when thinking about the health of your hair. Humidity and rain can be extremely bothersome and can end in your hair becoming extremely frizzy and frail. Thankfully, using this unit will ensure that your hair is safe from flyaways and frizz and, thus, protect you from long-term damage.

5. Bed Head Recharge 

If you’re looking for a shampoo that you can use daily, then the Bed Head Recharge is an excellent choice. Its solution contains tons of anti-oxidants, which significantly refreshes your hair and makes it seem luscious and full.

It has all the necessary ingredients that you can possibly need to ensure that you have a beautiful head of hair.

The amazing fact about this shampoo and conditioner kit is its ability to prevent the build-up of external factors on the scalp. It is pretty efficient in preventing pollutants and sweat from clogging up the pores and works as a reflective coat in that regard. Your hair will be thoroughly cleansed, and you will feel light-headed.

One of the most common crimes people commit against their own hair is straightening them or styling them. It causes their hair to go through a lot of damage from the UV rays and heat. This item conditions it thoroughly and replenishes it, thus, putting life into it and making it look full and vibrant.


From our detailed analysis of the top products of the Bed Head series, it is safe to conclude that their products are genuinely worth the purchase. They have a product for almost all hair types, colors, and age ranges. Therefore, you won’t feel left out. On the other hand, it performs exceptionally well with no harmful additives in it!

Therefore, the short answer to the question, is Bed Head good for your hair is a strong and resounding yes! If you ever find yourself staring into one of their shampoos in the haircare aisle of a shopping mall, grab the one that will fit your needs the best. Your hair will thank you for it!

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