Why Does Walmart Have Greeters? (all You Need To Know)

Walmart hires employees for different positions, such as cashiers, stockers, truckers, and front store greeters.
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Greeters are employed by Walmart as part of their in-store customer service efforts.
Their duties include assisting customers with the shopping experience, providing information about services and products, and ensuring a high quality customer experience in areas such as the warehouse.

In order to learn more about greeters, let’s find out more about the career path.

Why Does Walmart Have Greeters In 2022?

In 2022, Walmart is introducing face scanning technology that’s integrated into the checkout counter which replaces greeters. Customer hosts will then serve as greeters, but also assist shoppers with their purchases and answer any questions they might have. That should also keep the front area of the store as well as the checkout area free of customers for the most part.

To find out more about the requirements for store greeters, the reasons why Walmart is moving away from store greeters and more, read this article for more facts!

Do Greeters Get Paid at Walmart?

Walmart greeters are always paid by Walmart and receive benefits like paid time off, health insurance, and company provided training.

If you work as a greeter at Walmart, you’ll get tips, which can be up to 50%. When you get your first paycheck, you may also see an “incentive pay” box for Walmart greeters.

At Walmart, there are many insurance plans, dental plans, health plans, and some companies offer 401k. They also offer vacation days.

For more information about Walmart greeter requirements, you can contact your local Walmart on their website.

What are the Requirements for Being a Walmart Greeter?

Greeter is a fairly low-paying position where the person is on the front lines and greeting shoppers and customers on the store’s frontage for the first 1 or 2 hours on their shift.

The person greeting and doing the job should have good communication and people skills.

Greeters should be friendly and helpful at the front of the store. They should be able to listen and maintain a conversation with customers and staff that will make them feel at home.

While Walmart’s overall retail culture has been changing, the basic goal of having a friendly face to greet customers continues to be an important aspect of the culture at Walmart.

Does Every Walmart Store Have Greeters?

Walmart has the basic principle of not letting anyone who is not an employee into their stores.

Walmart greeter jobs have more responsibilities, but the basic duties are the same.

Both the greeters and customer hosts wear yellow vests so that you can see them and know that they are able to offer assistance and answer questions.

The key difference between working as a store greeter and working as a customer host is that the store greeter is on the customer side during the sales process.

In general, store greeters don’t have as many duties as customer hosts do. Nevertheless, every Walmart will have some sort of door greeter position. This is where the majority of greeters will start out as a general helper.

Is Walmart Moving Away From Greeters?

Walmart is moving away from the front door greeters and is now using customer hosts, who assist shoppers with directions and recommend items.

After the initial decision to not have store greeters at some stores Walmart is now looking to move the duties of a store greeter into other positions.

The retailer says the new position is called customer service representative and will be available at some stores. The duties include checking out customers, assisting them with returns and keeping the front area clean.

The store greeter was a major part of its customer experience; however, customers have expressed some dissatisfaction with the new customer host.

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The people that work as customer hosts are expected to be able to lift 25 pounds and be able to move objects around, as well as perform other jobs that are not generally done by workers with disabilities.

Walmart has been forcing some of their disabled employees to change positions by not allowing them to work as greeters at the door to stores.

What is most important is that you make sure each part of the facility is set up in the most user-friendly manner possible to ensure the customer’s experience is not a nightmare. So, do the research, do the due diligence and make sure that each and every one of your stores is set up the best way possible for store managers to keep customers happy.

This is the best possible outcome for Walmart since they can’t control their market share, and in the long run they are likely to do very well. However, there is nothing wrong with Walmart’s business being threatened by market dynamics.

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There are several jobs within the Walmart store and the greeter is one of them. They are a kind of help and are there to assist customers who are waiting in line or entering the store.

While some stores have replaced store greeters with customer hosts or hosts, Sam Walton’s original vision of building a friendly environment is still alive and well.

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