Why Is Goat More Expensive Than Stockx? (Is It Really, Though?)

Shoe-hunting has never been simpler for the modern sneakerhead. No longer are you limited to consignment shops for your chance at finding the perfect pair. Websites are abundant with the newest and rarest kicks available.

The competition is fierce, and millions of people are constantly searching StockX or GOAT for the latest drops. Online shopping requires careful planning and thought on the consumer’s end.

You may have noticed that GOAT sells shoes at a slightly higher cost than you would find on other websites or, in this instance, StockX. GOAT is more expensive than StockX. It’s not about GOAT’s price, but rather StockX’s business model.

Why is GOAT more expensive than StockX?

StockX is less expensive than GOAT because it has faster shipping times and better quality control. You can spend up to $30 more on GOAT depending on which shoe you choose to purchase to get your new kicks faster.

StockX Business Model vs. GOAT

Both companies are in the same niche: sneakers. The selling methods they use are different and may not be obvious to the average sneakerhead. The majority of consumers will choose the most popular or easiest market to find their product.

StockX and GOAT share a similar business cycle.

This is a common practice that shoe resellers follow. Both marketplaces charge sellers a commission and a percentage fee. StockX and GOAT are fundamentally different. The details are what really make the difference.

GOAT Business Model

GOAT follows the standard process almost exactly. It also features a similar feature to StockX’s bidding process but it is not available on their desktop website. This feature is only available in their mobile app.

Their buyer bids and asking price are only available if you use their app. This is understandable as GOAT’s main business is geared towards Gen Z and mobile marketing.

GOAT monitors various sites and platforms that sell shoes to determine the right prices. They source their products from both independent sellers and retailers.

StockX Business Model

StockX is well-known for its unique approach to shoe reselling. StockX functions as a marketplace that offers transparent pricing. Sellers have the ability to set an asking price but buyers have the option of bidding according to their fairness.

StockX provides all information about a shoe’s past sales price, asking price and bids. This gives you a better idea of the price people pay for shoes. GOAT, however, does not provide as much transparency in pricing.

Sometimes the differences between the two can be as large as the tens of thousands. StockX can’t control the price of the shoes it sells.

You, the buyer or seller, have an actual hand in buying a pair of new sneakers. To get an idea of the price you should offer, check out how many shoes were sold.

StockX prices will fall when there is more stock than demand. They will likely choose to sell stock on StockX rather than going on sale for their old inventory.

StockX is cheaper than GOAT.

Although the prices of the competitors are different, StockX is cheaper than GOAT. GOAT charges slightly more because they ship the shoes quicker.

GOAT has a better record of authenticating your shoes than anyone else. They use machine learning and human authenticators to confirm the authenticity of the shoes they send.

StockX has strict quality control. However, there have been a few instances where StockX received faulty or unreliable orders. This, along with their no-return policy can make it difficult for buyers who feel they are playing a game.

StockX strives to sell authentic shoes but there are still errors that can be quite obvious. The prices that GOAT sets are probably justified by their more positive history.

StockX and GOAT Resell Policy

StockX is unable to accept shoes that have been worn elsewhere than the original retailer. StockX accepts only deadstock. This means that the shoes must look newer than when they arrived in your hands.

GOAT will accept shoes that are not in good condition and will make note of any defects on the descriptions. GOAT also has the option of selling lightly worn shoes. They accept returns within three days of purchase, unlike StockX which doesn’t accept returns at all.


It’s not as easy to explain the price differences between StockX and GOAT as it is inflation or brand names. Because of their fundamentally different operating methods, there are many reasons why shoes might be cheaper on one website than another. You can learn more about their websites by reading the FAQ. In the end, you should only buy what it is worth.

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