Are Sam Edelman Shoes Comfortable? Find Out Now!

If you do not wear the proper pair of shoes, we swear, your feet will start hating you. Sure, fashion and style are also essential. Your shoes complete your attire, and it also determines people’s first impressions about you. But it’s never a good idea to sacrifice comfort for fashion.

With that being said, are Sam Edelman shoes comfortable? Are they worth it? We have written down a detailed discussion about the company and its products to find that very thing out. Hopefully, after reading those sections, you will get the answer to your question.

What Is Sam Edelman?

This brand was founded by Sam Edelman and his wife Libby Edelman about 40 years ago. Their vision was to create footwear that is unique and fashionable. They took inspiration from the classic American styles and blended them with the concept of the modern world.

Sam Edelman has around 13 flagship stores all over America, such as in Palm Beach, Beverly Hills, and SoHo. Not only that, they have expanded internationally and had a presence in places such as Dubai and Hong Kong. The brand also ships internationally and has an online store too.

They started small, but they have gradually expanded their business over the years because their footwear was of excellent quality and always unique to the public.

The brand is not limited to shoes anymore. They have moved on to apparel, purses, wallets, belts, and other accessories and are now known to be a lifestyle brand. These products are equally as good as their footwear.

Sam Edelman is owned by an American Footwear company called Caleres.

Is Sam Edelman A Luxury Brand?

While their shoes might look very luxurious, it is, in fact, not a luxury brand. This brand is known for its affordable prices. Their vision was to give their customers products that feel very luxurious at a very reasonable price. They made their brand accessible to all kinds of people.

Are Sam Edelman Shoes Comfortable Or Not 

This section will give a proper breakdown of all the different kinds of shoes they have available in their stores. You will get to know whether or not these are comfortable and worth your money.


If you search their website for flats, you will see that there are various products available there. They are of different colors with unique styles and patterns. Most of their flats are incredibly lightweight and comfortable. But that does not compromise their quality.

Customers have raved on and on about their flats and how comfortable they are. They said they had to look down to realize that they still had their shoes on.

You would not even have to sacrifice style for comfort. You get the best of both worlds with their flats.

We have to give a special shoutout to their Loraine Loafers. These are perfect from the office to any fancy party. The upper is composed of suede leather, and the cork footbed has leather and suede-lined in.

Because of this composition, the loafers are very comfortable to wear. And the leather is quite soft, which is why you wouldn’t have to break the shoes in.

Your toes will get an adequate amount of room around that area. Towards the heel, the fit is quite snug. You will be able to walk around them for hours without hurting your toes. It is light pink and compliments many outfits because of that. This can be worn with casual dresses, skirts, and with Jeans.


Your shoe wardrobe must have a pair of gorgeous pumps to be fully complete. Pumps are fashionable, but they are also famous for giving blisters to your feet at the end of the day. Well, the same cannot be said about the pumps from Sam Edelman.

They have pumps in different colors, so you can pick something up that matches well with your outfits.

One of their most comfortable and sought-after pumps would be their Women’s Hazel Pumps. If you do not have this, you are missing out big time!

This pair of shoes have an ultra-slim stiletto heel. It has a pointed toe and can be worn very easily. They are not too high, so this pair is just for you if you are not comfortable wearing super high heels.

The fit of this shoe is remarkable, and people with wide feet should also find this comfortable to wear.

Not only are they comfortable, but they are also very stylish, and you can wear them with your fancy and casual dress. The color of this pump is very different and relatively rare, making it stand out in a crowd. You will be showered with compliments if you decide to ever go for these pumps.


If you ever decide to buy a pair of boots from Sam Edelman, you should know you have our full support. Their boots are trendy, stylish, and very cute. Are they comfortable? YES, they are very cozy to the point that you will not want to take them off once you put them on.

Boots are generally costly, and they put a dent in your wallet. In comparison, boots from this brand are not that expensive, so it is accessible by more people, and it seems like a more reliable option.

If you ask us, we recommend you buy their Women’s Jennifer Combat Boot as its design is done in such a way that it fits snugly with your feet. It is very durable and will last you a very long time. At the heel, you will see a rubberized bumper that gives support to your feet.

The boots are not stiff at all, and the leather is very soft. That makes it super comfortable footwear. The shoes are very versatile; you can wear them with jeans and even pair them up with a cute skirt.


When going out to the beach or for a picnic, you would have to pick up a trusty pair of sandals that will not blister your feet easily. Sandals by Sam Edelman are very comfortable for daily wear. You could wear them for evening walks, for picnics, to your office or school.

A good thing about their flats is that even though they are very comfortable, but they also look adorable. They have flats in different colors, so you have a good number of options to choose from.

Flats are mainly for the summer season, so if you want one for this time of the year, you could pick up their Women’s Gala Slide Sandals. Finally, you will be able to take in the whole of the summer and enjoy it in the most comfortable pair of flipflops.

The insole of this sandal has soft padding, and there is an adjustable strap with a buckle to increase the level of your comfort. Since the footbed of the flipflop conforms to the feet so that the fit is excellent, this adds to the comfort.

You should know that this pair of sandals are brown so you can wear this with a lot of your dresses very easily. It is indeed a very versatile color.


We are now at the last category of footwear; Sam Edelman’s sneakers. Their sneakers are very fashionable and can be worn with shorts, leggings, and jeans. They bring out very classy sneakers, which are trendy as well.

Our last shoe suggestion for you will be Sam Edelman’s ethyl sneakers. These have great cushioning in the ankle area, so you do not end up with blisters. One of the pros of having this is that it has good cushioning on the bottom, so it feels very nice and soft when you walk. The fit is pretty good and snug.

Although this sneaker is on the plain side, it is very trendy and stylish. You can also wear them when you go for walks.

Customer Opinions On Sam Edelman Shoes 

From what we have found from their product review sections, it seemed like most of the customers were pleased with the items that they have bought from them. We saw a mix of 5 stars and 4 stars reviews.

We noticed that customers mainly raved on about their boots, loafers, and their flipflops. They went on about how comfortable and how surprised they were with the quality of the product.

So, you could say that the customers really think that this brand is reliable and they make comfortable shoes for everyone. The customers think that the footwear from this brand is worth it.

Final Words 

Are Sam Edelman shoes comfortable or not? All in all, we think that a lot of their shoes are very comfortable to wear. You could wear them for hours and not face any troubles such as aching or blisters.

It is safe to assume that you can trust this brand when it comes to footwear. In our opinion, you will not be lost in life if you ever decide to buy shoes from Sam Edelman.

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