Which Is Better, Goat Or Stockx? (It Depends…)

Online shopping for sneakers is easier than ever thanks to shoe marketplaces like StockX or GOAT. Online selling and buying sneakers is becoming easier as the market grows. However, this also means that we have more options.

You want to buy the latest releases. It’s possible to wait in a retail store for hours, or you can find the right website or app from the comfort of home. StockX and GOAT are two major options for consumers. But which one is best? Continue reading to find out which market is right for you.

Which is better, StockX or GOAT?

It all depends on your shopping priorities. If you want an excellent shopping experience, GOAT will perform better. StockX, on the other hand, has the advantage that it is a stock market-like system which allows you to get the best prices if your decisions are strategic.

When comparing StockX and GOAT, there are many things to consider. This applies whether you’re a buyer of a seller.

Selling on GOAT vs. stockX

Selling on GOAT

Selling your shoes on GOAT is not as simple as selling them on StockX and Flight Club. GOAT frequently purchases their shoes from trusted sellers and retailers, so you’ll need to be a part of this trusted circle before selling your shoes.

Before you can sell, GOAT will require you to register as a seller. To ensure that the item you are selling is authentic, you will need to submit some basic details. This makes GOAT’s shoe authentication process more thorough.

GOAT now offers a mobile bidding feature, but sellers can still price their items using the pricing guide on GOAT. GOAT conducts extensive market research in order to update its pricing tools to ensure sellers don’t overprice shoes or underprice them.

StockX – Selling

StockX gives the individual seller a little more control. Sellers can list their shoes for sale on StockX while buyers bid. So buyers don’t have the wait and can immediately buy their shoes by deciding on a price or asking for it.

The authentication process is simple. You will need to send the shoes in only once the buyer has confirmed that they have purchased your pair of shoes. StockX reserves the right to refuse to return shoes that do not correspond with their description.

What is the Maximum Earnings on StockX and GOAT?

Earnings from GOAT

GOAT’s fee policies are a bit more strict. The amount you pay for your selling price on StockX or GOAT is almost the same. However, this heavily depends on your performance as a seller.

GOAT tracks your reputation as a seller. This affects the amount you have to pay them. This is a problem for beginners and first-time sellers on Goat. After you have established yourself as a trustworthy seller, the commission fee averages 20%. It drops to 9.5% after that. It can go up to 25% if you fail to uphold the terms of the deal.

The good news is that shipping costs for GOAT are flat-rate, making it easier to calculate your earnings.

StockX Earnings

StockX is a merit-based platform that offers benefits and not fair commission rates. StockX’s transaction fees start at 9.5%, and decrease with more sales. They also drop by 0.5% when you reach a certain amount of sales.

StockX also pays you more. StockX will pay you your compensation once they have verified the quality of your shoes.

StockX takes less time than StockX, but GOAT can do the same. GOAT requires a 2.9% transfer fee to deposit funds into your account. StockX, on the other hand, has a $9.95 maximum transfer fee

This makes it more profitable to sell StockX products, even if you don’t intend to become a long-term salesperson and are just looking to make a few dollars.

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Buying on StockX vs. GOAT

Although you might be interested in selling some of your shoes online, most sneakerheads will go to GOAT and StockX to purchase shoes. It’s easy to choose the right one from their huge selection and then go with it.

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. StockX’s stock market layout is well-known. It provides transparency in pricing and gives buyers a better understanding of how much to pay for shoes. StockX is known for its transparency pricing, which many users find to be a major selling point.

GOAT purchases shoes from independent and retail sellers. Prices for GOAT are determined by the company’s marketing research. Independent sellers then price their shoes accordingly.

GOAT has a bidding option that allows buyers to place bids on shoes. However, this feature is only available on their mobile app. StockX also doesn’t provide as much information about past prices and sales as GOAT.

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StockX Authentication

StockX sells only deadstock. This makes it a major responsibility for the seller to authenticate. StockX shoes must come with any accessories, add-ons or laces.

GOAT is more flexible in this area. They sell shoes with defects (for a lower price, of course), and have a no-lid option.

StockX claims that they can achieve 99.95% accuracy. It would be a good idea to read reviews to verify if this is true. StockX has a history in which fakes are accidentally allowed to pass the authentication process. This makes it difficult for customers when they can’t return their shoes.

StockX’s terms regarding returns are unclear as they state that both are and are not accepted simultaneously. If you have received counterfeits, it is a good idea to email StockX with proof.

GOAT Authentication

GOAT employs machine learning and their staff to verify that shoes arrive. They source most of their shoes from retailers. However, every now and again, they get shoes from trusted sellers.

Before releasing shoes to buyers, GOAT inspects all footwear received. GOAT takes longer than StockX to authenticate shoes.

They have a better record of making authentic shoes than StockX. If the shoes are found to have been faked, GOAT will replace them with new shoes.

Shipping starting at GOAT and StockX

Shipping times are longer so you’re more anxious about your shoes arriving on time.

GOAT typically takes around a week before items are shipped to buyers. This is because the team must authenticate shoes prior to shipping. GOAT offers an Instant Ship option that allows them send pre-authenticated pairs. This greatly reduces the shipping time.

GOAT closely tracks your order and prompts you at every step of the shipping process right down to the warehouse.

StockX verifies all shoes that are sent to it once they have been sold. The shipping process can take up to two weeks if you live in the US. However, it may take some time from the payment until the shoes arrive at your door.

StockX will also notify you about your purchase progress but not as detailed as GOAT trackers.


It all depends on what you expect from each company. StockX offers a more friendly seller policy while GOAT excels in customer service. The articles below provide more information about the shoe market processes.

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