Is IZOD A Good Brand For Midrange Clothing? 

IZOD or the Izod corporation is a well-known American clothing brand that deals in midrange clothing for men. Currently, IZOD is now a part of Authentic Brands Group. You might have been curious to see what this brand has to offer but might not be sure whether their products are worth the money or not.

To help you with this, we have constructed this article to give you an insight into this brand. We’ll help answer the question, is IZOD a good brand, and look at some of their products you might like.

About IZOD

Vincent DePaul Draddy, the founder of this brand, was an American businessman whose company specialized in making menswear. On vacation, he encountered a talented tailor named Jack Izod. Inspired by his work and taking his permission, Vincent named his brand of men’s clothing after him.

The brand collaborated with Lacoste in London and saw a tremendous increase in sales and huge brand recognition. Alongside men’s clothing, they also branched on to make other accessories, including perfumes and sunglasses.

At present, the brand name belongs to Authentic Brands Group and includes a variety of clothing options. They have also received various sponsorships from sports brands.

What Does IZOD Offer?

IZOD primarily offers a wide variety of men’s clothing for a variety of occasions. Do you need a polo shirt for when you go out to golf with your friends? IZOD has it covered. If you need a suit for formal occasions or attending a party, IZOD also has a variety of selections for you.

Their tailored clothing is made using high-quality fabric and is designed to have comfortable fits. It makes them incredibly comfortable to wear, especially during the summertime. The design motif also applies to their sportswear designed to reduce sweat and help you keep in the game longer.

Aside from their casual, formal, and sportswear, they also have cardigans and jackets for men to be comfy during the wintertime. They also have a line of schoolwear for children and teenagers.

Where Are IZOD Products Sold?

IZOD products can be found in many department stores, with third-party retailers like Walmart offering a great selection of their items (both in their physical and online stores).

Amazon also offers IZOD items that you can buy online and have them ship to various locations. They also allow you to buy online from their website.

A Glance At IZOD Products

Since we’ve talked about what the brand offers, let’s look at some of their most popular products. This should help you better decide whether their items are worth trying out. Their items include:

1. IZOD Polo Shirts

First, let’s look at their Polo shirts. The short-sleeved Polo shirts are made with a comfortable fit designed for summer wear. That makes them relaxing to wear, and they don’t stick to your back on hot summer days, keeping you relaxed.

They are safe for washing and don’t experience any shrinkage or color fade when put in a washing machine.

The shirts come in a large variety of colors, and they make use of high-quality fabric. It absorbs sweat much better and doesn’t leave any dark patches. They also do not get wrinkled easily while wearing, so they are great for when you’re out for a long time.

IZOD’s polo shirts are a flagship of the brand and some of the best in the market. Superior fashion and comfort come together to allow you a great deal of freedom in movement while also helping you look good.

Their Polo shirts also come in variations for taller people. The Big and Tall series are made with longer torsos and rib-knit sleeves. It helps retain the freedom of movement, especially around your shoulder area. A creatively designed fabric allows the shirt to stretch more and enables you to move around easily in it.

It’s hard to go wrong with their Polo shirts. You can wear them casually or even play sports in them, and they are versatile fashion options working with many different pants.

2. IZOD Jeans

For a good shirt, it’s also necessary to have a good set of pants to wear, and IZOD jeans make sure of that. Their denim jeans come in various attractive hues and are designed to have a great fit, especially around the waist area.

The legs of the jeans are designed to be comfortable but have a uniform fit so that they don’t look baggy.

Unlike other jeans, IZOD ones are made from better fabric that doesn’t fade or get discolored from washing. So, your jeans won’t have faded patches or lose their color over time. As a result, they have a longer life than other brands’ pants.

Similar to their Polo shirts, they have denim jeans designed for taller people featuring a more stretchable fabric. 

3. IZOD Formal Wear

IZOD’s clubwear consists of formal wear for people who want to look fashionable at parties. Their Chino flat pants look great with full-sleeved shirts.

The best part about their pants is their resistance to wrinkles, so they retain their good look for long periods. Most importantly, they are very comfortable to wear with custom fits.

The brand also has a large variety of party shirts or full-sleeved shirts to choose from. They come in a large selection of colors and do not shrink when washed.

The fabric is designed to handle moisture and sweat better, with the shirts having less visible patches due to perspiration. So, you can wear them for office hours as well. 

4. IZOD Sports Wear

We’ll primarily be looking at their golfing clothes for their sportswear as IZOD has earned a great degree of recognition from their golfing line. IZOD G is the name for their golfing clothesline and is available for both men and women.

The best part about their golf shirts is the Swingflex fabric design used in designing them. It allows for a comfortable waist and fit that eases as you practice your golf swings.

As a result, you get a shirt that molds perfectly and gives you great leverage and freedom of movement from wearing it. It is perfect for hitting those golf swings.

This also applies to their golf pants which have custom fits. Carefully made inseams and slacks allow for more effortless motion and enable you to maintain your stance properly.

The pants also come with an elastic grip that helps fix your shirt in place and prevents it from slipping out when swinging your golf club.

Their golf shirts are also made with breathable fabric and are soft to the touch. This keeps you cool even when you’re playing under the sun. They are also easy to wash and hold up to washing. So, you won’t see the color fading from them.

Outside of their golfing gear, they do have specially made swim gear. They include lightweight microfiber to help reduce water resistance while swimming. Cotton is also packed to block out water.

Although their swimming gear is excellent, there are better options. Their best items are their golfing clothes.

5. IZOD Jackets

For your winter needs, IZOD also has fashionable jackets for men. They are lightweight and contain microfibers which help increase insulation without feeling like they are heavy. You can comfortably move about in them while also being protected from both cold and wind alike.

Breathable mesh linings are included in these jackets so that they don’t feel stuffy. Many of them feature adjustable cuffs so you can better adjust your look.

The men’s jackets are pretty good, and the fabric used is of excellent quality. In terms of colors, there isn’t a lot of variety which might be a turn-off for some people.


Now, is IZOD a good brand? If you are looking for polo shirts or great quality jeans for men, then IZOD provides a fantastic selection at a very affordable price.

Their golf shirts are great for both men and women, and you will feel the difference upon wearing them for some time. IZOD is a good brand for mid-range clothing, and it’s hard to go wrong with it.

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