Kohl’s Clearance Return Policy (all You Need To Know)

Clearance sales give an excellent way for customers to purchase a variety of items at incredibly low prices, but retailers that offer these sales usually place restrictions on the return of these items.

So if you’ve bought a product in a clearance sale, you’re wondering whether Kohl’s will allow you to return it for a refund? Here I’ve collected all the information that I’ve been able to find about Kohl’s clearance return policy!

Kohl’s Clearance Return Policy In 2022

For Kohl’s Clearance, customers do not require a receipt to make a return. Kohl’s will waive any fees associated with the return. A refund will be granted based on the lowest price of the item in the last 13 weeks.

If you’re from North America or have a US address, Kohl’s has a Customer Care phone number at 1-888-KOHLS. (You should call this number because if it’s a Kohl’s in Europe, they may answer in French, not English.)
If you live in North America, you should be able to exchange your clearance items even if you got them used, as long as you’re returning them within 30 days after you got them.

Can You Exchange Kohl’s Clearance Items?

Kohl’s store are starting to accept returns of clearance items as long as you bring them back to the store within 180 days of original purchase.

Additionally customers of all countries should be able to provide a proof of purchase if they wish to exchange a product.

Kohls says if customers can not get proof of purchase, they will not accept an exchange and give them store credit instead.

Can You Return Clearance Items To Kohl’s for Kohl’s Cash?

If customers used Kohl’s Cash to purchase clothing and other merchandise on clearance, they will be refunded with Kohl’s Cash when the card is returned to Kohl’s.

You can only get this card if you are a Kohl’s cardmember and purchase $200 in merchandise or services that you can show in-store using a qualifying card within six months of issuing the card.

Customers will only receive a refund for clearance items they purchased during the clearance event, regardless of where they purchased them. Cash refunds are not offered.

Can You Return Clearance Items to Kohl’s Without A Receipt?

If something is wrong with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund, even if you didn’t get a receipt.

Kohl’s will refund clearance items with the lowest sale price of the last 13 weeks and place the refund on store credit. Kohl’s will also mail the refund to addresses in the United States.

Because of this, the company is urging customers to keep the receipts and/or pay with a credit card if they are purchasing clearance items to allow associates to track the purchase easily.

Do You Need A Credit Card To Return Clearance Items To Kohl’s?

I don’t know if Kohl’s requires clearance items to be purchased with a debit or credit card.

However, you should do this in order for Kohl’s to be able to access your purchase history so that you can give it when you return your purchase.

If a Kohl’s customer does not use a credit/debit card and does not have the receipt on hand when making a return, they may not receive the full amount of their refund on store credit.

Will Kohl’s Grant An Even Exchange For All Clearance Items?

If a customer is returning their clearance items to the same Kohl’s location they purchased them, Kohl’s will allow an even exchange. But they will also require proof of purchase or a receipt for the item they are returning.

As for Kohl’s stores. While the prices are the same as the last time you shopped at that department, the prices at that department will not always be the same in the future.

If you’re going to an exchange location different from where you returned your previous item, just be sure to double check the price.

Since you will have to process a return and then repurchase the item, you’ll probably need to add the return costs to your costs.

Can You Return Clearance Items To Kohl’s Through The Mail?

Kohl’s considers its clearance items to be regular store items so it gives a free mail return on items that are in clearance.

In this case, we will not accept the return for a refund, as you have not provided the proof that the merchandise has been purchased within the 180 days of the original purchase.

Kohl’s does not allow returns of its premium electronics products that were originally sold in their stores.

To read more about the Kohl’s return policy, just read the Kohl’s clothing return policy, Kohl’s jewelry return policy, and whether Kohl’s takes Amazon returns.

Conclusion: Kohl’s Clearance Return Policy

Kohl’s clearance policies allow you to return any item within 180 days after purchase for a refund or exchange. You do not need valid proof of purchase.

In case a customer does not have the receipt or did not purchase the item with a credit/debit card, they will only receive store credit equal to the lowest sale price of the item in the last 13 weeks. There is no limit on how much store credit a customer can receive.

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