Is English Laundry A Good Brand? What They Get Right And What They Don’t

English Laundry has been bringing incredible apparel to the market since 2009. The company was founded to bring premium, custom-made suits to the market, which was very rare at that time. Then again, it’s true that the company has gone through some rough rides. Overall, it’s known for offering quality products.

Despite the brand’s good reputation, a lot of people have been asking, is English Laundry a good brand. That caught our curiosity, and we decided to dive deeper into this matter.

In this article, we’ll share our findings, and you’ll be able to determine whether English Laundry is good for you or not once you go through this article.

Introduction To English Laundry

To understand if English Laundry is a good brand or not, we must know its background first.

As discussed previously, it was introduced in 2009 so that people could make tailored suits for themselves without worrying about the quality. There was an acute lack of custom-made suits at that time, and English Laundry took complete advantage of it.

Analyzing their introduction to the market, we can conclude that English Laundry started as an exquisite brand. The designer of English Laundry, Christopher Wicks, was born in Manchester, England, in the early 60s’, and it was his passion for stitching and fashion that led to the creation of this company.

This passionate fashion designer was awarded multiple titles at his peak. In 2009, English Laundry started offering quality apparel across the USA through various retail stores. Just a year later, English Laundry Fragrance was born.

This sector has grown a lot since then, and now they’re offering men’s Eau de Toilette in more than 10 scents and many sizes. Later on, they started offering complete hair care lines as well.

Although English Laundry started as a brand for men, they slowly expanded their product line, and now they’re offering products for both men and women. Along with the product lines mentioned previously, they offer designer bags and shoes too.

Evolution Of English Laundry Over The Years

Despite starting as a fashion house for premium, custom-made suits, English Laundry morphed into a brand that anyone can opt for easily. They have not only expanded their product lines, but they’ve adjusted the positioning of most of their products.

Now, English Laundry is more accessible than ever, which is a positive change.

Is English Laundry A Good Brand?

It’s impossible to label a brand good or bad based on its performance in a specific sector. That is why we will go through all the individual product categories offered by English Laundry. As covering all the different product lines won’t be possible, we’ll mention a handful of them whenever appropriate.


One of the major products from English Laundry is their pant. You’ll find different types of pants from them. What made us love English Laundry pants is that no matter what kind of pants you get, you’ll be able to find a good fit for yourself. They offer stylish pants as well as travel pants.

The best thing about these pants is their price. We’re confident that you’ll have a tough time finding suitable alternatives to these pants from any other reputed fashion house.

If you don’t want to wear jeans every day, you can opt for their men’s pocket pants. These will undoubtedly offer much more comfort and a better fit than jeans without crushing your wallet.

One unique feature that you can expect from their pants is the hidden zipper. This genius idea will help you store your cash in a hidden compartment, and it can be sealed so well that no one will be able to notice its presence.

The fit is one of the most remarkable things about these pants. They will provide an athletic fit, but they won’t look too skinny or too baggy. The pants can be stretched as per necessity, adding a whole new level to the comfort.

Other than the pocket pants, you can also look at the walker pants that English Laundry offers. These pants are a design of this company, and they tried to come up with something a bit different than the pants you can get on any store.

The walker pants offer a straight fit and a low rise, but they also have a slight taper, so it won’t look as if you’re walking around wearing a box.

The fabric used to create the walker pants give them a classic look combined with a modern feel. These pants will fit easily, and they’re easy to handle as they wash easily as well.

If you want something that looks as formal as slacks but is more comfortable than pajamas, you should definitely get these.

As you can see, English Laundry has a unique value proposition when it comes to pants.

Not only do they offer specialized pants, but they executed their plan so well that their designs can offer both casual and formal looks without reducing the overall comfort.


Even though English Laundry launched their perfumes just a year after the launch of their main product line, it took them a few years to improve and extend their products.

Over the years, they’ve extended this product line, and now they’re offering more than 10 fragrances. While they started out making fragrances for men only, now they’re offering perfumes for women as well.

No matter which scents you’re getting from English Laundry, you’ll be good to go. We all have different tastes when it comes to perfumes, so it’s recommended that you try them out before you purchase one of them.

What we can talk about is the strength of these perfumes. Now, they aren’t super strong. Meaning, most of these perfumes won’t last more than an hour, and that may be a disappointment to most buyers.

However, we don’t think that their perfumes are necessarily bad because they are priced very low. At this price point, you won’t get many alternatives that’ll last longer while smelling as good as the ones from English Laundry.

Then again, which perfume you’re going to purchase depends significantly on your personal preferences, but from a general standpoint, English Laundry offers a decent line of fragrances, and they are very affordable too.


English Laundry introduced boots and shoes in their product offerings along the way, and their boots have gathered some positive reputation.

Both the shoes and the boots are very affordable and well-built. Like their perfumes, you’ll be getting a product that completely justifies its price tag.

In the case of the boots, you’ll get rich leather designs with sheepskin linings. The boots look like any other classic boots, but thanks to their design, they succeed in offering the same comfort as any stylish pair of shoes.

Then again, they offer quality sneakers too. Their sneakers blend the classic sneaker design with some modern elements, and the result is a unique product that’ll complement your everyday look.

All of their sneakers are handcrafted with a mock leather collar with soft suede that’s complemented with a rubber sole branded English Laundry.

What we love about their sneakers is that they don’t look too flashy. The premium build and the sleek design make it easy for these to blend well with any look.


You’ll get both classic shirts and polo shirts from English laundry. No matter what type of shirt you’re getting from them, you’ll surely receive a polished-looking product.

Their cotton dress shirts are made of stretch cotton. These shirts are an excellent alternative to regular button-down collar shirts. You’ll get the same design with a functional pocket, but the material makes these more suitable for year-round usage.

These shirts offer a stretchy fabric and a slim-fit design. Thanks to the stretchy fabric, these shirts can fit anyone easily. You won’t feel uncomfortable even if you wear suit jackets or sports coats on these shirts.

English Laundry also offers a wide range of polo shirts. Their polo shirts offer a classic look, but their modern build quality makes them stand out. These polo shirts are made of a soft pique knit which gives them a soft and silky feel. The stitches on their polo shirts are tiny and don’t stand out much, which makes them perfect for people looking for a stealthy outlook.

Overall, the shirts offered by English Laundry are excellent choices for people who want a comfortable experience and prefer classic designs.


To all of you who’s asking, is English Laundry a good brand? We’re going to say, yes, it is.

As you can see, English Laundry is still a new brand compared to most other well-known fashion houses in the industry, but it’s growing more versatile each year.

We love that it offers high-quality products at an affordable price. Plus, as they have thousands of retail stores across the US, it’s improbable that you’ll come across a knock-off.

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