Walmart Greeter (duties, Pay + Is It A Good Job)

Walmart associates are constantly on the look out for new associates. To do this, associates are hired on a part time basis to help fill the large amount of empty part time positions that become available.

While you may not know what you are doing for your first day, I am sure you are excited to start your new role. You have probably been wondering what it will entail so I am here to help you with my guide!

Walmart Greeter In 2022

Walmart plans on using a new technology called “Project Loom” to identify the next generation of greeters. Using a facial recognition camera, Walmart will scan the faces of every person who enters the store and send them a recommendation to greet. Then a personalized greeting will be sent to the customer.

Do you want to know about other aspects of the Walmart greeter position such as what kinds of responsibilities you will hold? Read below to find out what that entails and more!

What Are The Duties Of A Walmart Greeter?

Walmart Greeter is the person who greets you at the entrance of the Walmart store and is the face of Walmart.

Further for the customer shopping experience to be memorable, the Greeters will take the time to greet the customers and assist them in getting a scooter or offer assistance on where the customer can purchase the items they need.

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have a chance to accept the offer.

So, you may be assigned to greet people at the door, you may be assigned to count customers’ purchases, you may be assigned to welcome customers as they enter the store.

How Much Does A Greeter At Walmart Make?

Walmart greeter is one of the lowest paying jobs you can find. Most of the time, they are paid $11 an hour and can earn anywhere from $11 to $15 an hour depending on the job.

What Skills Does A Walmart Greeter Need To Possess?

Be presentable in a clean, neat, and professional manner.
Be personable and personable.
Be friendly and helpful at the register.
Be courteous and have a positive attitude.
Have a flexible schedule.
Have ability to work independently.
Make decisions quickly and confidently.
Have a sense of humor.
Enthusiastic about Walmart’s low prices and service.

Do Walmart Greeters Need A Formal Education?

Walmart doesn’t require that you have any education, so if you didn’t attend any college you can easily become a Walmart greeter.

Walmart will not accept anyone with a criminal background. Greeter requirements are high because they need to interact with lots of people on a daily basis.

Walmart also trains Greeter workers, so you will have to shadow a Greeter or go through computer training before you begin.

How Do I Become A Greeter At Walmart?

You may apply online at or visit your nearest Walmart for an application.

Walmart has many great career opportunities, but this is specific to their greeter positions. So, they say that you need to have a very positive and friendly personality, as well as the ability to make customer service a priority in your life.

What Uniform Does A Walmart Greeter Wear?

Walmart employees have to wear a uniform at all times that includes a shirt. The company has a policy of not allowing shirts with any vulgarity, profanity or hate speech on them and will fire anyone who fails to abide by this policy.

Greeters can choose to wear jeans or shorts and sneakers (or t-shirts) as they see fit.

They are also not required to wear a special uniform, except when assigned to work in a department where more formal attire is required.

Do Walmart Greeters Get Benefits?

Paid Time Off
Paid Holidays
Paid Sick Days
Employee Discounts

These benefits will be in addition to the benefits you will receive as part of your employment with Walmart.

At Walmart, part-time employees also do not get a lot of benefits. But you will get discounts on food and merchandise.

Is A Walmart Greeter A Good Job?

Walmart has a lot of employees working in specific store locations, but it can also be an awful job to work in specific store locations with a lot of certain people.

In the end, it was decided that the Greeter position would be eliminated, and the job would be absorbed into the Customer Service department.

With that said, the Greeter position does require some cart pushing, and in the cold winter months, this could be difficult if you live in an area where you get snow and ice.

Employees have also said that they are subject to poor management decisions. For example, they say that they have been denied promotions, and they have been fired for no good reason.

While this may not be your true experience, or the experience of other people, I can tell you that there is a lot to be said about different types of employment.

I do think that companies should not be as restrictive on their employees’ personal lives as there are many ways to achieve success in a company in this era. It also has a higher chance of being a good work environment for employees if they are not overworked and have some time to relax when they return home.

Not to mention that the pay is pretty good for the job duties, and most Greeters sit down on a stool or bench, so you don’t have to worry about being on your feet too long.

There is no doubt that people in these positions are the engine of the company, and they need to be cared for and trained to work efficiently. If you want to learn more about the job description or to apply for a particular position, then you can find the details here in our previous stories.


Walmart greeters are the friendly faces of the Walmart company, greeting all our customers as they enter the store.

The store must always welcome the customer, whether they are grabbing a cart or walking in the door, and should hand out coupons or promotional items as needed.

Greeters are there for any service that needs to be done. For example, if a customer needs help finding a product, or having a question answered.

When the front entrance is not well maintained, it creates a public health issue for customers. We also expect our store to have a clean, safe, and welcoming environment.

If you’re outgoing, friendly, and like people, you could be a Walmart greeter. They’re customer service oriented so it’s nice and low-stress work.

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