Is Flight Club Legit In 2022? (Spoiler: Yes, Here’s Why)

It is difficult to find the latest sneakers. It can be difficult to secure a Yeezy or two, from hoarding scalpers to running out of stock in a matter of seconds.

Sometimes all you need is a single platform to browse and buy sneakers.

Many sneaker websites advertise their latest and most classic sneakers on the Internet. Flight Club is one of these sites. You can even talk about Flight Club.

Flight Club is a marketplace for sneaker owners where they can sell their used shoes. You will find a wide selection of exclusive, old- and new sneakers. You will be left wondering how glossy these kicks look underneath the clear glass cases found in physical stores.

So, Is Flight Club Trustworthy?

Is Flight Club Legit

Flight Club is legitimate. Before shoes are sold through Flight Club, they go through strict reviews. Only shoes that have passed the rigorous review process can be sold at Flight Club, its stores or GOAT.

Flight Club has enjoyed a solid reputation for over 15 years. Its vast clientele includes newbie sneakerheads as well as celebrities like Dennis Rodman and Angus Cloud.

What is Flight Club?

Flight Club, a well-known sneaker retailer with locations in New York City and Los Angeles is changing the way shoes are resold. There are no more one-to-1 meetings in a parking lot. Your shoes will be displayed in a clear cabinet that prospective buyers can admire.

Flight Club is currently available on their website. Buyers can make and purchase listings as well as visit their brick-and mortar stores to get a better look at their collection.

Where do Flight Club Shoes come from?

Flight Club sells a mix bag of old and new shoes. Flight Club sells shoes that were sold out years ago, which can make it seem suspicious. How could they have managed to get their hands on Air Jordans in the 90s?!

The short answer is: They buy them from their owners.

Flight Club keeps its own collection of shoes and purchases new products from select brands when they become available. The most important part of their authentic sneakers stockpile is still made up of the sneakerheads who went above and beyond to find them, no matter how long ago.

Does Flight Club Lie?

However, that doesn’t mean Flight Club is perfect for every business. Buyers and reviewers have confirmed that the shoes are authentic. However, this is not always true for the size of the shoes. Some customers have complained of receiving the wrong size shoes upon their arrival.

This could be problematic as Flight Club does not allow for returns or refunds. They would have to pay the sellers for consignments. It’s best to visit their brick-and mortar stores in order to get the shoes before you buy them. This is the cheapest way to get your shoes.

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How do you sell shoes on flight club?

You may be curious to let go of the shoes you bought years ago for a high price. But how do you do that?

Your shoes might be rejected during the review process and returned to you. Flight Club does not automatically think they are fake shoes. It’s possible your shoe’s condition is not up to standard.

The majority of the money you make selling shoes will go to you, while Flight Club gets a 9.5% commission. This excludes the cash-out and seller fees.

One thing you should know before selling to Flight Club is that they work on a consignment basis. Consignment models mean that the retailer (in this instance, Flight Club), holds the shoes as their own and is not responsible for any damage or theft.

Another thing to watch out for when selling to Flight Club is price changes to your listing. Flight Club may change the price of your listing to reflect current resale value.

If you sell it at a higher price than the current resale, they may change your listing’s price. We recommend that you speak with them before giving up your Air Jordans.


Flight Club has been a successful company for many years. Since 2005, their shoes have been loved by both casual and serious sneakerheads.

It is still one the most well-known shoe resale brands, even among other websites like StockX and GOAT.

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