Is Kenneth Cole A Good Brand? Let’s Find Out!

Kenneth Cole is a name that practically everybody remembers. You must have come across the brand at least once in your life, whether you shop at high-end stores like Macy’s and other retail stores or more budget-friendly places like outlet malls.

Besides, Kenneth Cole is also recognized for its unique marketing approach and charitable campaigns.

However, if you are unfamiliar with Kenneth Cole and wondering, is Kenneth Cole a good brand, we are here to provide you with several reasons why this is a fantastic brand.

Origin Of The Brand 

Born in 1954, Kenneth Cole is a fashion icon from the United States of America. His fashion collections are well-known across the globe. Not only are they available at high-end retail stores and certain discount outlet stores, but they are also available for online purchases globally.

His company, which he named after himself, started out as a small footwear line. The massive growth into men’s and women’s luxury fashion, jewelry, and accessories, which we are all acquainted with, didn’t happen until a few years down the line.

However, currently, the brand has many different lines, including premium lines like the Kenneth Cole Collection and budget lines like the Tribeca collection.

Reasons Behind Kenneth Cole Being A Good Brand

Practically, all of us have heard of Kenneth Cole. It is a well-known name for a plethora of reasons.

The brand’s aptitude to grasp the rhythm of the world of fashion at all times and develop footwear, apparel, watches, and other accessories that resonate with large numbers of lifestyle influencers and fashion-savvy people all around the world has contributed to its success in becoming a household name.

This section will discuss some of the factors that contribute to Kenneth Cole becoming such a successful brand.

1. Having Exemplary Marketing Success Upon Launching 

As mentioned earlier, Kennet Cole debuted as a footwear brand. The founder decided to advertise his recently introduced brand with the film, “The Birth of a Shoe Company,” which portrayed how his shoe company started. And that was possibly the most distinctive marketing approach he could have devised.

Despite the film being made out of need, its items were in high demand soon after its premiere. Surprisingly, the firm sold over 40,000 pairs of their footwear in less than 3 days after presenting the video to the public.

2. Bouncing Back from Eventual Setbacks 

Even though the brand began with remarkable success due to its brilliant marketing approach, it soon faced many difficulties. They were, however, able to recover from their metaphorical rut.

In 2008, Kenneth Cole Productions had what is known as a prolonged income decline. As a result, brokerage firm experts downgraded the firm’s stock ratings.

Even though the company was able to emerge from the dark and return to profitability, analysts’ expectations for the future years remained low.

Later in 2016, the decision was taken to shut the existing outlet stores in order to focus on expanding their online and full-price retail footprint globally.

3. Ensuring Interesting Advertisements

The firm has been recognized for its advertising talents from its first successful film production of “The Birth of a Shoe Company.” Surely, the company’s commercials are among the most intriguing in the market.

Although some of them are highly controversial because of their political views, not all of them are. In fact, many of them are meant to be amusing.

In their ads, their talented marketing team frequently employs puns and wordplay to catch people’s eyes and interest and make them laugh. It’s a fantastic concept since it helps people remember the designer label.

4. Offering Branded Items for All Budgets

Kenneth Cole trademark goods are available in a variety of price ranges. Let us begin with their most premium collection, which is the Kenneth Cole Collection. Ever since its inception in 2012, it has provided top-notch products for both men and women everywhere.

Next, we have the Kenneth Cole New York collection, including men’s and women’s apparel and accessories such as jewelry and perfumes. It is the second most costly collection, with varying prices from $100 to $795. The Kenneth Cole Reaction range also debuted in 1996, which is a casual collection with slightly lower prices.

Furthermore, they have lower-end lines with cheaper products, which we will examine next.

5. Providing Quality Products at Reasonable Prices

As previously indicated, the Unlisted collection is a more inexpensive range from the brand. This collection includes reasonably priced items ranging from $35 to $250.

Most significantly, it contains stylish clothing and accessories for both men and women. Quality handbags and accessories for both genders are available here, with prices ranging from $25 to $100.

Furthermore, the Tribeca collection, which offers similar items at a cheaper price range of $50 to $70, is also provided by the brand.

Although both of these lines provide incredibly low-cost items, they do not compromise on quality. While the quality may not be as high as the Kenneth Cole Collection line or the Kenneth Cole New York line, they are still relatively decent and offer excellent value for money.

6. Contributing Back to the Community

Kenneth Cole does not disregard the success of his company, nor does he take it for granted. He expresses his gratitude for the stuff he succeeded in achieving through his actions.

Before becoming famous, he studied at Emory University. Later, he partnered with his alumni and founded the Kenneth Cole Foundation.

Combined, they founded the Kenneth Cole Fellows in Community Building and Social Change Program. The organization is based at the university campus and desires to make a big difference in the community and surrounding areas.

7. Supporting Social Causes

Besides forming his own foundation to help students, Kenneth Cole has actively participated in other social causes. For instance, he is well-known for rallying funding for AIDS research and promoting awareness of the issue.

In fact, he was among the very first renowned personalities in the fashion business to speak out about the matter. He used his exceptional marketing skills to promote public awareness of the disease. And it definitely got people thinking about it.

However, this was only one of the many social causes where Kennet Cole participated and was especially involved with the issue of homelessness and educational challenges.

He was even there to help when Hurricane Katrina struck abruptly. Kenneth Cole Productions was there in the frontline, offering everything they could to aid the hurricane victims.

The business donated apparel and footwear to those who were left destitute due to the incident using one of its charitable projects.

On the other hand, the retail store provided discounts and offers to customers ready to donate apparel and footwear to assist with the issue. The fundraiser was a countrywide initiative, with all earnings going to the poor and the needy.

8. Defending Animals Rights Initiative

It was considered a mark of elegance and prestige to wear animal leather and fur in everyday clothing and accessories in the olden days.

Today, however, most of the world is quite cautious about the matter. Kenneth Cole Productions was one of the early companies that decided to support animals rights causes.

In the middle of 2006, their company declared that starting in the Fall of the following year, they would not offer animal skins or other parts in any of their clothing lines.

Final Words

To sum it up, Kenneth Cole is recognized for being a designer label. It consistently comes up with the most up-to-date fashions and designs. And, the brand is also known for providing trendy items at all price points.

By now, you must have the answer to your question; Is Kenneth Cole a good brand?

We recommend you to check out the brand and its different product lines for the latest appeals, shoes, and accessories!

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