Jordan Brand Versus Nike: Knowing Your Footwear Brands

So many people who are very particular about their footwear will find themselves comparing brands. Among the top footwear brands are Nike and Jordan. These two brands are known for their sneakers, and people often compare them with each other.

Jordan is a trendy shoe and athletic wear brand founded by basketball icon Michael Jordan. In 1984 another shoe brand, Nike, first signed Jordan and subsequently granted the signature Jordan line. At this time, Michael was not yet a rookie in marketability and professional competition. 

If you are reading this, chances are you are trying to decide which brand to go for between Jordan and Nike. This article explains everything you need to know to make your choice. 

First, let’s find a common ground on this question. 

Is Jordan A Good Brand?

Jordan shoe brand knows how to grab attention when it comes to streetwear culture, proven through its annual flagship shoe releases every year, each getting massive reception from the media, fashion industry, and the public. 

Jordan first focused on creating basketball shoes, but the brand started producing different ready-to-wear and leisure attire. The founder, Michael Jordan, has worn sneakers throughout his career.

Even though the founder retired in 2003, the brand remains a top sneakers brand for so many retailers. Presently, Jordan still plays a vital role in the design and production process of Jordan sneakers.

In recent years, this brand’s sneakers have become a must-have because of their uniqueness. Jordan’s status and style made the brand a top choice for most sneakers lovers.

Jordan manufactures its shoes with very high-quality materials, including premium leather uppers and full-grain calfskin. With these premium materials used for production, the sneakers are durable and long-lasting.

Jordan shoes are not only of high quality. The sneakers also look like they are high-quality. You don’t need to spell it out for people to know. The shoes also come in various styles and colors, allowing buyers to select what suits them most.

Many famous athletes, actors, and entertainers wear Jordan, giving the brand recognition, making the sneakers among the most sought-after by people.

The recognition has increased the brand’s desirability and value. People looking to buy strong and durable sneakers would also go for the Jordans because of their popularity. 

Jordan has a unique style, which makes many people prefer the brand over other brands. The brand does not offer the same quality as the sneakers provided by many other brands.

Consumers who want performance and quality at a relatively low price will go for Jordan, making it a desirable and highly respected brand. Jordan also does not give its sneakers an end tag. 

This brand also offers a great value for sneakers, which sets them aside. People go for shoes that they believe will give them the best performance, and they will spend more on them.

Is Nike A Good Sneakers Brand?

Firstly, the quality of Nike sneakers makes it worth it if you make your purchase wisely. Nike does not promote most of its sneakers that cost around $50-$70, yet many consumers often buy them.

Consumers buy these sneakers because the brand offers good performance and is great for walking. This brand also values its customers. Also, both the reliability and quality of their sneakers justify the high prices.

Sneakers made by Nike have the philosophy of making their consumers’ sports experience better. This philosophy means that you are likely to enjoy sports with a pair of sneakers from this brand.

A perfect example of Nike’s authentic sneakers is the HyperAdapt sneaker. The technology of these sneakers automatically tightens the laces when the user puts them on. The sneakers have sensors that adapt them to the shape of the user’s foot, so they won’t have to force them on.

You can also use the two buttons located on the side of the sneakers to help adjust them so that they will fit. HyperAdapt isn’t Nike’s only technology innovation. This innovation has made the brand one of the top in the footwear industry.

Nike shoes are not only for sports and workouts; they look perfect for all kinds of everyday activities. So, you shouldn’t save your sneakers for only when you hit the gym. They will look great with your casual outfits like jeans and a t-shirt.

Nike sneakers will be trendy next year the same way they are in fashion this year. If you own Nike sneakers, know that you have a shoe you can wear for every casual occasion, as Nike sneakers are versatile.

What Makes Nike And Jordan Great Brands?

So many basketball stars think it is Michael Jordan’s shoes that made him so popular. Many shoe brands used the basketball player’s fame, and the Jordan dynasty came to stay.

Nike is, however, the top shoe competitor in the industry. The brand has produced some great shoes, such as their Nike Air forces, which have more than one hundred different colors and variations.

The sneakers from this brand have the Nike air swoosh symbol right across their midsection. Every pair of Nike shoes have the logo as the primary attribute. Jordan brand has also made many different styles of sneakers. 

On the air Jordan 3’s, you will see the Jordan logo stitched on the tongue and the back of the sneakers. However, both Jordan and Nike brands are constantly making different styles of sneakers. Jordan has better innovation of materials in their sneakers than the other brands. 

When it comes to style and material, Jordan comes before Nike. Nike had the same type of shoes every year. The air force’s design was just plain and simple, while Jordan shoes had different textures and different styles. 

A basketball player who wants to buy expensive sneakers with great quality would go for Jordan because they are sure of their satisfaction. Jordan shoes have great quality and are also popular.   

It is hard to see a basketball player or any pro athlete who doesn’t own a pair of Nike or Jordan shoes. If an athlete is playing, then you would most likely see a pair of Nike or Jordan shoes on his feet. Nike and Jordan are both admired by sneakers lovers.  

As for Jordan, Michael Jordan has won 6 NBA championships. When Jordan wears sneakers on the court, his fans would want to get that same pair. Jordan has become very popular over the years.

Today, someone has a pair of Jordan or Nike; they will get noticed right away. Jordan has also been releasing their retro Jordan’s they released in the ’90s. Basketball players and sneakers fanatics would queue outside the stores to buy these shoes.

When it comes to the basketball court, the true competitor will choose Jordan shoes over Nike shoes for their games. But when these two brands make sneakers with great quality and performance, it will depend on people’s interest.

When basketball player Michael Jordan played the game, most people just thought it had to be sneakers. Every sneaker lover or basketball player thought that they would be like Michael Jordan if they also wore Jordan sneakers.

While most basketball players or fanatics would go for Jordan, people who love sneakers and are not about using them to play games would most likely choose Nike over Jordan.

Who Owns Jordan: Nike Or Michael Jordan?

Contrary to what most people think, Michael Jordan is not the owner of Jordan Brand. Nike owns the brand, but Michael gets a percentage of the brand’s revenue. In 1984, the basketball player signed his deal with Nike.

Although the Jordan shoe brand started as a subsidiary of Nike, it has its own identity. Jordan became a huge brand that, in 1997, Nike began to market as its stand-alone shoe company.

Nike is in charge of designing, producing, as well as selling the shoes from Jordan. However, the brand has its marketers, designers, and corporate structure. The brand also has its sponsored athletes, while Jordan is an active member of the advisory board.

The Air Jordans was the first successful sneakers from the Jordan Brand, and it released sneakers in 1984. Nike produced the sneakers, and the basketball player wore them exclusively in early that year. In late 1984, the brand released the sneakers to the public.

How Much Does Michael Jordan Make From Jordan?

As stated by Forbes, basketball player Michael Jordan gets about 10% of the revenue from Jordan. In 2019, Michal Jordan made an estimated 130 million dollars.


This article explains the difference between the Jordan brand and Nike brand. So, to answer the question of if Jordan is better than Nike or vice versa, it depends on you. What do you want in a pair of sneakers? What type of designs do you like? Are you a basketball player? Do you need sneakers for casual outings? 

When you have answered these questions, then you would know which brand to go for. Also, if you go to the store, it might depend on the design of the sneakers that attracts you at the time.

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