Kohl’s Shoe Return Policy (worn Shoes, No Box + More)

Kohl’s isn’t just a store where you can buy cheap clothes. It is also a marketplace where you can buy expensive, famous brand-name shoes and accessories.

A store’s returns policy is very important, so make sure you read through everything. Because the store’s return policy can have everything from a small thing to a big deal.

Kohl’s Shoe Return Policy In 2022

Kohl’s allows customers to return their shoes within 180 days of purchase of slightly worn shoes, boots, high heels, slippers, sneakers, and other footwear. Customers should bring the shoebox and receipt for an exchange or an in-store credit or a store credit.

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Can You Return Worn Shoes To Kohl’s?

Kohl’s doesn’t require you to have a receipt to return a shoe, so it has no problems with people returning their shoes.


While the answer is correct, it will need to be updated and extended.
In particular, the last part of the bullet point is missing.
There’s a good reference on the definition of “moderately worn” here.

While the price is a bit steep, it doesn’t really matter because you can always wear them with a sweater or a jacket.

To my mind, it is a bit of a stretch to argue that an item in a good condition can be refused on the basis that a defect occurred in the past.

Can You Return Shoes To Kohl’s Without A Receipt?

Kohl’s doesn’t require any of its merchandise to have a receipt when customers return it.

If you’ve purchased a pair of shoes within 180 days of the date on the receipt, the associate is authorized to ask you if you have a receipt for the return.

If your transaction cannot be found in their database, they will still refund you but you’ll only receive money back from Kohl’s.

You’ll also see a statement on the receipt that “Kohl’s will charge $.25 to process the exchange” – this is not true and is only intended to confuse you further.

Does Kohl’s Have A Time Limit On Shoe Returns?

It’s very simple to return things to Kohl’s. Just go to The Kohl’s Return Center, choose a date to return your Kohl’s merchandise, pick a store, and make your way back to the return center. If you return your merchandise to an individual Kohl’s store you’ll receive a gift card that can be redeemed in store, online or used at The Kohl’s Return Center.

If you’re wondering how to return a pair of shoes from Kohl’s, you have a little bit of time to do this as Kohl’s will not accept returns for items after 180 days have passed since you purchased them.

Can You Return All Shoe Brands To Kohl’s?

With many brands carrying the same shoes in the Kohl’s shoe section, the search engine tries to make the most appropriate choice for you.

Can You Return Shoes To Kohl’s Without The Box?

If the shoes are returned in original shoebox, they may not be accepted as return.

You can usually tell the difference between the two because of the original shoebox.

A great tip for shoe shopping is to do a comparison with your friends and make sure to find a good deal. In my humble opinion, a good deal is $50 or less, shoes that are comfortable (not too high, not too low) with a decent sole.

Can You Return Shoes To Kohl’s Ordered Online?

If you ordered a pair of shoes from Kohls or some other online retailer, you can still make a return either bringing the shoes to a store or mailing them yourself.

For online returns, you can contact Kohl’s customer service at 1-800-526-1400.

The same rules apply for the return process. The package will have to be signed for upon arriving at the post office.

Check out the video above; it will definitely show you how to return your shoes to Kohl’s in the easiest manner.

Returns are only processed through the Kohl’s app, and are not permitted at any of our retail locations.

Not to worry because the store will not take back shoes that have been worn or used if they are being returned.

To learn more about the products, the return policy, if Kohl’s price matches Amazon, and if Kohl’s resizes rings, you can see our related posts on the Kohl’s clothing return policy.


if you’re not completely certain that you are going to get a refund or exchange on your shoes, or if you’re not happy with your purchase, make sure to return it within 180 days.

If all the items you have purchased are being returned, ensure that they are not excessively worn. Always check to make sure that the shoes have not been used excessively. You can return the shoes if they are to be returned via mail.

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