What Is A Costco Greeter? (duties, Pay + More)

I want to work at Costco Wholesale because I enjoy interacting with people and working in an environment that is fast paced.

While doing the Costco greeter job you will be doing retail activities, including customer service, selling items and maintaining the store’s merchandise.

What is a Costco Greeter in 2022?

There is a new front door greeter requirement at Costco starting in the fall of 2022. The person is responsible for greeting and welcoming every returning customer and checking their membership card. They will also be answering any questions the customer may have.

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What Does a Costco Greeter Do?

A Costco greeter is responsible for greeting customers as they enter the wholesale club, which includes taking their names, telling them to have a great day, and directing them to the closest register.

In addition, the Costco greeter will be looking to verify that the customer’s Costco membership card is still valid and check that the customer is new to the store.

Costco will no longer allow their competitors to enter the store to see prices of items and to take pictures of the food samples so they cannot be taken back to their homes or anywhere else to copy the recipes.

Other duties may include, without limitation, those of the associate
clerk, warehouse associate or other positions.

The front-end greeter ensures that items are properly priced, that the payment process is smooth and secure and that members have the proper membership credentials.

How Much Does a Greeter Make at Costco?

Costco’s greeters are paid on an hourly basis. You can make $11 or $16 an hour depending on experience level, location, and other factors.

What Skills Do You Need to Be a Costco Greeter?

Costco’s jobs for greeters requires that they need to be friendly. They also need to stand for long hours.

1. Must be able to greet and interact with visitors.
2. Must be polite and respectful.
3. Must be available to work and be available evenings and weekends.

To be eligible to work as a greeter you must be between the ages of 18 and 35 years old.

What Hours Does a Costco Greeter Work?

A Costco Greeter works during normal business hours of the store, which may vary by location. The Costco Greeter is a full time, salaried, non-exempt position.

In addition, you can choose to work the morning shift or the afternoon shift, and it’s not a job with an expectation that you show up early or stay late.

Is Costco Greeter a Good Job?

The Costco greeter job is a pleasant work environment with a high demand. Employees have described Costco as a great place to work, as the work environment is positive and customers can be friendly.

People at our company say the open door policy is something they really appreciate. They’re always willing to lend a hand and take time to help anyone.

Costco strives to have an open-door policy, meaning that their employees are always willing to listen and answer questions about the store and its sales.

The best part of the job is the company’s culture, because there’s so much to learn from your coworkers. There’s also a lot of responsibility because your actions directly affect your coworkers and it’s important to be careful and careful with how you interact with them.

Is Costco Greeter a Hard Job?

At a price club, you’re no longer serving customers; instead you’re answering questions and carrying out housekeeping duties.

They have the benches for the guests to sit on. That’s one of the benefits of being on the same floor as the restrooms.

Senior Citizens are hired to be greeters since it is a low paying but easy job where they just need to be polite and hospitable.

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Costco greeters are responsible for greeting customers when they come into the entrance and welcoming them to the store. They are also responsible for helping customers on their first time in the store and checking in a guest’s membership.

When customers ask for prices, greeters must ask to see membership cards before letting customers into the store to ensure they are not competitors trying to find out the prices of merchandise.

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